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Member since: Fri Apr 15, 2016, 02:14 PM
Number of posts: 626

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Trump SC will neutralize the Bernie Sanders movement...

He worked all these years, Bernie, to accomplish Democratic Socialist goals, people like myself have supported him and very much want to see single payer and the like, and now, with Trump as president, everything Bernie tries to do will be either stopped before it becomes law or if it becomes law the Trump Supreme Court will just legislate from the bench and nullify like they did to voting rights.

Oh well...

You can google his SC appointments that he intends to make...I wont, it is too depressing, I have already heard that it would be as bad as Scalia or WORSE

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How many here would like it if Trump won so you could have your revolution faster?

Theory is it would be faster that way, anyway.

I myself have wondered if that would work, but that was before this brain dead asshole ran for the office.

So who here believes the Tea Party cares about working people and the poor?

Just curious.

Yes, voting for the lesser of two evils IS how we got here! That is absolutely correct!

Voting for the lesser of two evils, dont wanna do it, you say?

Yes, it is how we got

1. ACA

2. Women's reproductive healthcare rights

3. 40 hour work week

4. Social Security, Medicare

5. Jobs, thank you President Obama

6. Civil rights for ALL , not just white people

You are welcome to add to the list.

I only use the term "evil" because others are, there is no evil, only wrong. Obama is a good guy who is part of a very corrupt and fucked up system, and so he has to play the game as they all do. He is not evil, but he is part of a system and yet was still able to be very successful.

If you are unable to acknowledge my point here, then there really is nothing else to say to each other. Only liberals and democrats who understand what is at stake will understand my point.

Dear god, listening to the many phone call threats to NV chairperson.

Dear god, if this idiotic attitude persists, we will indeed be looking at a horrific, nightmare of a Trump Presidency.

So Eleanor Roosevelt would tell you to do what you know is right?

I wonder what she would say about people who would purposely NOT go out of their way to stop Trump?

I wonder if you could stop her, with a brigade of soldiers even, from getting to the polls this November to vote against him.

Doubt it.

Finally, DU member promoting Trump and his lies about health care plans


Jesus Christ

You knew they wanted to do this for a long time, finally they are just doing it

Trump is both lying and NOT recommending any particular replacement for ACA, so the fact that I am seeing this on this board is astounding.

Do you have a medical diagnosis of any illness or problem? Heart disease? Diabetes?

If Trump is elected say goodbye to your health insurance, when he does away with ACA the first thing that will happen is all people with pre existing conditions will be without health insurance unless they have a real good job where they have insurance, and THEN if you leave that job, well dont, not ever.

Because you will NEVER get it again.

Give GOP props, 25 years of relentless propaganda has worked brilliantly against Hillary.

Probably 80% of the libertarians (some say they are Democrats, some are I guess) who are supporting Bernie but wont vote for Hillary, who go on and on how they cant trust her, they dislike her, had either a neutral or positive opinion about her as recently as just a couple years ago.

I cant prove it but I know it is true, based on conversations, reading this place, FB, listening to media.

The push of anti Hillary propaganda the past 2 years has throttled up the attitudes, while at the same time not saying a word about any other liberal or Democrat including Bernie.

That is how this works, you have to single someone out to make them appear worse than all the rest. Isolate them with the negative comments so people will not be able to justify voting for her.

Future propaganda artists will use this as a textbook.

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