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Bob Loblaw

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Member since: Sun Oct 22, 2006, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 1,900

Journal Archives

Queen: Harry and Meghan still a Royal pain in the ass

Harry and Meghan no longer allowed to use throne

Must admit to being on the toilet

Harry and Meghan visit the Home of the Whopper

Refuse headgear that comes free with kids' meal.

Harry and Meghan no longer granted free admission

at professional baseball games in Kansas City.

Harry and Meghan no longer allowed to use the royal


I generally access DU from my phone

The Left Column has not updated with new material since December 19. Is there something I need to do? Thanks.

Ari Melber sounds under the influence tonight

Anyone else getting that vibe?

I'm really tired of seeing Ivanka as a child on his lap

when I scroll through the end of a post. It's fucking sick, why do I have to keep seeing this old post?

By the time all the shit has hit the fan if that's even possible

I have a feeling a lot of Trump supporters will deny ever supporting Trump. Or that the delivery of a satisfying and deserving "I told you so" will be met by a vigorous defense of themselves saying; you took their "support" (trust me, they'll use airquotes) of him too literally, that they never really supported Trump at all they were just being patriots and supporting the office, that the liberal media never gave him a chance, or they'll stick with the good old defense that Hillary would have been worse (in which case, of course they would not have been patriots supporting the office).

I work with these people like a lot of us do, and I'd love nothing more than to pipe in with a good I told you so, but they will never believe or admit that Hillary would have been a better president, or even a less bad president, than the worst president in history.

Cancelled my secret meeting with Andrew Luck

Since he retired, there's nothing else I can teach him.
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