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California_Republic's Journal
California_Republic's Journal
May 11, 2020

Hey news media: a suggestion

At every White House function, Along with your cameras you should carry those thermal Imaging scanner like they use at airports to catch people with fevers.

April 27, 2020

John Kerry in 2004 was the presumptive nominee

I was visiting my family that year I asked what they thought about Kerry.

“ flip flopper “ was what is was hearing from everyone. Fox had its direction and everyone was saying it.

Well it’s 2020, and they have their plan. Everyone in my family is talking about Biden being senile. That is the direction of the Fox campaign.

I hope we are on top of that. I hope they keep Kerry close by as the campaigns will be similar.

January 30, 2020

Is PBS referring to Climate Change as Climate Emergency?

Maybe that was just that one reporter but calling it a climate emergency is excellent

January 30, 2020

Is PBS referring to Climate Change as Climate Emergency

Maybe that was just that one reporter but calling it a climate emergency is excellent
January 16, 2020

Impeachment and REMOVAL

Just taking a moment to think ahead to a future with Conviction in the Senate.

So is removal immediate? You would have to know as the days progress and the signs indicate that the Senate could vote to remove the president then vice President pence moves to more of something like “ President elect“.

Does he get sworn in?

Just seems like it could be a moment of governmental disarray.
December 25, 2019

Trump's Evangelicals: what they are thinking?

This New Yorker article has some interesting analysis which really concludes that they aren’t all that religious.

More of a white Christian ‘merika f@ck yeah! crowd.
Afraid of immigration and minorities.
They like the kick ass style - screw the libs style that Trump has. Not really that religious.

If we are thinking his followers will turn on him due to his immoral behavior - well it seems unlikely to happen until the very end.

On edit: You might want to compare it to your winning football coach: You’re annoyed that he’s overweight got caught doing drugs. sleeps around, yells at the kids professionally, but dammit he’s got your team on a winning streak and headed to the playoffs and you’ll put up with that.


November 20, 2019

Barr's Russian Beginnings Report

I thought AG Barr’s investigate the investigators report was eminent.
Then we hear about yelling in the White House.
Then no report.
I think Barr told Trump that just as he got the last problem covered up he went and made a new one with Ukraine. And now the Russian report is worthless.
November 8, 2019

Fire Drill Friday. What can/should we do?

Climate Activists, some ideas please.

Fire Drill Friday is a day for climate protest
November 1, 2019

Ring wing radio was openly discussing whistler blowers name

They were Referencing the website:

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