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ChiciB1's Journal
ChiciB1's Journal
April 1, 2016

Question About Buying Bernie Products...

I've checked out his page for buying products and since I live in Florida I already have T-Shirts, but it's very hot here and would like to know if there's a new site for updated products.

I want TANK TOPS. The T-shirts are heavy and I'll have to cut them and I don't want to do this. ALSO, I see a lot of the Bernie Bird logos, but I'm unable to find anything new.


March 17, 2016

Why Many Bernie Supporters BELIEVE Bernie Isn't Over...

This is a reply I made earlier today and I have renewed energy now.

Talked With TWO Bernie Groups For Several Hours Today...

Have to say THE FIGHT IS STILL STRONG! And there's a general consensus that I've thought about for quite some time now. WE just do not understand why it is that Bernie has rallies that attracts many thousands of people AND THAT he continually raises money after each election. AND yet for some reason this phenomena doesn't transfer over to voting. It's hard to explain WHY. He still has THE ENTHUSIASM going for him, his positive numbers are so much better than Hillary's, she's viewed as a person who will change her position simply to garner support and most importantly she's been shown to LIE so much of the time. After each lie we see evidence showing this within hours or less. Too many people simply don't really have confidence that she'll govern the way she says she will. Too many people have no doubt she's going to RULE much differently than what's she hawking about now. She's giving "Bernie" speeches these days and her supporters aren't even able to recognize this simple fact.

Hard to mesh this against her ability to win. None of us have a good answer to this, BUT there's something else we've begun to feel and the reason we WON'T stop our support and will work for Bernie. There IS A FEELING, whether it comes out or not that something big could very well happen that will UNVEIL the real Hillary. Bernie keeps talking about the transcripts and this is an issue that hasn't gone away and I think there MUST be something there. The question is WHY? There's almost 7 months to go.

It's OUR job to keep donating and supporting Bernie. This is no time for giving up because he has done something NONE of our current elected officials have had the cohones to do for many, many years. Even if he doesn't become the nominee HIS MESSAGE and HIS MOVEMENT is very much ALIVE!

He may not have won yesterday, but he still gained delegates and he's still says HE'S NOT GOING AWAY!

Just wanted to relate what I've heard so far today and it's helped me feel SO MUCH BETTER! Keep Feelin' The Bern, we may not HAVE TO vote for a person most of us feel WON'T represent what we feel deep in our bones.

There IS A REASON BERNIE has come to us now. Maybe it's as simple as resurrecting DEMOCRACY in America! We aren't giving up, WE STILL BELIEVE!

You can add your replies if you want, but I only wanted to put this out here.

March 15, 2016

Heard Sherrod Brown Was On Either MSNBC Or CNN This A.M. And

was talking about how Hillary has such a GREAT Trade Policy that she's adopted and that's why he's supporting her.

WELL about 30 minutes ago I heard on Thom Hartmann's Show that the "inside the beltway" as per "Goats For The Old Goats" that he's ACTUALLY being considered as a running mate for HILLARY! Wasn't Victoria Jones who said it, but the other woman he has on from there all the time. Can't remember her name, but she reports for them. THEY have some extremely good inside track news all the time.

So Now I See Why He's has gone all RAH, RAH for Hillary! Not that this stuff doesn't happen all the time... but I was fooled again! I thought he was one of the Good Democrats who stood with us! I knew he came out to support her early on, and was disturbed at that time, but TODAY OF ALL DAYS it's getting reported! Sheered Brown OF OHIO! Thanks DUDE... NOT!

WOW, guess this was PLANNED some time ago by The Clinton Machine! Roll out Sherrod Brown on Primary Day! I'm seeing RED like I've never seen it before.

Sherrod Brown, Howard Dean and so many more! No way I'll remain a Democrat after this election. Not only do I feel FORCED to vote for Hillary should she win the Primary, NOW I have to wade through crap like this from people I DID think would stand with us!

I've had it!

Sorry if this has been posted already... My head just exploded and my dislike for Hillary just grew so large I can't even put it into words!

Never in my life have I even considered leaving The Democratic Party until this election. Depending on what happens in November I'm OUT! You can attack me all you want, but I've been stabbed one too many times!!

February 21, 2016

With Hillary Winning Today WITH "Her Machine" AND Almost

every Democrat in Congress and the Lobbyists and the Corporatists and Wall Street and With Republicans and with Wealthy Elites and with The Harry Reid Machine helping her I think BERNIE SANDERS and ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS should be celebrating!

The country is just now waking up to who he is, heaven forbid he should get MEDIA COVERAGE from the sell outs who report "stuff" these days... I'm VERY PROUD of him!

And going into SC with ALL THIS HELP, he's not only going have to fight back against this... THEY'RE throwing in an ANVIL for good measure. Jim Clyburne, The Number One Black Leader in SC will be standing with her!

Let's not kid ourselves on this one, the Clintons have played this game many, many times and THEY KNOW PEOPLE, who KNOW PEOPLE to help them. I honestly feel many of those who are helping her out either want something in return or are AFRAID of what they might do to them IF THEY DIDN'T get on board!

They've been in many mud fights and their hands haven't always ended up very clean. I think for those of us who've been activists for a long, long time we know they have many enemies. But even enemies will still support them because FEAR motivates.

One thing MSM has reported on over and over is that she always has HIGH NEGATIVES, so why is it so hard to believe THAT not everyone who supports her is doing it because they LOVE HER? Yes, politics is a dirty game!

I have to say one more thing that really, really, really infuriated me today. When Hillary Clinton gave her speech today, SHE WAS REALLY giving Bernie's speech. It was if she had a feed in her ear as she spoke. I doubt there was a feed, but I don't doubt she's stealing his message. I don't think she'll do what she's saying should she be the nominee, but she's saying it right now!

As we go forward, let's just remember where he came from and how far he's gotten, we ALL need to stay on the train and MOVE FORWARD! We're gathering steam as we chug along, so just keep saying, I know we can, I know we can, I know we can!

February 11, 2016

Was Just Listening To Democracy Now And Her Guest

was Barbara Lee, CA talking about the Congressional Black Caucus, HOWEVER she commented several times about The Congressional Black Caucus AND The Congressional Caucus Pack and the differences. I was a little confused about what she was trying to actually communicate, but she DID SAY that she HAS NOT endorsed and won't until she feels she's comfortable about which candidate addresses the issues that concerns her and the one she feels more comfortable with.

So their endorsement today isn't as clear as some here think. She DID say she has not endorsed.

The program also addressed the Super delegates and state delegates saying Super delegates are important, but can at any time change.

The program was VERY interesting today, also talking about MEDIA COVERAGE and how unfair it's been to Bernie Sanders!

So, Bernie supporters it doesn't sound like ANYTHING IS SET IN STONE! Glad I watched it... watch the replay or online if you can.

February 10, 2016

The Head Of SC Democratic Party Was Just On MSNBC...

I don't watch them anymore, but my husband turn the channel on while I'm cooking. Can't remember his name, but he said it's the black women that needs to be where Sanders needs to focus. Said Sander stole his "executive something" who decided to support Sanders.

Asked about Clyburn he said he's very powerful and thinks he's going to endorse, was being very coy about who... but I got a real vibe that he will endorse Sanders. This will be Huuuuuggggge!

If anyone saw it, please correct my info. I was cooking and just poked my head into living room because it was sounding so positive for Bernie. Said Bernie had a GOOD ground game going.

Please advise.

February 10, 2016

Bernie Said They've Thrown Everything At Him But...

THE KITCHEN SINK. But said he thinks the sink will be coming soon! What a fighter!

January 14, 2016

Just Heard On Thom Hartmann Show....

Ed Schultz will be airing a new show on RT America. I watch RT a lot, Thom has two shows there now, Jessie Venura and really love Lee Camp's show Redacted Tonight. Check out some of his youtube videos.

Anyway, had to buy a ROKU to watch them daily because Verizon doesn't have them available. DISH did, had to switch. I would prefer using just ROKU, and they have a new ROKU TV available I've been told.

Anyway, looking forward to watching Ed again.

January 11, 2016

Does Anyone Have A Link To What Harold Ford, Jr Said

this morning on Joey Scars show? Heard he said something about getting another candidate if Bernie gets nomination or maybe it was if Bernie wins in IA & NH. And also kept repeating he was a Socialist. Then Mika asked him why. I DO NOT watch MSNBC a anymore but a friend told me about it.

I haven't seen anything posted here. Really made my friend VERY, VERY MAD!

December 29, 2015

Thom Hartman Just Had A Man Named Sam Smith On

his show talking about how DLC was started and who helped besides Al From. Apparently the Koch Brothers were there at the beginning. Sorry, I was in another room and only heard snippets so am wondering if someone here heard all of it.

Seems that it was in the beginning of Clinton's campaign when it all began. What I heard was that they now think they've completed their mission pretty much because they've succeeded in moving the Democratic Party so much to the RIGHT.

Would appreciate more information if anyone knows more. I have a function to attend and can't research right now. What I heard is the one member is ONE member of the DLC are the Koch Brothers and something about being members of the Executive Committee!

Gotta run, so sorry I just opened this up without more information. If nobody has more, I'll watch him again on my ROKU.

Thank you very much.

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