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Profile Information

Name: Colin
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: MA
Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 02:54 AM
Number of posts: 6,712

Journal Archives

So when do we get snow in Boston?

This former Californian is waiting to no avail!

Will you delete your twitter?

Elon Musk is a piece of crap, BUT

Nope. Thatís it. Thatís the post.

How many seats will the Dems have??

AP projection from google provides 212 seats called for Dems. It appears they did not call CA34 which is a Dem V Dem race. They also did not call Alaska, which nobody doubts is going to Peltola. This puts Dems at 214 unless google messed up?

(Dave Wasserman put the most likely outcome at 213)

Update: AP does add CA34 to their count for Dems. This puts Dems at 213 if no other seats change hands.

Who should run the DCCC?

FYI I donít think a non congress person can be DCCC chair (please correct me if Iím wrong).

When should NATO use military force against Russia

What will the end US House result be?

Pending results look like this:

Gomez 210 (D vs D seat)
Levin 211
Porter 212
Gray 213
Golden 214
Peltola 215
Frisch 216 (boebert leading)

And the rest are all but entirely called for republicans. Dems are likely to get at least 215. At best 216 if we beat Boebert, and 217 or 218 if we have some epic, insane surprise somewhere else. Realistically we are between ending up around 214 and 216 seats.

What will come from the Poland incident?

Better air defense over Western Ukraine near Polish territory? More policing of Polish borders through patrols? F-15s to Ukraine? Or just business as usual?

Questions re: us house results.

Looking more and more like a 220-215 R majority.

Assuming all the races go the same direction in counting, this is what we will end up with. The other two likely scenarios are 221-214 or 219-216. Regardless, there will be at most a 4 seat majority for Republicans or as little as a 2 seat majority. Here are my questions:

Which Republicans are vulnerable to criminal prosecution? And how vulnerable to flipping control -even before a speaker is elected (through defections or vacancies), is the us house going to be?

Should NATO respond militarily in Ukraine?

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