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Frasier Balzov

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Member since: Thu Feb 13, 2020, 10:51 PM
Number of posts: 1,178

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The age of consent varies from 16 to 18 in the USA.

Has anyone called for a national uniform age of consent?
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Fri Jun 24, 2022, 12:54 PM (0 replies)

RCA's 1981 video disk system used a needle riding in a groove.

Like something out of The Flintstones.


It was intended to be a component in RCA's "Dimensia" TV/hi-fi system.

Yes, that's right. "Dimensia."


All patented and trademarked.

What a disastrous evolutionary dead end for RCA.
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Sat Jun 4, 2022, 09:37 PM (5 replies)

Isn't law enforcement overwhelmingly pro 2A?

I always found it odd that cops generally favor the availability of guns and ammunition in the hands of the public.

This seems illogical to me. Unless the underlying message is "we can't protect you."

When the general public is armed, it puts everybody including cops at greater risk of harm and it forces cops to err on the side of using lethal force themselves.

Thus I must conclude that gun love is absurd and irrational and undeserving of respect as public policy.
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Fri May 27, 2022, 02:55 AM (13 replies)

Would you vote in an election system without a secret ballot?

I guess it's self-evident that the purpose of a secret ballot is to prevent retribution or intimidation by government authorities against those who vote the wrong way.

Would you stop voting if the ballot you cast was indelibly linked with your personal identity and registration?

Let's assume that your detailed voting record can be inspected by anyone, but that the identity of everyone inquiring about your ballot is also recorded.

I put this forward as the ultimate means of vote authenticity and legitimacy.

But would it also amount to the ultimate means of voter suppression?

Posted by Frasier Balzov | Wed May 11, 2022, 01:50 PM (1 replies)

Conor Lamb speaks to a labor convention and is warmly received.

Posted by Frasier Balzov | Wed May 11, 2022, 12:05 AM (1 replies)

What happens to Griswold v. Connecticut?

Does legal access to birth control also go back to the state legislatures?

Is this the great unwinding?

Loving v. Virginia?

Obergefell v. Hodges?

Lawrence v. Texas?
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Mon May 2, 2022, 09:18 PM (18 replies)

Will Smith attempts to justify himself.

And fails.
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Sun Mar 27, 2022, 11:16 PM (113 replies)

Are Virginia teachers and school boards about to have a much tougher time?

Seems like a vote for handing carte blanche to the forces of extreme harassment.
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Tue Nov 2, 2021, 08:52 PM (4 replies)

Did I imagine seeing a certain final Norm MacDonald video?

There have been a lot of click bait videos on YT purporting to be THE final video created by Norm MacDonald.

But I swear I watched one a few hours ago in which Norm's neck and face are so swollen from lymph node inflammation that his ability to speak clearly is being impaired by the disfigurement.

He is with his mom. They are seated next to each other. Norm opens the video by saying that the two of them are going to be "trading faces"-- an obvious reference to the condition his face is in.

Norm asks his mom some innocuous question, which she answers with an observation about how harsh and mean-spirited people can be toward celebrities. Somebody must've said something to Norm or about him which mom didn't care for.

Norm ends the video by chiding anyone who gives elderly widows from Ottawa the skunk eye.

It's a very short video, and now I can't seem to find it. Did I imagine it? Or has it been pulled?

Posted by Frasier Balzov | Tue Sep 21, 2021, 10:22 PM (4 replies)

If detention conditions at the border are bad

shouldn't this be freely shown and discussed? Seems like it could be used to shame self-righteous Republicans into spending the money necessary to fund immediate improvements.
Posted by Frasier Balzov | Mon Mar 29, 2021, 07:57 PM (2 replies)
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