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GreenWave's Journal
GreenWave's Journal
December 27, 2022

Dec. 27th, 2004 When all of us almost died.

It came upon our planet and smacked our atmosphere square in the nose. Fortunately our atmosphere held strong. The object that did that was discovered in the 1970's. It was a flat disc estimated to be more than 10 miles across. And it fired upon our planet at a distance of over 50,000 light years away... Excerpt from a book I hope to launch by late 2023

October 22, 2022

Tomorrow marks he 39th year since 241 servicemen were killed in Beirut.

220 were Marines. Will MSM cover this? Was Reagan asleep at wheel during this very deadly attack? Did he get Benghazied by the media? Were pollsters asking, "How safe do you feel with Republicans in control?"


Watch the reaction of this grade B movie star.

He simply "switched the channel". Two days later he will launch an invasion on a medical school in Grenada. This is vintage demagoguery. Did the media ask him, "Do you think the American people will realize this is a sham to cover your Beirut bad press?" Were pollsters asking, "How do you feel about the all mighty USA invading a medical school in teenie weenie Grenada?"


October 15, 2022

Bama loses!

September 12, 2022

Does the USA ever arrest a corrupt leader?

Please add to the list if necessary.



September 11, 2022

The USA 9/11 as I remember it.

No, I was not there, but I was shaking in my boots as I drove that day while it was happening past a Master Jet base that would have been called to defend. (They were not called) I thought what if a dirty nuke is around here?

Then came the Big Lie. How easily they brainwashed the American people. First came the flag scrolls across the tv media. Then they kept mentioning twin towers, twin towers. I yelled at my TV. FOUR towers fell not two.
And sure enough twin tower memorabilia sprang up. It is hard to find many people who remember, outside of politically dedicated people, what their own eyes saw that day. An explanation of why the other two towers fell would not go so well. Faulty construction?

Later came the donations to help the grieving families. Not too unlike the Trump family, the Bush family and its operatives took money that was not theirs in the first place, decided how much should each person get, and then with the not their money, put on this caveat:
to receive the funds
Do you promise not to sue George W. Bush?

This extremely self serving action was mentioned but a few times and dropped out of the news cycle too quickly. It was another example of coddling a Republican president, as No justice for all Cannon did recently and what Scalia said when they stopped the Florida recount. (it would violate George W. Bush's rights or words to that effect)

September 11, 2022

An even deadlier 9/11 the US RW hopes you forget.



Chile 9/11/73
September 3, 2022

All hail Chimborazo, the tallest mountain on Earth II



Earth II? Yes Earth I was destroyed a long time ago.

August 19, 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS upgrade and no Firefox bookmarks dilemma

For those of you using Linux sometimes the upgrades are not so up at all. This last one did not go as the previous five had gone. And since in the previous five, Firefox always saved passwords, folders etc. I did not bother to save them.

Yikes! Firefox will now be downloaded through snaps only. The upgrade does not tell you this until about 1 hour into the download (from whence no escape) and to my shock Firefox did not have them and Firefox itself did not load into the favorites. This meant a disconnect.

After several restarts, the passwords appeared where they should. No such luck with the folders or files inside of them. All Mozilla help suggestions wasted about 2 hours plus. The Ubuntu help community is strangely inactive for 22.04 LTS.

So I went to backups, Eventually I went 1 week before the upgrade. Restore button. Many minutes latter I clicked on the File named Mozilla. Restore to original. And it worked!

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