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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 28,536

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"Antichrist" you say? As God as my witness, I'll never pass up a chance to repost this

From http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/blog/antichrist/

A little context: the cartoonist, Dave Willis, grew up in a strict conservative evangelical household, and Joyce, the little kid/older kid/young woman in this progression is something of an alter-ego of his about how that bubble bursts for some people, and of some of the hypocrisies that manifest in the people for whom it doesn't burst.

Breaking: Citing "witch hunt", Trump pardons Tom Marvolo Riddle

"Another victim of the Deep State. So unfair!" the president was quoted as saying.

Riddle's representatives, Giuliani Partners LLC, have scheduled a press release for his exit from Azkaban Maximum Security Prison on Thursday.

FYI, title comes from the lyrics of a charming little ditty...

...singing the praises of Neville Chamberlain just after Munich. I think it's actually from the 1970s, either from a London play "Happy as a Sandbag" or from an Ian Whitcomb album (and it's likely they're just different covers of the same song). It was used as the opening theme for a radio program I used to listen to back in the 80s and 90s, and is an achingly appropriate anthem for the "This Is FINE!" crowd.

Trump Shows Active Disrespect For The National Anthem

National anthem at 2020 Superbowl, at his party at Mar-a-Lacky

Plays conductor, pulls his chair out to sit down halfway through, etc.

But god forbid you bow your head and take a knee.

On Edit: Original version taken down, but it lives on elsewhere (for now). I just don't like the caption. He's simply showing the true Republican spirit:

The BEST Response


"Pearls Before Swine" salutes DU

Pearls Before Swine salutes DU
Unintentionally, unless tomorrowís strip involves corn flakes

No TOON post today

Schedule conflict.

I can't catch the whole thing tonight, but after the first 20 minutes there's something bothering me

Maybe there's more background later on, but by starting with the 2008 campaign it erases 15 (or more) years of foundation-building, of the deliberate fostering of that divide.

Gingrich and Coulter provide commentary as if they weren't the bomb-throwing hard-right partisans they built their careers on.

Steve Schmidt, David Frum, and Charlie Sykes -- men who made their livelihoods in Republican messaging and conservative media -- comment as if they hadn't spent their careers stoking the very same resentments that Trump took full advantage of. And they did it so that Republicans could take advantage of them and get enough votes to hold power and enact their own preferred agenda.

By all means, please provide "spoilers" for the rest of it. Will we hear about Norm Orenstein and Thomas Mann -- pre-Trump -- identifying the Republicans as willfully widening that divide? Are any of the bad actors before Trump going to be revealed as bad actors?

Or will it bend over backward to be "nonpartisan", which just rewards those acting in bad faith.

"If any Democrat...": Part 50 gazillibillijillion

If any Democrat had eyes like that, every RW foam-factory would be holding it up as "proof" of demon-possession.

Trump got more votes than Clinton!

1998 House vote to impeach Bill Clinton: 228 votes

2019 House vote to impeach Donald Trump: 230 votes

Congrats Donnie, you deserve it!
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