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Member since: Mon Nov 7, 2011, 01:46 AM
Number of posts: 6,036

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My Ted Talk

So back in the Seventies, this guy put out some good hard rock. His guitar work was not virtuoso, but it was fun and honest. His earlier stuff was the best. I am going to share 5 cuts. Comment if you'd like. He turned into a hateful old man.

These songs were from my teen years. They still hit like early Ted.

They are like addicts addicted to their hate endorphins.

trump makes them feel superior, and they can't let that go. They know better, but they can't face their own weakness and the fact that they're dupes. The desperate, clinging, white-knuckle grip on their self-deception keeps them from plunging into the abyss that was their principles. Yet many were already at the bottom of that abyss and having a good ol' time.

Liz Cheney is reminding me of Severus Snape

trumpers are willing to jump to DeSantis. I wonder if Liz Cheney will support him.

Thanks for the heart this evening! Neil back at ya!

To the Linda Fans

When Linda put out her album of traditional Mexican music it just blew us away.


Why does every "in depth" NPR report sound like

the characters from New Girl are doing it only to come to a "both sides" conclusion? They apologize for the insanity on the Right because of their understandable distrust in government and science due to "getting it wrong."

Fuck them. NPR news is a joke.

It's like Biden shouted "Last call!"

and all the sloppy drunks are pissed.

Where was Erik Prince when ISIS hit the evacuation?

Who was HE evacuating?

This man is so serene. I love his channel

Beautiful country. Beautiful man. Beautiful food.

This man is so serene. I love his channel.

Beautiful country. Beautiful man. Beautiful food.

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