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Member since: Mon Nov 7, 2016, 06:59 AM
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My second Pfizer vaccine today

I had it in the afternoon. So far I am having the same reaction as I had for the first, maybe a bit worse. Sore arm, myalgia, general fatigue and ick. The arm is a bit worse. I will see how tomorrow goes. I had a terrible period leading up to it where bg was very high for hours so that could be affecting my reaction as well. I had to inject, change out my pump cartridge and inset and increase basal rate to 200% when I got back as bg had spiked again after seeming like it would finally drop. I have no fever so far although it went to one point past normal which is high for me.

Overall I am relieved to be fully vaccinated now. 2 more weeks and I will have much better immunity. My brother finally got an appointment for his 1st vaccine but not until May. It was a lot more crowded this time, I had to wait on line at each point including getting into the whole center and then to see a nurse/ doc about being on a blood thinner and having autoimmune conditions. For some reason they seem to think I am going to bleed to death from a vaccine since I am on a blood thinner. I was a lot more internally crabby about the whole thing this time maybe due to not feeling well most likely. I think maybe I could have bypassed the nurse interview this time. I had some palpitations again, but this time before the vaccine due to high bg.

How to add my own photos to my id and signature?

I asked this a while back but I was never able to do it. A message said the image was too big even though it was tiny and the correct size, it was very blurred at some point when i made it smaller. I have never figured it out for the signature. There does not seem to be a way to upload images at all now for either one.

Msnbc Biden leading in PA

Opposition volunteers linked to Navalny attacked with unknown liquid in Siberia

Moscow (CNN)At least three volunteers linked to Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny's team were taken ill on Tuesday after an attack on their Novosibirsk office with an unknown substance, an opposition activist told CNN.

Two men in tracksuits and wearing masks ran into the office of the opposition "Coalition Novosibirsk 2020" -- which is also the headquarters of Navalny's local team -- Olga Guseva, Navalny's team project manager in the Siberian city told CNN.
"One was holding the door, the other one with [screams of profanities] threw a bottle with a yellow liquid with a strong pungent chemical smell," Guseva told CNN.


Two Lawyers Arrested in Molotov Cocktail Attack on Police in Brooklyn


I prolly have covid

I went to a field hospital yesterday and was tested. Chest x ray showed covid like light pneumonia. I am at home in quarantine from my family. They said go back to er if I get worse, I am stable now with a low fever on and off. I had back pain the first 3 days and thought it was a spasm and from my bronchitis.

My doc told me to go to the field hospital yesterday and said it is better to find out early and they are putting people on hydroxy chloroquine. But the doc at hospital said they will only put ypu on that if you are admitted. Then in a video visit today she said they only put you on it early on which I am not now apparently. I have been sick for 3 weeks now but the back pain for 3-4 days. And before that had a sinus infection that wouldnít go away. So it doesn't make sense. I started z pack at home since I always have that at home. I am taking tylenol and lost of fluids etc. and rest and doing breathing exercises from a docís video in England. My test takes 2 days.

How to resize photo

On ipad to make it small enough for my avatar here?

I used an app but it still says itís too big, although the app says its 3kb and the image is now totally pixeled. It says here the size must be smaller than 10 kb. Wtf? That is tiny, something is wrong.

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