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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2016, 04:20 PM
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Sometimes I look at my pup sleeping next to me and I think

my heart is going to burst. We adopted her from rescue this summer and we're just madly in love with her. I can't believe we got so lucky. Just feeling thankful tonight.

ETA...because of personal circumstances, I can't post of photo (as much as I'd love to share her adorableness). But I'd love to see photos of your pups and kitties, etc.!

Nov. 4, 2008. I attended the election rally in Chicago.

It was amazing and I will never forget how it felt to be at such an historic event. For 8 years we had an incredible first family who did everything they could to try to help Americans. And at every turn they faced horrible, hostile racists afraid of a black man who was better than them in Every. Single. Way.

Now we have a little dictator who bases his every decision on still trying to bring that black man down for daring to be smarter, more accomplished, more eloquent, vastly more popular the world over, better looking...just better. And all without having to rely on his trust fund and/or cheating to get ahead.

I still can't believe how low we've sunk as a nation in such a short time.

I don't know about you all, but there is no way I can watch the election results on tv Tuesday night, I'm too filled with anxiety. I'll hole myself up in my office and pretend/try to work. Hopefully I'll be able to get results here if the site doesn't get shut down.

If Tuesday doesn't go our way, I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm going to be sick to my stomach for the next few days.

The lifting of the trophy ban has hit me the hardest of anything yet.

I know it was a distraction to cover the tax scam, or just another "easy win" in 45's endless war against anything positive Obama did (or Hillary did)...or some combination of both. And I know there are so many other revolting, illegal and despicable things the administration is doing. But the lifting of this ban has knocked the wind right out of me, and I'm trying to understand why.

I guess I've always been a bit of a misanthrope. I don't wish any human being ill (except an obvious handful), but I just don't think humans as a species are all that great. We do so many shitty things, and are actually stupid enough to destroy the only planet we have. All the other species we share this planet with are going down with the ship and we're the idiots who punched holes in the hull.

After going on safari in a few different countries a couple years ago, I decided that if I ever ended up single I would spend the rest of my life working in Africa to save animals, elephants especially. Now I wonder if there will be any animals to protect in the near future.

All so his waste-of skin sons can pretend they're men. What a fucking sick joke. I hope they get trampled and take a few painful days to die.

Thanks for letting me rant.

About the "me too."

Women have taken to posting "me too" on social media to highlight just how ubiquitous sexual harassment and assault are, and it's making news. Which it should. I think most people are genuinely shocked and dismayed by how prevalent it is.

But it does leave me feeling puzzled. I have never been sexually harassed or assaulted in my life. And of course I am extremely grateful for that fact. I do not wish to experience the disgust and fear and anger that comes from such behavior. But it does start to make me feel like some kind of alien. I've lived in a big city for my entire adult life. I walk everywhere. One would think I would have encountered it at some point. So what keeps me safe when others aren't? Do I look like I could kick someone's ass (hint, I probably can't)? Do I give off some vibe that keeps me safe? Am I so hideous that not even the trolliest of the trolls will comment? What is the formula?

Just finished watching Chasing Coral. WOW.

It's really well done. I highly recommend it. It's sooooooooo depressing.


My friend in Kentucky just reported some questionable polling place shenanigans.

His polling place only had one machine and no paper ballots because "they were expecting low turnout." What the hell kind of fuckery is that? It makes me think they were expecting low turnout from Republicans so they figured they'd suppress the Dem voters as much as they could.

Truth be told, I'm not sure who he's voting for, but dammit he should be allowed to vote.

Cubs Fans, this made me ugly cry...


I know it's an ad, but man, it's SPOT ON.

Hey there! I'm back after a long absence.

I had a different user name but real life circumstances forced me to take a break of several years and relinquish the name. But I couldn't stay away any longer. Anyway, it's nice to be back and see a bunch of my favorites are still around. When I can private message I'll say hello to a few people.
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