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Plucketeer's Journal
Plucketeer's Journal
November 15, 2017


Beneath the thin, wind-tousled white hair
There was hope, there was compassion, there was justice
The authenticity of these embraceable goods was solid
An authenticity validated thru decades of demonstration

Sadly, like famed aviatrix, Earhart - hope took wing into Oblivion
Against odds unforeseen, our intrepid hero fell short
The agony of the aftermath is searing pains to the heart
We came SO CLOSE to civility and tolerance and empathy
So close to handing the country to the people who rightfully own it
And THEN..... to have it all disappear into the abyss.
An abyss formed by the catalysts of selfishness and deceit.
Sorrow and despair are inadequate descriptors as we watch this country torn to shreds.

January 29, 2017

Blah blah - groan - piss - moan

If this whack-o presidunce is in undeniable violation of laws regarding his non-distancing from his business empire - WHEN does someone call him on it? He shouldn't be writing EOs or even sitting in the oval office, but all I hear is whimpering and discontent.

WHO.... might I ask, could serve papers on this charlatan? Anybody?

January 6, 2017

An open apology

This apology is to the many and amazingly intellectual characters we collectively refer to as the Founding Fathers (and the women of these visionaries as well). It's also an apology to the brave men and women who courageously gave their all in defense of the ideals the Founding Fathers had hammered into guiding documents. Documents flush with ideals to use as compass points to a better and fairer community. Thirdly, this apology calls out to the staunchly defiant souls who've battled for civil rights for humankind around the globe and especially here at home.

My apology is to all the aforementioned for my failure to ably honor your efforts and sacrifices. I openly confess that I did what I could, only to realize it hadn't been enough. While I wasn't alone in this shortfall, I can only rightfully apologize for my own failings. George, Thomas, Benjamin, John, James, Alexander - I am sorry. I, along with others of my strata and mindset, have allowed our free republic to morph into an oligarchy. We're now at the mercy of a minuscule percentage of our populace. Cold-hearted sorts this fetid minority - with multiple bank accounts - undue freedom from prosecution and not one bit of heart. They're veritable Scrooges who've never had to deal with the aftermaths of their greedy and unhindered plunder.
And to further worsen the situation, our citizens of today have enabled a gilded buffoon to the highest office of the land who's half pied piper and half village idiot. I'm truly ashamed for our country, that it could be so brazenly hoodwinked by a crazed charlatan. There's not adequate words to describe the emptiness that occupies my soul because of these developments. I only hope those I've apologized to can sense the sincerity of my plea for forgivance whether or not they feel obliged to extend such.

May 27, 2016

Imagine that!

Bernie's gonna have a rally less than a MILE from my home. I just don't know if I can stand waiting in line to get into the stadium. I've got several medical maladies that could be a problem. What to do!

May 24, 2016

A plea for someone capable

I wouldn't BEGIN to know how to cut and splice video clips, but I'd sure like for someone else - someone capable of editing video clips - to take my idea and run with it.
What I've got in mind is lifting that couple of seconds where Hillary rolls her eyes and assures her interviewer that "I will BE the nominee! I will BE the nominee!". THEN - dovetail that clip with Newt Gingrich arrogantly making the SAME proclamation prior to his failed quest. Play those two clips - back to back, about 3 or four times in repetition. Gotta be less than 30 seconds.

LOL! Just dawned on me that someone who's REALLY good at such things, might well be able to work it so the two of them sing in concert with each other. I think it would be compelling - the arrogance of these two losers - played for chuckles.

May 21, 2016

What am I missing?

The topic of the quarter mil speech transcripts gets almost NO mention of late. Yet, unless I missed some pivotal post one day, I'm still under the impression that Hillary's challenge HAS BEEN met. That challenge being that we'd get to see her speeches "when all the others have released theirs!". So - is there some specific qualifiers I've overlooked? WHO is it that constitutes "all the others"? And what's required to certify that those others have released any pertinent transcripts?
I'm betting - if pressed - she would specify that ALL of the long-departed presidential aspirants will have to cough up speeches as well (Rubio, Christie, Webb, OmMalley et al). It's not been that long ago that Bernie's mentioned her lofty speaking fees, but he's never, to my knowledge, called HRC out on her specifics other than to say that he had nothing to release. So what am I missing here? Why hasn't his campaign held Ms. Phony's feet to her own fire?

April 11, 2016

Chuklesome moment

So I'm sitting here with my keyboard and monitor and a view just beyond of our California back yard - awash in a veritable rainbow of blooming flowers. It's beautiful - believe me. And between posts, I look out and see a sparrow land on a lawn chair and survey the yard for anything edible. I realize right then - I can never look at one of these little brown birds again with the same eyes as I used to. The Bernie-Birdie moment has forever colored my perception of these otherwise anonymous creatures.
Diehard Atheist (hey - those words seem right together! LOL) that I am, I'm wary of assigning meaning to anything as random as Bernie's drop-in guest. But still..... Idiot lottery player that I am, I can't help but hope it was more than simple chance.

April 1, 2016

Something's buggin' me

Does anyone have a direct line of communication with one of those close to Bernie? I watch him speak here and there and always with a damned disposable, plastic water bottle for him to sip from. Always with the label removed, but a pollution-worthy disposable bottle, nonetheless. Can't we get him a refillable water bottle to use for all the world to see?
How many of you have seen the posting today about the dying Sperm Whales and all the plastic junk that was clogging their gut? How many have read about Nestle and their determination to extract precious groundwaters from California and sell them around the globe (while paying literally NOTHING for that water!)?
I hate those damned water bottles and usually refuse one when offered. Can't we get Bernie a personal, reuseable bottle as a visible indicator of his stance on the environment? Maybe an official "Bernie Bottle" that could be a donation perk! As well as "show us your shirts", there could be "A toast to Berners!" with Bernie Bottles held high. Maybe with a logo of a bird sipping from a bird bath. But that's just fanciful stuff. The thrust would be simply him avoiding the infernal, land-fill engorging disposable water bottle.

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