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Profile Information

Name: Deborah Bee
Gender: Female
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Quebec, Canada
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 03:40 PM
Number of posts: 147

Journal Archives

Meryl Streep covers up her past

When Dustin Hoffman was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, I immediately thought of what Meryl Streep had said of her first encounter with Hoffman. She said that he had grabbed her breast. This was reported decades ago.
Earlier this year, before the Weinstein accusations, I read where Hoffman had slapped Streep during a break in filming of their movie Kramer v Kramer
Now, after the outing of Hoffman, the assaults of Streep were raised publicly, and she has now denied the incidents ever happened.
Well! Taking into account how vocal she was about Walt Disney (calling him an anti-Semite), and speaking out about Trump, etc., she seems to be backtracking.
It appears she doesn't want to admit that she kept quiet - like all the others - and in doing so enabled him to assault other women.
As for Weinstein, I wouldn't be surprised if she knew what he was up to, but choose to ignore it in exchange for Oscar-nominated performances in his films. He did after all - with her permission - go to the the Academy, and *persuade* them to give her the Oscar for 'The Iron Lady', instead of odds-on favorite Viola Davis.

Has anyone seen the first season of PBS series The Tunnel

I love this show!!! It's so nice to see a man and woman working together, without any sexual chemistry between them. Which is always part of American dramas. The Brits seem to have forged a partnership with French tv production companies. Somehow I don't see the US working with Mexico.
I've been watching season two, and look forward to see season three.

Whoopi supporters, blame white media

While on Facebook yesterday, I came across a post about Whoopi Goldberg and her ongoing defense of Bill Cosby. White people who commented, we're basically saying black people choose to make excuses; and name calling of Libutard was used. Blacks choose to completely ignore the 2005 disposition where Cosby admitted to using drugs to have sex with one woman. When asked if the woman gave permission to be drugged, Cosby's lawyer objected, and the question was never answered.
Why after all these years since the OJ Simpson trial, do blacks feel the need to ignore facts, or blame the media, when a black celeb does something criminally wrong?

Happy July 4th Canada!

I can't help but notice that Canadian tv news and radio personalities always seem to take the July 4th holiday off. I've never noticed Americans taking July 1st off.

The return of Law & Order?

NBC seems to be making plans to bring back the much-loved and -missed crime drama, Law & Order for a special 10 episodes.
Seems to make sense, with the 25th anniversary of the series debut season coming up. The show ended in 2010, one year short of setting a record, as the longest running prime time drama. If you remember, we didn't find out what happened to ADA Jack McCoy.
The show can be seen in repeats, and the British version Law & Order UK, is in it's eighth season.
I look forward to it's hopeful return.

TLC has become home to the bizarre

It's obvious TLC no longer stands for The Learning Channel, instead it seems to be a channel, that has at least seven different types of programs:
1. Gypsys - Gypsy Sisters, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, etc
2. Midgets - Little Couple, Little People Big World, etc
3. Eating Disorders - My 600lb Life, My 600 lb Mom, etc
4. Physical Deformities - Boy With Bloody Tears, The Eight-Limbed Boy, etc
5. Religious Families - 19 Kids & Counting, The Amish, etc
6. Exploited People - My Secret Addiction, Extreme Couponing/Cheapskates, Hoarders - Buried Alive, etc
7. Marriage Shows - Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, etc
These shows are all reality shows. Some seem to be scripted. The really interesting thing about shows like: 19 Kids & Counting and Little People Big World, is that even though these families open their homes to TV, we the viewers, don't get the real story about them. For instance their homophobic and/or racist beliefs and teachings, are always kept under wraps. So many people hold these families up, as great role models, and outright refuse to acknowledge these families disturbing views. This has added a new twist to reality shows, the exaltation of people/families, whose beliefs, would take away the rights of many people in the country. Hatred disguised as faith.

Hello! I'm new here.

I'm a Progressive Democrat African-American who lives in Canada. Looking forward to the 2016 Presidential election. We Dems, have some great choices: Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, among others.
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