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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
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CBS News radio in NYC area

They are what I consider a neutral news source (the competing news radio 1010 WINS is in the tank for the GOP). I was troubled that in their political coverage they had 4 sound bites from the Con to just one by Biden. This how the MSM helped the traitor and thief seize the White House in the first place and it's pretty clear they plan on doing the same again. This was a neutral news day as they were just reporting on their competing rallies.

Lindsey Graham knew 5 years ago


Let us play a game

Always try and be a good neighbor

Yup, he's a con man

Instagram 'bug' heavily favored Trump content over Biden for months

In yet another evidentiary blow to the conservative mythology that social media platforms are biased against them and actively silencing right-wing voices, Buzzfeed reports that for the past two months Instagram’s algorithms have been heavily favoring content generated by the Trump reelection campaign.

Not only has the algorithm been returning more Trump-brand content on tag searches, Buzzfeed found, but that content has been overwhelmingly positive with nary a negative connotation to be seen. Specifically, a tag search for #JoeBiden returned roughly 390,000 hits when run earlier this week. Those results also included a significant number of hits from pro-Trump threads such as #trump2020landslide and #democratsdestroyamerica. A similar search for #DonaldTrump returned 7 million hits with virtually zero results coming from anti-Trump tags.

The Tech Transparency Project first noticed the bug and believes that it has been in effect since at least June. “What we’ve seen with the related hashtags with Biden is that there is so much vitriol, that it appears to be benefitting President Trump,” director of the Tech Transparency Project, Katie Paul, told Buzzfeed on Wednesday.

An Instagram spokesperson characterized the issue as a ‘bug’ and pointed out that other non-political hashtags such as #menshair and #artofdrinks were similarly impacted. “A technical error caused a number of hashtags to not show related hashtags,” the spokesperson said in a Tuesday statement. “We've disabled this feature while we investigate.”

The Biden campaign declined to comment however a spokesperson for the Trump campaign “lambasted the bug as an example of alleged bias against conservatives on social media platforms,” according to Buzzfeed


Great explanation for all lives matter

Trump VS Doctor Fauci

Merkel VS Trump in the Covid arena

Germany has a population of 83,783,942

The US has a population of 331,002,651

So the US has slightly less than 4 times the population

Now Covid deaths (per Worldometer)

Germany- 9,126

US - 135,869

The US has 14.9 times as many deaths than Germany or if you adjust for population the US has 3.7 times as many deaths per capita than Germany


Germany- 199,254

The US- 3,222,123

The US has 16 times the number of cases or roughly 4 times the number of cases per capita

Now Trump likes to blame the high case counts on the US doing more testing

That is true when comparing Germany

Testing per million Germany- 76,095

Testing per million USA- 121,325

So the US has 1.6 times the testing but that doesn't even begin to explain the fact that the US has 4 times the number of cases per capita

In terms of protectin the economy

German unemployment- 6.4%

US unemployment- 11.1%

So clearly the German economy is doing better than the US economy

Also, we might want to consider how each country is doing in terms of controlling the virus


Germany 433 new cases 10 death

USA- 61,067 960 deaths

Clearly one nation has the outbreak under control and the other one doesn't
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