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SFnomad's Journal
SFnomad's Journal
March 12, 2019

Republicans are already starting the attack ads against Beto ... they're that scared of him

Beto O'Rourke heads to Iowa on Saturday, still undeclared for 2020 but anticipation building
Beto O'Rourke will make his first visit to Iowa on Saturday, stirring excitement about a budding but as yet undeclared presidential bid that has already drawn attacks from conservatives determined to hobble him before it's too late.

O'Rourke will knock on doors in Waterloo and urge Iowans to the polls ahead of a special election next Tuesday for a vacant state Senate seat, Iowa Democratic officials confirmed Monday night ...

Earlier Monday, the anti-tax Club for Growth confirmed that it will unleash an ad blitz in Des Moines aimed at planting doubts among Democrats about O'Rourke's liberal bona fides — not to weed out faux liberals from the 2020 pack, but because polls show that he would be a huge threat in Texas if he wins the nomination.

And if Democrats win Texas, there's virtually no way Republicans can keep the White House.

May 1, 2016

When Secretary Clinton runs in the General Election, will 'age' become an issue again?

One of the things I noticed during the Primaries ... when Secretary Clinton announced her candidacy, one of the first things we heard the talking heads concern troll over was her age. Going so far as to even tell us lies that she would be the oldest President when first sworn into office (Reagan will still hold that distinction, even when Secretary Clinton is sworn into office in January of 2017).

But then Bernie Sanders happened, a person who is more than 6 years older than Secretary Clinton ... and since then, we've rarely heard a word about the candidates and their age. Why is that? Now that it's clear that Secretary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee ... will the media fall back on their narrative that Secretary Clinton is too old, again?

April 24, 2016

Your link is certainly incorrect, being that it is pretty common knowledge that there are a total of

4766 delegates in the Democratic Primary (it used to be a few less, wonder what Democrat(s) won a contest that created a new Superdelegate(s)) ... and that it will take 2384 delegates to win the nomination.

Your link only shows 4483 delegates in the Democratic Primary. If that was true, Secretary Clinton would only be about 300 delegates away from the nomination and she's not that close ... yet. So your site is missing almost 300 delegates.

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