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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 1,953

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

Lock them all up! Begin with the Congress threatening their own government.

Bad behavior that isn't punished is behavior that gets repeated.

Nothing speaks more about Jan 6 INTENT of the insurrectionists than the recent CPAC meeting and the messages being sent out over FOX and the rest of the RW media.

We asked for the AG and law enforcement to do more to hold Trump and his minions accountable and he has. Now we cannot abandon him and the rest of democracy supporters by keeping quiet. And law enforcement and the Dept of Justice can not beat them or protect the rest of us from them unless they begin to arrest the most belligerent and threatening among them. We must stand our ground by voting in the greatest numbers possible.

The AG MUST get hold to this latest search at Mar-a-logo NOW! He must go on TV and explain

the process. The FBI director who made the decision was a Trump appointee and not a Democrat. The documents might have contained security info that could endanger the lives of our Intel community at home and abroad and that Trump has been too close to autocratic leaders like (name them including Putin) that could have compromised our military defenses across the globe.

Threats by the GOP are boarding on criminal intent.

I had this thought about 2024 and it scares me because I want Joe and Kamala to run again.

I do believe that there are far too many voters out there, including among some Dems, who would not mind voting for Joe again if he runs but who are frightened that he would not make it trough a second term and Kamala would be President.

Don't attack me for that thought. I would love to see Kamala as President. But I overheard a conversation between to friends that expressed that concern and shocked me to the bone. We were all HRC ardent supporters in 2016 and Biden/Harris supporters in 2020. I could not resist butting into the conversation to express my disappointment that they felt that way about VP Harris. The conversation did not go well from there. However, I learned from them that they would vote for a Biden/Harris ticket again but that they knew many people who would not vote that ticket again because of the Harris issue which they felt would lose us the Presidency in 2024 should Biden run again.

I'm taking a deep breath...but I am afraid that this is an unspoken concern by many on our side. Also wondering if that concern isn't the genesis of the new third party being formed by anti-Trumpers?

Watched the Alex Jones special on CNN. He is really a POS squared.

Only mindless hateful people would follow him and Trump.

Where the everlivingfuck do these CPAC attendees come from??

Their ignorance and hate is epic!

Watch their media interviews if you can bear it. Unfuckingbelievable! More than that, it's damn scary!

The campaign ads virtually write themselves. Dems must use actual facts to slay the dragon.

Since when is low unemployment bad. Does the GOP now hate people working for a living? Trump bragged about his unemployment numbers now it's a bad thing because Dems are in charge of it? Jobs and good paying jobs are bad for Wall Street not Main Street.

GOP must be against lower prescription drug prices because they are campaigning against it just because Biden is getting it done.

Make no mistake, the GOP is coming after birth control, anti-discrimination laws of all kinds. They simply hate you if you are not straight, white, Christian, male, and can think for yourself. The choices are clear in any election from now on.

Dems need to make this very clear. GOP not just banning abortions. They are coming for birth control

This needs to be a huge part of the messaging with examples and citations.

Does everyone forget that Trump and his MAGA crowd are directly responsible for much of the teacher

shortage facing this nation now. Embracing the "poorly educated" mocking teaching history, defaming intelligence, and pushing for more money to go to private, religious schools by taking resources from the nation's public schools is coming home to roost. But only the MAGAs are fine with undereducated populace that can't think for themselves. It's main way FOX can remain on the air, appealing to ignorance and racism.

Teachers have long been underpaid for the job they do that most parents refuse to do at home. At one time, education, knowledge, and compassions were noble goals for the majority of the nation. Now it's just the opposite.

We are not heading down the rabbit hole, we are swirling in it.

After seeing and hearing CPAC (organized rich MAGAs) applaud Orban today, I just do not

understand how so many minorities especially Hispanics, can continue to support and favor Trump and the GOP in the upcoming mid-terms. It just boggles my mind.

Who won the night? KS women. Who lost the night? SC Justices Alito/Thomas nt

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