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Susan Calvin

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Member since: Sat Feb 11, 2017, 12:00 PM
Number of posts: 1,185

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Tim Scott Republical rebuttal.

Ugh. That is all.

Can anyone here tell me about New Braunfels

I'm poking around looking for some place to retire to. My first choice was Southern California, but I recently found out my Quaker parakeet is illegal there. It seems kind of nice that New Braunfels is within reasonable driving distance of San Antonio and Austin and Fredericksburg, but aren't there some conservative racist nutcases there as well? I'm currently in the Houston area, and about the only things I like about it is its diversity and the fact that it's Democratic. Aside from that I want out of Houston.

I'm considering moving to Arizona for retirement.

What would you say is the best place within about an hour of Phoenix? Prescott has been suggested to me, and it certainly does look nice, but it's a little farther from Phoenix than I really want. I'm wondering at what point between Prescott and Phoenix the climate changes.

A question I hope y'all might be able to help me with.

I am retiring in May and I want to move back to Southern California, which I should never have left. Unfortunately, I just discovered my 22-year old Quaker parakeet, which cannot possibly be adopted out, is illegal in California. Is there any way to get a waiver for a bird that you've had that long? Or what is your opinion about having one illegally, as in how to get it in in the first place, and how to keep it from being taken away from you when you are living there? And how to be able to take it to the vet, since it is not legal to have. Needless to say, I would prefer a legal method.

Fry's is no more.


I'm considering moving to San Antonio.

Or at least the area.

I am tired of hurricanes and floods in Houston, I'm working on the assumption that the cold was not so bad in San Antonio, and I'm retiring from teaching, not because my district is bad, it isn't compared to most, but because I'm disgusted with how politicians and the media, for the most part, have treated us. I always said I'd never retire.

Anyway, I like theater and live music and other forms of live entertainment.

A lot of the suburbs seem a bit pricey, but I'm hoping there's less pricey if you look?

Anyway, if you would be so kind, what can you tell me about living in San Antonio?

Checking out a rumor.

I've had no luck Googling this, nor asking for documentation from the source where I heard the rumor. This allegation interests me because it would be explosive. Is there any evidence that power plants shut down, during this freeze, because rising oil prices meant they would be operating at a loss? I believe that price gouging could have caused them to operate at a loss, I have no trouble believing that. It's the shutting down during this freeze for that reason that I find hard to believe even of Republicans. I've only heard this the one place, and as I say cannot find any documentation of it.

Question regarding video doorbell.

I'm looking for one that at the least doesn't require me to enable location on my phone to get the app to work. I'd really like one that just works locally and doesn't require me to enter my Wi-Fi password into the app. That makes me very nervous. Probably this doesn't exist.

If this is a duplicate I apologize, but I can't believe

That I haven't seen this here today


Is there any place that's offering an alert

When Biden goes over the top? I'm getting sick of hanging on the news, but I sure would like to go out and honk my horn like crazy at the very minute. And I would leave my phone on to be able to do that.
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