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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,804

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Why do we allow them to be called conservatives?

"Conservative" has always meant cautious and resistant to change.

"Conservative" is not an adjective that applies to today's Republican Party.

They are radicals with radical ideas that want to radically change America.

They want to kill labor unions, and end collective bargaining rights.

They want a system that favors money and force over ideas.

Socially, they want their own minority rule, without regard to minority rights.

If you are a woman, they want control of your uterus.

They want control of your media. They want to tell you what you can watch, and what you can listen to.

They seek to control your elections, and the machines you vote on.

They seek to redistrict your states to rig elections.

They seek to further rig the tax code, to further the redistribution of wealth upward.

The Republicans are the furtherest things from conservatives. They are dangerous right-wing radicals that want to remake America into a third-world dystopia, which will envy the darkest parts of Africa for their freedom.

They are simply evil.

We must make it impossible for the media to keep calling them conservative. They are not in any way conservative. They are radicals. Freedom-hating radicals. Treasonous turncoats. And they must be stopped.

Republicans are not conservatives. AT ALL.

Why does DU make my computer connect to Facebook?

I am not a member of Facebook. I have never been a member of Facebook. And I will never be a member of Facebook.

Yet when I post on DU, the computer connects to Facebook.

If my understanding is correct, Facebook was originally founded as a way for male students to rate female students on their "attractiveness." In other words, to objectify women.

But I don't want to get into all those weeds.

Simply, why is DU connecting my computer to a website that I want to have nothing to do with?

Certainly, I understand how firewalls work, and could block such connections. I don't know if DU would work for me or not if I did.

But why, by default, do I connect to Facebook by simply using Democratic Underground?

Thank you for your consideration.

CNN slandered "Anonymous"

I came across an episode of "CNN Presents."

I was struck by the description of the program in the DirecTV program guide.

And I was sorry that I didn't jot it down, because I couldn't quite remember the wording.

But thanks to Al Gore's baby, I've rescued it from obscurity.

Correspondent, Amber Lyon investigates the international movement, "Anonymous," in which demonstations against democracy errupt.

What is more offensive? That we have a needless comma before Amber's name, that they call them "Demon Stations," that they put an extra "r" in "erupt?"

Or that they say that Anonymous is a "protest against democracy?"

But that's exactly what my DirectTV display, well, uh, displayed.


What in the world would Hunter Thompson be saying about the Republican field?

I just heard Bill O'Reilly, of all people, describe Mitt Romney as a "greedhead." I'm just saying.

Roll Tide

Maybe UAB will win it next season.

Only five more national titles, and Saban will best Coach Bryant. At Alabama, I mean.

I really think that's his goal, as crazy as it might sound.

If only the state of Alabama could get as good at real quality-of-life issues as we are in college football.

But seriously. Roll Tide.

P.S. -- Did anyone happen to record the Eli Gold radio broadcast of the game?

I did, but the program I was using (Audacity) seemed to spring a serious memory leak, and crashed. Luckily, I noticed and was able to restart it... a few times. I got most of the game, but missed something like the last three minutes of the first quarter, and the first four minutes of the second quarter. If anyone could help with replacing my lost audio, I would really appreciate it.

Les Miles is a great football coach

But seems like he might be a heap short on the "book learning."

“I don’t understand the words. I mean, I really don’t. If you think about it, I don’t know what a tide is. ... I don’t know how you put those two words together.” — LSU coach Les Miles, when asked, “Roll Tide, what does it mean to you?”

Maybe he should have asked Bill O'Reilly. "Tide goes in. Tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can't explain that."

I looked for a clip on YouTube, but didn't find it. I did see it on TV though.

Plus, his name is grammatically incorrect. It should be "Fewer Miles."


So Scott Beason is thinking of running against Spencer Bachus

For whom does a reasonable citizen root for in a race like that?

A Democrat has little chance in that district.

Bachus said not long ago that the duty of the House Banking Committee is to "serve the banks."

And of course, Beason is infamous for calling black people "aborigines" on government tapes... when he was the one wearing the wire!

I don't have a vote in this potential race, but tell me what my "Sophie's choice" should be if I did.

Why all the profanity on Current TV?

I cuss all the time. Online, and in real life. So I really don't have a moral objection to it.

But the "goddamns" on Countdown and The Young Turks seem like a lame, gratuitous reach for "street-cred." And I'm thinking it's only going to turn off more people than it's going to impress.

Keith and Cenk seem to think saying "goddamn" somehow adds emphasis to their comments. I'd say a little goes a long way, but they've taken to speaking like that nearly every night. It's starting to sound very sophomoric and unprofessional.

I enjoyed it when Olbermann told the truth and called Ann Coulter an "asshole." But it seemed hypocritical when another person was bleeped on the same show when saying someone was "full of shit."

"Asshole" is okay, but "shit" is over the line?

I hope and trust that Jennifer Granholm will be able to express suitable outrage without resorting to gratuitous profanities. I think she's more mature than that.

Top marginal income tax rate should be fifty percent

I'm not sure at what income level that it should kick in.

But people making tens and hundreds and thousands of millions of dollars a year are clearly being supported by "the folks."

It's only fair.

If the folks have no money, who is going to buy their cars and computers and movies and video games?

The right-wing idiots want to concentrate all the wealth into the hands of a few.

What happens when the wealth becomes totally concentrated?

A total collapse of the "system," because nobody has any money to spend.

That's what we're heading toward.

The consumers will have all the money. But the producers will be deprived, and they will wither and die.

And the consumers will be left with their pile of gold.

In an ending suitable for The Twilight Zone, they will realize that Gold isn't really good for much of anything practical.

They will look at their bars of gold and wordlessly weep.

Tax the rich. Tax the rich. That's where the money is, stupid.

When is Tom Delay going to jail?

If I recall correctly, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

When is his prison term going to begin?
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