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Profile Information

Name: Joseph
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: DC
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 2,196

About Me

WarGamer but NOT video games!! Analyst by profession and analyst as my hobby. 3 Degrees, 3 Decades. Engineering Degree in the 80's, MS Chemistry in the 90's and MS BioMedical Engineering in the 00's Currently working part time/semi retired as a Consultant for my former employer, specializing in BioPolymers. Democratic voter and fundraiser for 40+ years.

Journal Archives

The 1/6 investigation is moot without a bridge...

Is it a fact that Trump was lying about election outcome? Yes.

Is it a fact that a rally brought 10's of thousands of supporters to DC? yes.

Is it a fact that Trump told them to go to the Capitol and "make their voices heard"? Yes.

But those things don't equal "planning the Capitol attack" unless...

It can be shown that there was a conspiracy supporting a few hundred people to storm through police lines and then enter the Capitol building after assaulting officers.

We need Trump's phone logs, those of his Staff.

We need email and phone content from several in Congress to see if there was indeed actual communications and cooperation with the insurrectionists.

We need a bridge.

One one side of the river we have things that TrumpCo did and while deplorable, aren't illegal. And the other side of the river are chargeable offenses re: the Capitol Assault.

1/6 Hearings thus far as the Gold Standard for DC hearings and I hope they get to the bottom of it all and deliver that bridge.

We need a bridge, if it exists.

To continue:

Focus on the first groups of people who crossed barriers and started the physical confrontations with officers. Herd mentality, many of those who follow are just wiling dopes.

I want to look inside and out at the PB, OK and others at the first line of the attack.

Federal Vaccine Mandate may be unconstitutional... However

The SCOTUS has LONG acknowledged the rights of States to mandate vaccinations.


State and local governments in the United States have mandated immunizations as a prerequisite for attending public schools for quite some time. The Supreme Court has heard several challenges to these mandates and has consistently ruled the mandates to be constitutional.

And here:


The application of Jacobson to the modern age of vaccinations is a source of scholarly debate, with some arguing that the case no longer applies in an era in which vaccines like HPV are not medically necessary to prevent the spread of disease. But others maintain Jacobson’s importance today in providing ample power to protect the public health, especially with the threat of pandemics.

How "Bad" would it have to get to go into another "March 2020" lockdown?

I look at the local and State gov't... the Federal gov't...

I can't see them shutting down again.

I'm not sure if 1000's of dead per day would do it...

I see ZERO masks out and about in NoVa and my family says no masks in SoCal either.

China's got some explaining to do.


In summary,

Cancer Hospital in Milan restests blood samples from October 2019 and finds possible COVID-19 antibodies.

The first "Official" COVID-19 case in EU was 2/20.

FWIW, Milan is a direct hub from the Wuhan Province because a great number of the employees at the textile plants and fashion houses are Chinese nationals.

Questions keep stacking up.

Apparently China tried to keep this secret for 2 months. The origin is unclear.

A 2-Month head start would have saved millions. Don't forget, the virus was sequenced quickly... months later.

This ain't over. The books and movies are going to be epic.

Note: personal thoughts... I think the US Gov't and Trump must have known about this prior to January 2020. The IC literally knows everything everywhere at any time.

I think Trump so treasured trade relations with China that he ignored intel reports and "believed/trusted" Xi.

I can put myself in the shoes of the defending General at Velikiye Luki

Or the head of the Army attacking Culp's Hill...

But I CAN NOT understand the logic behind Trump and Co NOT advocating for the vaccine. Let me explain.

There was TREMENDOUS political UPSIDE to playing COVID and the Vaccines "properly"

If he would have come out on TV frequently and said "The vaccines are coming, just hold on a little longer... keep your masks on, we're almost there. These "Made in the USA" Patriot Vaccines are going to bring FREEDOM back into our lives and in the Great American way, we're going to lead the WORLD and help the WORLD get immunized."

It would have been BRILLIANT if he contacted the Former POTUS's and said "Hey I know we don't agree on much of anything but we're facing the greatest crisis to hit the nation in a century. I need you guys to start filming PSA's with ME to encourage the American people to use reasonable caution until the "Patriot Vaccines" are ready in a few months.

He didn't even use the opportunity for promotion when he HIMSELF got vaccinated.

Use social media, "MAGA Vaccines... Trump Vaccines... etc"

But even putting myself into Trump's shoes as POTUS, I can't understand the upside for playing it the way he did. I know the election pissed him off but he didn't play the pandemic right for political gain pre-election either.

Recently the former POTUS's DID get together for PSA's... Trump refused.

Stupid MF'er... we're lucky he was such a dunce. A smart Trump would truly be dangerous.

Climate change. Mitigation or Adaptation?

A big debate in the Climate Change community.



Here's the summary:

Mitigation is buying a Tesla Model 3 with the hope of reducing CO2 emissions.

Adaptation is building more Electric power generating plants and building new sea walls.

There are arguments for each. Mitigation tends to be the flavor of the day with Polyanna groups chest beating about small changes in emissions or lifestyle habits while other nations expand their CO2 emissions greatly.

In my opinion, we need to be 80% Adaptation and 20% Mitigation because... and I hate to say it, but it's too late.

We need to look ahead to a Climate Changing world and HOW the USA can prosper and thrive.

Knowing that the Earth IS warming, accepting that fact will allow one to think from an Engineers point of view and work on solutions.

Is it wise to allow States like California, Arizona and Texas to build and expand? Florida, too?

Should more infrastructure be built in the Northern USA? Could the Dakotas and Wyoming be the next bread basket?

As we lose agricultural land, where can we start farming? How do you take advantage of geographical regions that will BENEFIT from global temperatures rising? Like the Asian taiga? Canada?

The future world will see wars for land and water, just like 1000's of years ago. It's going to get messy.

Because of SHIT reporting... how many believe the MLB All Star Game was a terror target?

I'm soooo sick and tired of clickbait news websites reporting BULLSHIT to get a rise out of people.

Remember the story yesterday about the imminent terrorist attack in Denver from the hotel room.... a la "Las Vegas"?? Thwarted by the maid?

Yeah, turns out it was bullshit again. How many people will head to the water cooler and regale their friends with stories about terror threats in the Heartland?


"We have no reason to believe this incident was connected to terrorism or a threat directed at the All-Star Game," the FBI said in a statement. "We are not aware of any threat to the All-Star Game events, venues, players, or the community at this time. As is the case with many major special events, the FBI works closely with our law enforcement partners in preparation for and in support of public safety during these events."

How should Historical Military Figures be Judged?

I'm not going to express an opinion, just put the question out there.

Military leaders kill people. That's what they do. They conquer land kill armies.

But historians look at military leaders for how "consequential" they were/are.

in 732 AD, in modern-day Southern France... a Frankish King named Charles (later Charles Martel) would assemble an army of farmers and peasants, led by nobles to face off against one of the world's foremost military of the time, the Umayyad Caliphate led by Abdul Rahman Al-Rafiqi.

Near Poitiers, the forces met and the Umayyad army was crushed and the threat of Muslim invasion of Europe never arose again.

That's consequential. Were Charles or Al-Rafiqi moral men? Were either driven by a noble cause?

Re: the US Civil War

General WT Sherman used might to peel back public support of the Confederacy. He was quite effective. only fringe elements question whether Sherman was a war criminal. Was he a moral man?

General Nathan Bedford Forrest rose from Private to General. His tactics were so fierce and unconventional and successful that for a Century they were taught at the US Army War College and Heinz Guderian partially credits Forrest for the "Blitzkrieg" in WW2. General Patton descended from Confederate officers and recognized Forrest.

Was Forrest a moral man, a decent man? Driven by a noble cause?

The answers are all fairly obvious. But how does that affect his "historical record"?

Ok, now personal commentary.

I'm glad the public displays are coming down. It's clear that "MOST" of them were put up as a symbol of oppression rather than a memorial to a person. (Some exceptions being the CSA monuments built at Gettysburg, etc)

I'm split on whether a community should have the final decision to keep or remove monuments. I think it's morally right to take them all down. But I don't live in the community so maybe I shouldn't opine.

The one thing I do wish for... is that people could say General XYZ was a masterful commander and tactician and changed history whether we're talking about Hannibal, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charles Martel, George S Patton, Edwin Rommel or Georgy Zhukov WITHOUT talking about their character or morality.

Removing public monuments just might be the BEST thing to properly categorize the memory of the CSA leaders. When they're seen in museums and National Parks it's easier to get the real story about them...

One last thing, and I apologize for being verbose...

Please visit one of our National Parks dedicated to US Civil War battlefields. Pre-1980's, these were popular summer vacations and school field trips. Today they're being forgotten. It's the best place to learn about Lee, Sherman, Grant, Forrest and Hooker without social taint or influence.

Joe's doing his best with Corporate Taxation. It's not easy.

It's a complex issue.

I'm going to summarize and then link you to a boring, sleep inducing article from the Treasury that I PROMISE will make you the smartest person in the room re: Corporate Taxation.

There IS NO Mr. Apple to whip out his checkbook and scratch out a 2 Billion dollar check every year.

So what IS Apple? Apple is a legal entity, a Corporation.

Who owns it? Well, lots of people. You see, Apple is broken into 16.7 Billion tiny pieces called SHARES. Each share is worth around $140. (In fact, I traded some APPL stock personally this week).

Some people own LOTS of Apple stock, like Tim Cook who owns 837k shares or Arthur Levinson who owns 4.6 million shares.

Some people own a LITTLE Apple stock. With retail trading apps like Robinhood, WeBull and others, millions of people own a slice of Apple.

Hidden owners of Apple stock? Large governmental investment funds have money in Apple. One such fund is CALPRS, the California State pension fund. As recently as a couple years ago they owned 10-15 million shares of Apple. CALPRS uses income from these investments to pay benefits to Librarians, Teachers, Police officers and Social workers. Does your 401k hold some Apple?

Who pays Corporate Taxes?

That question is so significant that there's a "book-phrase" for it. It's called Corporate Tax Incidence.

So what's the answer? I've read about the topic and frankly, no one knows. Seriously. They can't come to agreement. Here's what some experts believe.

For every 1% of increased Corporate Income Tax, wages are suppressed 0.5-1%.

Consumer Prices Rise.

Shareholders lose money.

Corporate Employees lose jobs, benefits or salary.

Deep Dive.

Why can't a Corporation just take money out of their profit and pay their taxes?

Because Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, even before their employees. That's the LAW.

Shareholders, like Tim Cook, Me and the retired Librarian living next door expect Apple to remain profitable and maximize the value of my ownership of the company.

So the Corporation will always adjust it's balance sheet to pay taxes. They have multiple ways of offsetting increases in Corporate Taxes:

Increasing the cost to the consumer for their product or service. Read iPhones, gasoline or a new Ford.

Reducing Employee wages or benefits.

Allow their profitability to suffer, allowing stock prices to drop.

The Corporation will strive to make a profit. Corporate Taxation will be treated as just another business expense. In Apples case, like the cost of Labor or copper or IC's.

Another problem with Corporate Taxation, Corporations are mobile in a free and open market. That means a Corporation can be HQ'd overseas and pay less US Corporate Taxes.

For a LONG time, Countries have been reluctant to talk about universal Corporate Tax rates because a lower tax rate is considered an advantage for a Country, attracting Corporate HQ's and their capital.

But Joe is making a serious push at a Global Corporate Tax which would HELP with the issue. Makes you wonder why no one else every tried??

Is it possible? Will nations globally agree to a fair and equal tax footing? Personally, I doubt it.

Note, I'm expecting some to verbailze:

"Hey WarGamer, fuck the rich and fuck the Corporations. They need to pay their fucking Bill!!!"

You're right. The rich need to pay.

Tim Cook, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg WANT us to be talking about Corporate Taxes. Sure, it's a headache for them but it doesn't affect their own wallet, not much at all.

When you say Apple needs to PAY because they're so profitable you're saying "All 16.7 Billion shares of Apple stock, owned by 100's of millions of people need to pay"

Really? My retired Librarian neighbor needs to pay? Or the Genius at the Apple store in the mall? He needs to pay?

What you're really getting at is... Tim Cook and Levinson need to pay because they own BILLIONS Of dollars of Apple. And you CAN'T get your hands on their money with Corporate Taxation.

Bottom line:

Wealth Tax Now.

One time 5% and 1% annually.

Oh and here's the great article:


Federal Judge declines to block portions of GA election law.


A federal judge in Georgia declined to strike down portions of the state’s controversial voter law ahead of run-off elections slated for next week.

The decision from U.S. District Judge Jean-Paul “J.P.” Boulee, a Trump appointee, did not weigh in on some of the most controversial aspects of the law, nor did it strike down a portion of the statute that changes the deadline for requesting absentee ballots. It also did not a provision on election observation.

The Georgia law passed in March along party lines imposes restrictions that voting rights groups say will fall most heavily on minorities. The measure sets new voter ID requirements for absentee ballots, limits drop boxes and even prohibits passing out food and water to those waiting in line to vote.

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