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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
April 26, 2024

Act differently to different types of protestors.

Those whose protest, signs and voices that attack Jewish people should be arrested and charged with hate crimes if appropriate. Those deliberately inhibiting police from arresting or removing someone should be considered guilty of aiding and abetting a crime.

Those who intimidate others, attack others or commit acts of violence should similarly be treated.

Those who peacefully protest a country's war or mistreatment of it's citizens or citizens of other countries should be allowed to do so.

Students peacefully protesting on their college's property should be allowed to do so.

Non-students should be removed from college property unless they are authorized to be there.

The police need to pick and choose the violators vs mass pushing, arresting or removal without regard to what the individual is doing. If there are not enough police to be able to act in a fair and humane way, then the National Guard should assist but the rules should be the same. That means they must be trained in crowd control and first amendment rights.

Just my opinion.

And this applies to other types of protest.

April 25, 2024

Chuck Edwards, Repug congress critter from NC shows how he's just like his master, trump.


NOTE: All bold portions are my emphasis.

The U.S. House Communications Standards Commission sanctioned U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards on Wednesday, declaring in a letter to Henderson County’s Democratic Party chair that the panel in a 6-0 decision had “found substantial reason to believe a violation occurred” in Edwards’s newsletters attacking President Biden and his son, Hunter.

The commission acted on a complaint Democrats filed March 13 alleging that email newsletters sent out by Edwards in May, June, July and December 2023 violated federal law and rules of the House of Representatives ...

Because such attacks are specifically prohibited, “Edwards should have been well aware of those prohibitions,” party Chair Leslie Carey, who signed the complaint, said in a newsletter.

So what did Edwards say in response? He claimed the complaint by Democrats was "hyper-partisan" - wait, YOU broke the law, Edwards, just like your master.

He further said “The Democrats are clearly ashamed of their president and his failing agenda, which is why they tried to put a gag order on me" - just another repeat lie of the master. It was a bipartisan commission that voted 6-0 against you. They are trying to get you to obey the law, not gag you.

Lastly, he said “I did not go to Washington to make nice with Joe Biden, so while I’ll do a better job of crossing my ‘i’s and dotting my ‘t’s, I will not be robbed of my First Amendment rights by this hyper-partisan complaint, nor deterred from communicating with my constituents.” Sound familiar? You have no right to break the law.
April 16, 2024

My town has prohibited people on my street from charging their EVs!

Look at this sign that they put up.

April 16, 2024

Sell your entertaiment stocks NOW! Big recession in Kimmel, Colbert and Swift coming at the end of the year!

Take it from me, the best accountant ever (I play one on TV). As soon as the Trump farce is over, both Kimmel and Colbert will have no jokes to tell. Taylor Swift will no longer be of interest. The whole entertainment industry will collapse. There will be nothing for the news media to praise. D.U. will lose 99% of it's daily posting.

Just think! Who will want to interview a MAGAt? They have never had anything useful to say but now nobody will be interested in the babble from their mouths. And the Trump flags on the pickups will disappear.

On the good news side, the Collector industry will go wild so start buying stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds in that industry. Just think! You may be the only one left with a Trump 2024, Bible, or sneaker in the world. And if you tape all the Trump babbling videos, in 50 years, you can make a killing selling them yourself.

April 15, 2024

Republicans announce new attempt to ban anything to do with people who identify as trans. This includes

Transfers - Trans people who wear ermine, sable and similar wraps
Transits - Trans people who identify as singular but not male or female
Transcontinentals - Trans people from Europe
Transylvanians - Trans people who can't be seen in a mirror
Transmitters - Trans people who "groom" others
Transceivers - Trans people who were "groomed"
Transporters - Trans people who arrive by ship
Transposers - Trans models
Transparent - Trans person with kids
Transformers - Trans people who get pregnant
Transistors - Trans people who identify as female
Translations - Trans people who don't speak English
Transpirations - Trans people who travel under the Skull and Crossbones flag
Transgressions - Trans people who throw the first punch
Transcriptions - Trans people who write for a living
Transplanters - Trans farmers
Transactions - Trans people who fight for their rights
Transfusions - Trans people who live in the same house
Transactor - Trans person in a play
Transoms - Group of Trans people.

The proposed laws would require a police response if someone complains they heard any of the above mentioned in conversation.

April 13, 2024

"I guarantee he's the one that killed him! " "...he looks evil I can see it in his eyes." - No, not Trump.

An example of stupidity but you'd have to find it. I'll point it out.


The fist two excerpts are part of the article

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A former police sergeant from northern Maine has been arrested and accused of falsifying reports about a missing persons case.

Chandler Cole, 54, is facing multiple charges including aggravated forgery and tampering with public records.

According to the Bangor Daily News, he's accused of tampering with evidence in the disappearance of Erik Foote, who was reported missing in February.

Here's the idiot

Yeah, I guarantee he’s the one that killed him! And just his picture alone eating that pizza he looks evil I can see it in his eyes. I’m sure they already know this. They just need to prove it which they probably already did. They just need to get their ducks in a row.

Unfortunately, it clearly states on the caption of the picture of the person eating the pizza what his name is. - He's the victim! I guess he committed the crime himself as he "looks guilty".
April 8, 2024

I missed the eclipse last night. I fell asleep just as it got dark. If anyone

knows if the world came to an end, please let me know. I need to know whether I should stay on my diet or not.

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