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Member since: Fri Aug 10, 2018, 10:37 PM
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Dog-loving musician from Oregon.

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Alex Murdaugh 'conscious and talking' after gunshot injury in Hampton County

Source: ABC News

"HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Alex Murdaugh was shot in the head Saturday in Hampton County, according to his lawyer Jim Griffin.

Griffin said he found out through Alex's brother, Randy.

Alex was changing a tire when a car passed him. The car turned around and the motorist shot him in the head, according to Griffin. Alex is being airlifted to Charleston.

State Law Enforcement Division has been requested to investigate the shooting."

Read more: https://abcnews4.com/news/local/sled-investigating-shooting-media-reports-suggest-alex-murdaugh-involved

The craziest "Whodunnit?" mystery currently going on in the U.S. just got crazier.

This saga is going to spawn all manner of TV specials and books once it gets sorted out.

The corruption in South Carolina must be bottomless.

*Edited to reflect ABC’s headline change.*

I will never forgive you people here on DU.

You allowed me to believe I had a realistic shot at getting a date with Jennifer Lawrence. For years.

How could you?!

"...they deserve everything that they got."

Seems the man shot in Portland last night was quite the piece of work:

"He rightfully defended himself," Bishop says about the white supremacist. "This person was illegally arrested for self defense and I'm here to tell all these socialists the truth of the matter... These three that died or were stabbed are not heroes, they're not anybody to be idolized, and they deserve everything that they got."

Bishop previously made news when he was allowed to wear that fox hat in his driver's license photo.


Antoine Baril - One Man Yes

If I had to pick a favorite, though...

Also from the album “Michigan.”


Some nights only Sufjan will do.

This is such a night.

“The Upper Peninsula” from the album “Michigan.”

Within a few months, the number of Trumps in the White House is going to be down to zero.

And once that happens there better GAWDDAMNGUARANTEEYOU be a .gov site, wherein every single internal White House communication during the Trump regime (that doesn’t imperil ongoing intelligence operations) is made accessible to the general public.

There will be no reconciliation until all their mendacity is laid bare for all to see.

This I hereby decree.

Looks like Biden's doing well on the electronic voting machines.

Some voters also have concerns about the technology.

"I personally cannot read the bar code, so I'm having to trust the system," said Melissa Rose.

It was a concern shared by the League of Women Voters of South Carolina, but co-President Christe McCoy-Lawrence says the group is putting it aside to focus on voter turnout.

"We feel now that one of the greatest dangers comes from people losing faith in the voting process," she said. "So we did not agree with this decision, but it's made, so we are now completely engaged in conveying confidence in the system."


Methinks the Irish are not all that enamored with Donald Trump...


“Trump dances like a sexy pile of cheese in his Take on Me-style video

The US president, flickering like an alt-right Morten Harket, appears like a lovable savant

Patrick Fryne

A pencil drawing of Donald Trump emerges from the white void. He is fully dressed, in his trademark suit and red crotch cloth (his tie), though, given what the film-makers are going for here, I feel as if he should be wearing nothing but a short belly top, like Winnie-the-Pooh.

Indeed, we learn over the course of the 40-second animation retweeted by the president that Trump, flickering in and out of pencilled reality like an alt-right Morten Harket, is a lovable and inspiring savant.

Uplifting piano and strings play as he says inspiring things. The film- makers should get credit for finding them, really, amid the bizarre non sequiturs, coded bigotry, uncoded bigotry and glitching computer code that usually erupts from his puckered beak (lips) or his digital hindparts (Twitter)...”

Much more at the link - scathing and well-written.
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