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Member since: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 11:12 PM
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Question submitted by blackcrow

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I like honey a lot, but I hardly ever use it on anything, because it's such a pain to get it out of a container.

Is there something about this that everyone else knows that I'm missing?

I keep it in the fridge, so I have to nuke it carefully, then wrestle the top off and pour it carefully. Then back on with the top, and wash the honey off my hands. So it sits in the fridge unused forever.

how long are matchstick carrots safe to eat?

The kind you buy in plastic at the supermarket, already cut up, once you open the package and refrigerate them?

medical privacy

You know how your loved ones can't even find out how you're doing in the hospital unless you've signed all sorts of stuff? How'd you like to be filmed and on reality tv without your or your next of kin's consent:

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