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Woman on a plane causes a scene and tries to give a speech about COVID


I love these Halloween costumes:

Customer's outrage over 37,000 bill at Salt Bae's London steak restaurant

The guests splashed out at Nusr-Et - paying £400 for desserts and £9,100 alone on a bottle of vintage wine

A Londoner who reportedly splashed out on £37,000-worth of food and drink at Salt Bae's restaurant in Knightsbridge was left outraged when the bill arrived.

The meal for four people cost an eye-watering £37,023.10 in total, with a receipt shared to Snapchat showing the full expense of their indulgence, according to MyLondon.

The guests had visited the first UK steak house by chef Nusret Gökçe on Friday, October 8 - Nusr-Et - which has been widely talked about since it opened last month.

A caption alongside the photo of the shocking receipt, that listed every item the guests had ordered that night, said: "That's just taking the p**s".

They had ordered a Golden Tomahawk - an £850 steak covered in gold leaf - and 16 Nusret Baklava's - a traditional Turkish dessert typically served with Matei Radulescu, a Turkish ice cream - for a total of £400.

Other items included pricey sides such as one sautéed broccoli (£14), a portion of asparagus (£18), three herb-crusted fries (£30) and one side of mashed potato (£12).

But the bill soon added up when the group ordered their drinks.



Ohio Resident Puts Up Incredible Halloween Display


Buttigieg hits back after parental leave criticism: 'Really strange'

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded to criticism from conservatives he received for taking parental leave after adopting two newborns.

Buttigieg has received some criticism for staying on parental leave since August as the country is dealing with supply chain issues. Others took to attacking Buttigieg for taking parental leave altogether, mocking the idea.

"Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child. Paternity leave, they call it. Trying to figure out how to breastfeed, no word on how that went," Fox News’s Tucker Carlson said on his show.

Buttigieg said on MSNBC’s Deadline:White House that despite his parental leave, he has been available “24/7” for issues. He also took a shot at Carlson saying he doesn’t understand parental leave.

“Well, look, in his case, I guess he just doesn't understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave. But what is really strange is that, you know, this is from a side of the aisle that used to claim the mantle of being pro-family. What we have right now is an administration that's actually pro-family,” Buttigieg said.

“And I'm blessed to be able to experience that as an employee, being able to have the flexibility to take care of our newborn children, which is, by the way, work. It's a joyful work. It's wonderful work, but it's -- it's definitely work,” he added.


Key to Biden's Climate Agenda Likely to Be Cut Because of Manchin Opposition

The West Virginia Democrat told the White House he is firmly against a clean electricity program that is the muscle behind the president’s plan to battle climate change.

WASHINGTON — The most powerful part of President Biden’s climate agenda — a program to rapidly replace the nation’s coal and gas-fired power plants with wind, solar and nuclear energy — will likely be dropped from the massive budget bill pending in Congress, according to congressional staffers and lobbyists familiar with the matter.

Senator Joe Manchin III, the Democrat from coal-rich West Virginia whose vote is crucial to passage of the bill, has told the White House that he strongly opposes the clean electricity program, according to three of those people. As a result, White House staffers are now rewriting the legislation without that climate provision, and are trying to cobble together a mix of other policies that could also cut emissions.

A spokesman for the Biden administration declined to comment, and a spokeswoman for Mr. Manchin did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

The $150 billion clean electricity program was the muscle behind Mr. Biden’s ambitious climate agenda. It would reward utilities that switched from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and penalize those that do not.

Experts have said that the policy over the next decade would dramatically reduce the greenhouse gases that are heating the planet and that it would be the strongest climate change policy ever enacted by the United States.

“This is absolutely the most important climate policy in the package,” said Leah Stokes, an expert on climate policy, who has been advising Senate Democrats on how to craft the program. “We fundamentally need it to meet our climate goals. That’s just the reality. And now we can’t. So this is pretty sad.”

The setback also means President Biden will have a weakened hand when he travels to Glasgow in two weeks for a major United Nations climate change summit. He had hoped to point to the clean electricity program as evidence that the United States, the world’s largest historic emitter of planet-warming pollution, was serious about changing course and leading a global effort to fight climate change. Mr. Biden has vowed that the United States, will cut its emissions 50 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.


House select committee sets Tuesday vote at 730p to approve criminal contempt report for Steve Banno


President Biden greets kids at a child care center in Hartford, Connecticut.


Maybe he saw something you could help with Mark...


A Kellogg's worker on strike last night holding down the picket line through torrential rain

A Kellogg's worker on strike last night holding down the picket line through torrential rain in Omaha, Nebraska

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