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Member since: Wed Nov 6, 2019, 11:33 PM
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Amy lays out the themes

As has been the case for some time now Senator Klobuchar was one of the ones sent out to respond on the Sunday shows.
If you want to see what the overall themes the Biden campaign will be using what Amy said on ABC today is the most distilled and straight forward version.

This is a strong long term message that we can all get behind and we hear those points echoed everywhere.

We need to get Blake's dad on FOX

He has a way of cutting through the BS and flourishes in such a direct way that it just gets through.
It will never happen because they cannot handle that, but it would be glorious.

Today should be all about Social Security

When the elimination of the payroll tax came up last night I felt it was the biggest wedge we could possibly have.

Simple to understand, puts them on the defensive, and fits directly into the narrative of Whims with no thought.

Payments for Social Security benefits will end by the middle of 2023 if President Donald Trump were able to deliver on his promise of permanently cutting payroll taxes, and if another funding source was not provided to replace it, according to an estimate from the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration.

When you couple this with the USPS you have a double aimed right at the heart of some of Trump's key demographics.

Keep it simple stupid. A single theme is much more effective.

I slept soundly last night

I think the best reflection of what happened this week was when Rachel, Joy, and Nicole ended their night in uncontrollable laughter.
The relief that allowed for hope led to a moment of pure joy. It was a wonderful moment, that validated the entire convention.

The convention all on its own said something amazing. That something like that, in times like this, could be presented shows just what can be done.

This was so much more then the sum of some amazing parts.

Shape of things to come (Labor day is a pivot)

Not only is Labor Day a traditional way point in the campaign season, this year it will take on even more meaning.

Lots of us are wondering how the Republicans will counter the weeks convention. To a large extent it wont matter. We have an idea of much of the actual themes and rhetoric and a large part of that will be touting the success of the handling of Corona. While that will be much weaker sauce than anybody had thought even two weeks ago, it has to be a major theme.

Now after a week of that and the end of summer event Labor Day represents, we can expect even more desperate parties and get together s, more trips to the cabins with more family brought together.

So about two weeks later, just as early voting begins, we can expect the next major spikes to start.
We will have the perfect time to start the early part of GOTV process. If we work this right any October surprise will be totally moot.

Amy Fires Back at Trump Calling Dem VP Pick Harris 'Nasty' and 'Angry': 'I Just Think That's Crap'

I was wondering who they would send out to Fox after the announcement and when I heard her on O'Donnell's show say she had been on I went to listen to it.

I wont link directly to Fox, but MEDIAite has a link and a pretty fair transcript.


Mail-in Monday

With the expected resurgence of the virus mid-September a couple of weeks after Labor Day, the need for Mail-in ballots will explode again. Trump's effort to slow down the trend and the mail, makes it very important to mitigate those effects.

So I think what we need to do is to pick a date well enough in advance of November 3rd as a target. Co-opting the Christmas shopping season as a reinforcement for the idea of getting it done early, I think targeting Monday October 12th makes a lot of sense.

Three weeks is better then Two.

But having a clear focus point is very important for any sort of coordinated effort.

Sunday Fireworks. Really only 2 shows to watch. And the FOX Sunday probably the best one.

“Fox News Sunday" — Pelosi; Mnuchin.
This is the one to watch.

ABC's “This Week" — Schumer; Kudlow.
Kudlow will dance without saying anything and wont be hit.

But I'm going to start with MSNBC and Velshi first. As you would expect the Trump show today was much less then it was made out.

Anyone Playing with American Bridge's Trump Oppo dump?

Welcome to American Bridge 21st Century's Donald Trump opposition research hub. This website exists to help allies find the research needed to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. It's organized into three main categories, each divided into multiple reports designed to help you tell the full story about Trump's failed presidency. These categories are:

Trump Research

Has Trump's Payday Loan commercial started yet?

I don't get near the TV machine when he is about to talk.
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