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Member since: Wed Nov 6, 2019, 11:33 PM
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Was Trump a 10cc fan?

But lacking irony never understood them?


Plenty more life lessons from 10cc if you don't understand irony.

Minnesota 1.7 Mil requested 911,000 returned and accepted so far

As Minnesota moves to its weekend and weekday expanded early voting hours this weekend, already half of all requested absentee ballots have been returned and accepted. That works out to a quarter of all eligible voters.


For reference 2016 had 677,000 total.

This is how you really skew the polls.

Chuck Todd you F'd up but you can save yourself

Yes you totally pissed off most of your colleges and yes you have probably greatly damaged your access to the next administration. You are really not the person who has shown you can handle the total alternate reality that Trump will spew. So really you have exactly one chance to save what little reputation you had before this debacle. Your first question that you can prepare for.

It cannot be your normal BS, you are nowhere as good at it as you think you are. It has to be something totally outside of what is expected and it needs to be about his favorite thing himself. At the same time it needs to be something he is wholly incapable of answering. It has to be medical.

You could actually do a great service to the nation if you ask it in the right way. Acknowledge his recovery, praise the doctors and treatment, highlight the experimental antibody treatment the Remdesiver and steroids, and then ask the questions.
There are two key parts, First do you know if you are producing enough antibodies or are the artificial ones you gained still at work and since at least some if not most of those who have been reinfected seem to have been hit harder the second time are you worried?

I know this is a have you stopped beating your wife and that that question is really a gross simplification of the real science, but that doesn't matter, it will be the news no matter what he responds you will allow the real experts to get a chance to cut through.

You cannot really save your reputation, but you will have a bunch of Trump fans watching and you just may be able to save some lives because this will probably the first time they will have ventured outside of their bubble where the mere fact that anyone can get it again will be enough of a shock that some may just try and get some real information.

That is of course just as true of Trump and that just may change the dynamic in interesting ways.

Chris Wallace pitches batting pratice to Amy

Chris Wallace has clearly had enough. Along with a growing part of at least the "news" side of FOX enough after 4 years is enough. (I imagine management is also looking for the exit.)

Any rate, Biden sent Senator Klobuchar out and of course her job was FOX. Mr. Wallace decided to pitch it as if it was the home-run derby and put the questions right where Amy was sure to hit them.


Here is a link to The Hill's write up although you need to see the whole thing to see just how pissed Wallace is.

musical review of the past week as seen from the GOP

Barrett intro

Hicks news

Trump to Walter Reed

Trump Taxes: Its all pre Covid. The stituation today is much worse.

Trump's financial situation must be much worse now. As these returns seem to explain a lot already, they also explain Trump's reaction to the virus as well.

Let us not forget there was a point where it seemed like he was taking it seriously (even if incompetently). His numbers moved up and he was getting relatively good press. But then it became clear how much it was going to cost him as the hospitality industry collapsed. It was then he really pivoted and went hard on open up.

Essentially Trump has killed tens of thousands and injured many more to prop up a failing business empire made up of smoke and mirrors.

"We are not keeping our democracy shut" Amy to Ted

I'm sorry I missed this righteous rant that Senator Klobuchar delivered. But Walter Einenkel over at Daily Kos revived it.

It is well worth the 10 minutes.

While it was in response to Senator Cruz, it manages to bring together the themes we are pushing under the umbrella of defending Democracy with passion and heart in a way that ups the stakes in the coming confirmation that gives everyone a firm standing.

Edited to include a taste

SEN. KLOBUCHAR: She then goes to the Supreme Court, is respected across the land, becomes a cultural icon with her own hashtag—Notorious RBG—in her 80s. She never gave up and I am not going to give up on this democracy. Despite these false lies about the Democratic candidate for president, it is President Trump who chose to clear out peaceful protesters and wave a Bible in front of a church.

It is President Trump who after Charlottesville said there are two sides. Well, there's not two sides when one side is the Ku Klux Klan. It is President Trump who has put out there that military and soldiers should be at the voting places in a pure attempt to suppress the vote. So don't go telling the people on this committee who know better, who is the divisive person, who is the one that has been inciting violence in this election.

Amy lays out the themes

As has been the case for some time now Senator Klobuchar was one of the ones sent out to respond on the Sunday shows.
If you want to see what the overall themes the Biden campaign will be using what Amy said on ABC today is the most distilled and straight forward version.

This is a strong long term message that we can all get behind and we hear those points echoed everywhere.

We need to get Blake's dad on FOX

He has a way of cutting through the BS and flourishes in such a direct way that it just gets through.
It will never happen because they cannot handle that, but it would be glorious.

Today should be all about Social Security

When the elimination of the payroll tax came up last night I felt it was the biggest wedge we could possibly have.

Simple to understand, puts them on the defensive, and fits directly into the narrative of Whims with no thought.

Payments for Social Security benefits will end by the middle of 2023 if President Donald Trump were able to deliver on his promise of permanently cutting payroll taxes, and if another funding source was not provided to replace it, according to an estimate from the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration.

When you couple this with the USPS you have a double aimed right at the heart of some of Trump's key demographics.

Keep it simple stupid. A single theme is much more effective.
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