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Member since: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 3,426

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well about to start down a new and unexplored (for me) path

I am 66 and 1 month .. signed up for social security today
and giving my resignation effective 30 Sept.
I have had 3 jobs in my life (after leaving the farm)

and a DoD contractor

so this is a new and slightly scary development.
want to do things my life mate and I want to do
and not worried about how much time it takes.

gonna be interesting ....

ok how do I change pass words ... ?

wife is home from rehab

got wife home on Monday (happy little boy here)
home health care stated we needed a Personnel care physician
no one around here was taking new patients.
2 drs were ... one said we could come in NOV.
and the other one stated she would look over
her record and see if the dr would accept her
as a patient.

another Dr. told us I don't do insurance.
its 50 bucks a month, unlimited office visits
I make house calls. if I send you out for tests
that is when your insurance kicks in. (we have tricare)
but I practice medicine not practice insurance.
we paid 3 months in advance.
(didn't have to... wanted to.) she called home health care
and told them she was my wife's Dr. and to start taking care
of my wife.

thank you for my heart

I don't know who you are but thank you
it has been a rough 3 months ....
Nov 12 wife got a cortisone shot 3 days later she is in
terrible pain ... 5 days later she can not walk and can
barely walk ... got to the ER they can't find anything
7 days later back to ER this time by ambulance.. MRI
shows something on her spine ....
off we go to the main hospital ... her white count was north of 55k
and it has been hell since ... 3 months in the hospital and rehab.
thank GOD for Tricare ...
we had all ready met our catastrophic limit...
so she had a bacterial blood infection that attacked her joints
her spine, her neck, her shoulder, a couple of others l don't remember
so they cut and washed everything but the spine.. the nero surgeon didn't
recommend cutting that .... she can feel her feet ... move her feet
just can't stand without help and of course no walking...
still going down this path.... she is my life mate so I go to work
drive an hour to the hospital... spend time with her ...go home
pay bills clean and cook for the week... and crash ... and get up the
next day and do it again ....
I just needed to vent .... thanks and thanks for the heart
I can not return the favor but thanks .....
hug your loved ones often ....

I was a work all day and am beat

can someone tell me what happened with the amendments.

ok it is Sunday and I am missing my morning fix

any idea where SCE is .....?

BK in Canada lost a lawsuit should have lost more money IMHO.


WTF is wrong with these ppl?

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has sided with a former Burger King employee who was fired after taking home approximately fifty cents worth of food.
Usha Ram, who had worked with the fast food chain for 24 years, was awarded $46,000 in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. The 55-year-old was earning minimum wage as a cook at a Burger King restaurant in Vancouver when she was let go from her job.

According to court documents, Ram has little education and struggles with English. She had finished her shift on Dec. 27, 2013 when she realized that she had forgotten her wallet at home. She asked her general manager, Tayyaba Salman, if she could have some food. When Salman apparently agreed, Ram took a fish sandwich, medium-sized fries and a drink.
In court, Salman testified that she believed Ram only asked for a sandwich, not fries and a drink. Salman, who was apparently busy with a customer at the time, confirmed that Ram made no effort to hide the food she was taking.

Meanwhile the restaurantís co-owner, Janif Mohammed, argued that he was within his rights to fire Ram because she had been caught stealing.
In Justice Lisa Warrenís ruling, she noted that since the price of a fish sandwich at Burger King was discounted for employees, the loss to Mohammed would have equaled about 50 cents. She ruled in Ramís favour after finding there was a lack of evidence that Ramís actions were premeditated. Warren also added that the restaurantís zero-tolerance for theft could have been enforced through less serious actions, like a formal letter of reprimand.

why would Boeing machinists in SC reject union membership?

from what I understand it wasn't even close,
something like 75% voted against it.

I see DJT is keeping Comey as head of the FBI.

any word on Gov. Mark Dayton

I understand he collapsed during the state of the state address.
have prayers and good wishes to him and his family.
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