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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 14,215

Journal Archives

The Big Bopper does Little Red Riding Hood...

... and she will never be the same.

-- Mal

Shouldn't we start calling the Oath Keepers the "Oath Breakers?" n/t

Song for the Times

-- Mal

A song for 2021

-- Mal

The great Emperor Norton, of blessed memory...

... was just as delusional as Donald Trump, but at least he was harmless.
And, unlike Mr Trump's Wall, the bridge the Emperor ordered built now spans the Golden Gate.

-- Mal

Foxes and Fossils: Suite Judy Blue Eyes

Okay, this is live, and their first gig. I am impressed, it's not like this is an easy song.

-- Mal

Brian Wilson doing "Gonna Hustle You" (1963)

You Tube is full of gems.

Ylvis is in the room

-- Mal

The greatest rock song ever written about a bank

-- Mal

Somebody in the Trump Administration has a brain.

Commuting Mr Stone's sentence was clever. If he'd been pardoned, he could not invoke the Fifth in a related court case, because he couldn't be incriminating himself. Commutation does not carry that immunity, so he could refuse to answer future questions.

-- Mal
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