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War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength

There is a completely different account here, along with links about who the protesteres inside were, and why they were there.


Another good one from back then...

Les McCann (piano) and Eddie Harris (sax) at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1969, "Compared to What."

"Possession is the motivation that is hangin' up the goddamned nation.
Looks like we always end up in a rut."

No matter how much you like (or don't really care for jazz), wait a couple of minutes, through the instrumental
intro, for the words:

Has anything really changed since then?

Trying to make it a real Compared to What?

Worst EVER 'Politi-Fact' "In Context" analysis

And a good candidate for the worst reporter ever to be entrusted with the responsibility for providing "balanced and fair, in depth" analysis of complex issues.

....Please, take a minute to click the links on this one.

Even though I'm a big sports fan -- and the coverage in this paper's Sports Section is generally very good -- here's a set of articles that are proof that I can't even consider the possibility of becoming a subscriber again. (With Packers rookie camps and stuff coming up, it's a sacrifice but in good conscience, how do you support deliberate distortions of black-and-white facts, terribly lazy research and one-sided grand-standing for GOP petty, mean-spiritedness?)

Here's the sequence. The rag published this initial (also skewed) report:


An odd coalition of advocates for the needy, local retailers and big corporations is opposing a fast-moving bill limiting junk food for food stamp recipients.

The bill on Wisconsin's FoodShare program comes before the state on Tuesday in the Assembly, where it is expected to pass despite the unusual opposition.

The proposal's lead sponsor, former potato chip salesman and state Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah), wants to require FoodShare recipients to use their taxpayer-funded benefits to buy more nutritious food. Kaufert said his bill makes sense as a response to the stories he hears from retail clerks and others about FoodShare benefits being used for large junk food purchases.

Sounds like a (possibly?) well-intentioned effort to keep borderline or morbidly obese people in line ahead of you in the grocery store from adding chips and nachos and other junk food items that could slow your checkout -- and improve the overall health of the community at the same time. Not unlike that whole "no Super-Size" soda in NYC Bloomberg thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The "fast-moving" Republican bill is not being rammed through the Assembly for anything to do with nutrition, or getting more people to make better or healthier shopping decisions in the checkout line.

Here are the guidelines for what is Allowed and what is Verboten:


Among the recommendations:

  • No bagels, pita bread or english muffins,
  • no white rice or wild rice or rice mixes
  • no plain-white flour tortillas or hard shell tacos,
  • no canned peas, soup or chili,
  • no tuna in a pouch or low sodium,
  • no organic anything,
  • no frozen fruit bars or popsicles,
  • no frozen french fries or hash brown potatoes,
  • no potatoes of any kind,
  • no salsa,
  • no salad bar items,
  • no dried fruit or fruit/nut mixes,
  • no spaghetti or pizza or lasagna sauce
  • no shredded or pre-sliced cheese except American cheese (pre-sliced, only),
  • no pickles,
  • no pork and beans
  • no sauerkraut,
  • no ketchup,
  • no black-eyed peas or pinto beans in a can,
  • no beans, peas or lentils with added "seasoning or meat" or in bulk,
  • no bread with double fiber or flaxseed.
  • no anything that has the word "yogurt" or "organic" or "low-sodium" or "low-carb" on the label.

It's an extremely arbitrary list that has one purpose only; to punish, humiliate and inconvenience Food Share recipients as much as possible. (And remove all those "useless eaters" from the social safety net toot sweet.) Add in that many of those Food Share recipients may have health problems or aren't the best cooks in the world. The approved list of foods is heavy on items that require a lot of preparation and cooking knowledge, and the NOT-approved list is equally heavy on easy-to-make or quick-to-eat stuff. The kind of menu favored by elderly widowers, for example, or other folks who might be less adept or capable in making their own food behind a stove.

You'd never know any of that by going to the Politi-FACT "In Context" analysis:


The whole article is a little bit of explanation of the issue, a one sentence paragraph and a second, two sentence paragraph, that characterize the negative reaction as some loons from Twitter, in order to provide extended time for the bill's author to be quoted. (From an interview with a right-wing AM Squawk Radio host, who is totally behind the whole effort and wouldn't ask an embarrassing or pertinent question in a blue moon.)

...Critics of the proposal, which made news from Atlanta to San Francisco, lit up Kaufert on Twitter.

Kaufert wants "big government to tell poor people what to eat," charged one tweet. He wants to "ban food stamp recipients from buying kids cake (and) ice cream" for their birthdays, claimed another...

That's it.

That's the whole sum of the "In Context" analysis. A little straw canary and a big soap box for the bill's sponsor and his paid right-wing P.R. on-air fluffer.

But it's the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

A quick search turned up the same reporter, blogging on his own, using this kind of graphic imagery to "discuss" the exchange between Wisconsin Senator Dumbass (the place-holder in the Upper House who replaced Russ Feingold) and Hillary Clinton:


Edit -- I took out the http:// and the website: www.freakingnews.com ...in that weblink (above) so the image wouldn't pollute this post. Add http://freakingnews.com/pictures..... back in if you want to see it and paste to a new browser window.


But that graphic is all that's missing from the same article, on the Journal-Sentinel website:


Ho-lee cash register, Batman. Senator Dumbass cleaned up.

No wonder Dumbass found the Obama-supported background check bill to be "fatally flawed." (Without any specifics or the least hint of a reason.)

Check out how much his own campaign accounts have benefited from the association with N.R.A. lobbyists:

That's Senator I-Married-the-Boss's-Daughter in 3rd place there, with close to 1.2 million to 'the good' on deposit.

(Tip o' the hat to anonymous poster at Cognitive Dissidence blog earlier today...


That thread includes a video of Wisconsin's Republican place-holder in the Upper House, opining that 'insurers and private medical businesses should have life-and-death power over other Americans,' cuz, you know, it's all about making those cash registers sing. Screw the poor, the sick, and anyone who the health care system might have already bankrupted.)

I'm not an economist. If someone were making a film, that all would probably be part of the story.

As summed up at the end of the article.

The whole thing sounds like a drug crazed event, doesn’t it? A bunch of self-proclaimed geniuses realizing that they’ve ruined their business come up with a crazy plan to save their firms (most of them) and their lifestyle. They get one their own, who just happens to be Secretary of the Treasury, to bankroll their mistakes (and worse) and they just keep going while the rest of the country struggles on for years to recover.

If you're talking about "self-proclaimed geniuses" there were all those 'financial engineers' who thought they had a blueprint for the economic equivalent of cold fusion. They went down to some Florida or Caribbean resort (okay, maybe there was a pharmaceutical angle) and they were going to teach everybody else their revolutionary theories, and take the "less advanced" financial theorists to school. (Can't remember the book, a Brit. writer for the Financial Times. Brown cover. I picked it up for 10 minutes at a friend's house.)

But from what I recall, it wasn't just a real estate/mortgage/derivatives bubble. The price of a barrel of crude was up over 150 bucks. Then those prices just totally tanked. Down to 35 or 40 for a time? That index that measures orders for international container shipping, ocean freight. It had gone off the rails and tanked, signalling a crash, even before the rest of the economy did.
The cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was still "on the credit card," not on the books. Instead of taking their earnings and putting them back into some kind of productive activity, the war profiteers were making bucket shop bets.

How much money is still hidden away in off-shore accounts? 30 trillion? Did you see the reports about the size of the money pile that's in "private" banks?



As much as anything, sheer avarice, arrogance and unrestrained financial piracy brought the house of cards down five years ago. Too many people taking advantage of unsustainable, paper-chit-from-a-crooked bookie, big and quick pay offs. Like Tony Soprano in cahoots with the regulators and at the end, they make sure they've pulled all the copper pipes (and every other asset) from the ruins of all those HUD-approved buildings.

The Libor scandal, everything Matt Taibbi has written about the vampire squid, HSBC paying the 1.9 billion "fine" for laundering drug money and nobody goes to jail?

People took to the streets to protest. (There was that whole "occupy" thing.) Then it just kind of goes away, and people go back to paying attention to which Kardashian is doing who.

...Maybe it's all of us, regular average citizens, that have some kind of pharmaceutical issues.

K n R One of the best summaries I've seen here in a while. There is actually...

a wiki page on that term, "reality-based community."



Higher Per-Capita Income than Iceland, UK, France, Japan, Italy, the whole EU...

Here's a list of countries, ranked by order of GDP income, divided up by the number of citizens.

Equatorial Guinea is number 20 on the list, "Per Capita Income"


So this news story caught my attention today.

[div class="excerpt" style="margin-left: 1em; border: 2px solid #6600cc; border-radius: 0.4615em; box-shadow: 6px 6px 6px #999999;"]The people of Equatorial Guinea ought to be among the world's wealthiest - but somehow the country's income from oil and timber doesn't reach them. Eight years after a failed coup, putting cash in people's pockets is not the president's priority.

Deep in the rainforest, a giant dome of steel and glass is the centrepiece of one of the most grandiose and expensive construction projects in all of Africa. The library of the new International University of Central Africa has the look of a spaceship docked in a jungle clearing...

...Earth movers, cranes and international construction crews from as far afield as Brazil, Poland and North Korea are turning the dreams of President Teodoro Obiang - Equatorial Guinea's self-styled Guarantor of Peace and Propeller of Development - into logic-defying reality.

The university is but one small part of the president's ambition to build Africa's city of the future. Oyala will be the country's new capital, a multi-billion-dollar plaything for Africa's longest-serving dictator....

Still run by a member of the same family elected to power in 1968, when Equatorial Guinea was given independence from Spain:


The New Boss is admittedly an improvement on the Old Boss:

[div class="excerpt" style="margin-left: 1em; border: 2px solid #6600cc; border-radius: 0.4615em; box-shadow: 6px 6px 6px #999999;"]From the wiki page: During Macías Nguema's regime, the country had neither a development plan nor an accounting system for government funds. After killing the governor of the Central Bank, he carried everything that remained in the national treasury to his house in a rural village. During Christmas of 1975 he ordered about 150 of his opponents killed. Soldiers dressed up in Santa Claus costumes executed them by shooting at the football stadium in Malabo, while amplifiers were playing Mary Hopkin's "Those Were the Days".



But this is still life in Equatorial Guinea, today:

Most of the population lives on little more than $1 a day. Average life expectancy barely reaches 55.

Since they were granted independence, you can add Equatorial Guinea to the list of African countries -- like Congo -- that are so rich in natural resources. But trail the rest of the world in just about everything else.

.........By the way -- a question -- the other day there was a great post in "Breaking News" that got shut down, with the moderator's notation that it belonged in the "Latin America" group.

There is no "Africa" group in the "International" forum so there seemed no better place to post this than the World History Group, a sub-topic of "Arts & Humanities."

Should there be a "Colonialism" group, or a "World-Wide 1% Thieves" group, or a "Global Occupy Movement" -- or some other forum for this sort of information, or discussion of issues like this?

There's such a high correlation between pulse rate/blood pressure...

...and the ability to draw breath. And those test subjects that had that ability were demonstrably far superior
in their responses to the test than those that did not.

Isn't that a standard element of any I.Q. testing methodology? (Some of the "Fox Viewers" being tested, it would seem, had previously been scared to death. But apparently, they were still included in the test group.)

But, like WOW ....Cool text box.

[div class="excerpt" style="margin-left: 1em; border: 2px solid #6600cc; border-radius: 0.4615em; box-shadow: 6px 6px 6px #999999;"]Just playing around to see if I can copy the formatting. So typing and pasting.....a favorite quote:

“The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.” William Hazlitt

Thanks, didn't know it was possible to get that fancy on D.U.!

But more literally....


From the wiki page:

Foley was chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, which introduced legislation targeting sexual predators and created stricter guidelines for tracking them.
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