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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 3,088

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Highly recommend The Makanai-Cooking for the Maiko House on Netflix

Experiencing a ton of stress from many directions right now and this show is so relaxing and sweet. No violence in any form. Beautiful scenery, a sweet story, yummy cooking, like Chicken Soup for the Soul, but Japanese style.

Former Portland Trailblazers broadcaster Bill Schonely has died

I have fun memories of listening to him on the radio. People would attend the games and have their radios with them, he was that much fun to listen to.


Bill Schonely has died at 93 years old.

The report comes from long time PDX sportswriter Kerry Eggers who co-wrote Schonelys autobiography.

Schonely is probably the most famous and beloved broadcaster in Portland history and the long time voice of the Blazers who coined the phrase ďRip CityĒ.

The Mandalorian new season 3 trailer

Really looking forward to this! With The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, we have 4 months of Pedro Pascal.

Jenna Bush Hager interviewing Judy Blume

At the 4:36 mark, she comments to Judy Blume that she gave a copy of her book ďAre You There God, Itís Me, MargaretĒ to her daughter. Her daughter asks if she could read it and Jenna replies that they have to ask daddy. This comes right after they discuss book banning and book burning. It totally rubs me the wrong way. If you want your child to read an important book about menstruation and puberty and she wants to read it, why the need to also get dadís approval? I read this book as a young girl and really appreciated it. So did many girls I grew up with. This made the rounds along with a lot of her other books.

Rolling Stone 200 Greatest Singers of All Time


Taylor Swift? Sheís popular yes, but really, of all time? Billie Eilish? Hmmm, I donít agree.

They left out my favorite John Denver and also Neil Diamond and Celine DionÖ

Who would you add to their list? Who do you think shouldnít be on there?

Keith Olbermann's next podcast episode will be so fun to listen to!

Canít wait for the snark regarding Trumpís ďmajor announcement!Ē

Keith Olbermann's latest podcast, Episode 83, called tfg America's Hitler

An important podcast today, truly a must listen. He doesnít mince words and lays it all out.
His podcast is a must listen Monday thru Friday for me. Snark, wit and heartfelt stories make a good mix.

Last night Lawrence O'Donnell replaced "election deniers" with "election liars"

I agree. First time Iíve heard anyone say that in the media. We need to keep saying it. Election liars, indeed.

Question for non vote by mail state voters

Iíve been a vote by mail voter for years. I donít remember what itís like to go to the polls and vote anymore! So, please forgive this question! Can one bring a voterís pamphlet or a cell phone in while voting? How do you remember who and what to vote for when there are so many things on the ballot?

Slightly embarrassed, but willing to ask anyway!

Keith Olbermann's latest podcast, his dog story was really good!

Episode 44. He is such a good storyteller. I was smiling while walking my dog and listening to him this morning. Itís a story that I think all of us pet lovers can relate to. It starts at 24:55, if you need a time stamp and lasts for about 25 min.
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