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Member since: Mon Mar 11, 2019, 12:07 PM
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Want to beat Trump?

This is something that you can do today and not only will it sink Drumph, but will help you as well. And it is simple - start a recession.

Trump's ace in the hole is "The Economy". The stock market up, employment is good, etc. I constantly hear Trumpians hawk the economy as the justification for their vote and their reason for re-electing him. You know, "he's a dreadful person, but look, The Economy." The Trump economy, however, has all the substance of Trump University. The Drumph administration has juiced the economy through deep tax cuts for the 1% and corporations, and then poured more fiscal gas on the fire with cheap prime rates (when they should have been raising them). A recession is overdue and most economists now predict one in the next two years. What we don't want is for that recession to start the day after Drumph is re-elected. It needs to be part of the election. And if you are wringing your hands about tanking the economy on purpose, get over it. The Economy goes up and it goes down. Like a big pimple, it is better when it pops, so the economic healing can start anew (sorry for the visual on that).

So here is what you can do. Stop buying stuff. Don't get a new car, don't eat out, don't buy a new flat screen 4K thingy, don't buy clothes. Cook something healthy at home and have friends over. Rent a DVD vs going to the movie. Also, every time you don't buy something, put that money in savings and about six months after the start of the recession, start buying back into the market. The classic buy low, sell high. If you are not an educated investor, then just by the SPY index. If you are savvy investor, buy cyclical stocks that will bounce back with the economy gets rolling again.

So DU soldiers. Serve your country, serve yourselves and sit on your wallets.

Eastern flight 401 and the true damage of the Trump Administration

In 1972, a nearly brand new Eastern Airlines L-1011 crashed in the everglades killing 101 of the 176 people on board. Analysis of the flight data showed that the aircraft, upon approach to Miami, failed to show that the nose gear was "down and locked". The crew aborted the landing, set up an orbit over the everglades, put the plane on autopilot and started to troubleshoot the problem. Unfortunately, the autopilot was set with a 200 fpm descent and it literally flew into the ground. The flight data recorder revealed that all three crew members were working on the problem, troubleshooting, suggesting possible solutions, arguing, etc. No one was flying the plane. As a result of this accident flight crews today are taught that regardless of the situation, one person needs to be solely focused on flying the plane. Flying the plane is job one, especially in emergencies.

The true damage being caused by Trump to our country is that no one is flying the plane. Everyone is fixated on the drama queen and the drama queen relishes the attention. All the threats that exist to our long-term well being are now ignored. No one is worrying about cyberwar, about biowar, about fiscal policy or basic science. Our fiscal policy is essentially pouring all our gas on the economic fire to see how high it will grow. Not only is Trump incapable of the hard work associated with the diligence of protecting us against pernicious threats, his cabinet picks are basically idiots. Trump's governance is essentially vandalism. It is a mix of his personal shortcomings mixed with the far right wet dream of "burning it all down" because the government is bad.

Even if we are able to elect an "adult" president, the damage might be too great to repair, but it is our only hope.

Anybody can play the Climate Denier game

Our neighbors are not bad people, but they watch Fox News all day and eventually they acquire all their beliefs from propaganda osmosis. The lady has had MS for years, although she does pretty well and is still able to ski about 30 days a year. Recently she told my wife that climate change was "bullshit". My wife left it at that.

I had an opportunity this weekend to get her to mention her MS. I said "MS is bullshit". She was stunned. I said, think about it, we all have aches and pains, good days and bad days. Some doctors and researchers figured out they could make a boatload of money from a made-up disease. Then when the SSA started paying benefits, people got on the MS bandwagon. It is a vicious cycle of doctors making money to treat a fake disease so people can get government hand-outs - a global conspiracy based on money. Then I pointed out sarcastically that she is so crippled by this fake disease, taking a government handout, that she can only ski 30 days a year. She is part of the conspiracy and while basically healthy, is happy to take the money and do things that her supposed disease wouldn't permit.

After a pregnant pause, I said (neighbor name), I just did to you what climate deniers have done to global warming. You accuse people of inventing global warming to make money when in fact there is clear scientific evidence to the contrary. You insist it is a global conspiracy. You know that global warming is happening, but you choose to deny based on what you hear on your political beliefs. It was too much for her to take in and she walked away. Might be an interesting week.
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