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seabeyond's Journal
seabeyond's Journal
May 15, 2015

you started a thread, to diss me. my mra pals came in to bathe in the stink with you. not the first

time, by a long shot.

you really are not getting away with much, creating an OP to diss me, cali. i am pretty sure you get that, too. i imagine you are comfortable with a thread ridiculing, mocking, insulting me. i am probably the only one here on du, that can be dissed to this extent and nothing is done. repeatedly. OP's of dissing. ATA.

hosts wont lock these threads but man did they lock one quick that was saying something nice about me. you know, my patience with this juvenile shit. juries wont hide it. further, jurors will diss me in their 'explanation' comment. calling me a bitch and more. all kinds of stuff. a violent, vulgar, rape porn fantasy from at least one. personal threats thru pms.

one OP about a shriveled old uterus that cant 'bare no fruit'.

i was told the poster was drunk and having a bad night. give him a break. leave him alone. why cant you be sympathetic to his needs....

i had an x wife sign up to pm me, and tell me to watch out for a poster. in real life.

i challenge anyone to show, where i have 'earned, deserved' that. i challenge anyone, to show me where i have been nasty to a single one of you.

i cannot tell you the number of times a poster in this thread has called me out in threads and subthreads that were purely about insulting me, mouthing off about me, saying nasty shit. taunting, insulting, ridiculing threads. when this poster is called out on it? he says i deserve it because i have done so much worse to him. he has said it a number of times. he gets to be nasty to me because i have been much worse in the past. i have yet to reply or challenge any of these posts. i have stayed quiet and allow the insult. i do not reply to most of these people that are allowed to be as nasty to me as they want to be, and du is ok with it. as are administrators. and hosts.

this poster, in this very thread, cannot even find one post i have been mean to him. disagree? ya. and often. mean? never. not one. but he is allowed to continually say how mean i am. that i deserve an op like yours. and posters thru out your op saying nasty shit to me.

not one person can find history where i was mean. focused, aggressive, blunt in conversation? ya. yup. and that is what pisses you and others off, so. but, i am allowed to civilly be blunt, focused, aggressive. that, is not against the rules. be smarter than me, and you have my ass. it is really simple. you do not need insult, if you beat me in debate. you won. oh.... or, start a thread to diss me.

now, how many times have you called me a liar in the last couple three weeks?

and it stands.

you do not have to prove it. as a matter of fact, you have my words. you say i am lying. cause you just know better. you have no evidence. further, what i post does show absolute support of sanders campaign. yet you say you can call me a liar because it is so obvious to you and you just know better. so, you create an OP to diss me. and have my mra pals help you out here. quite a high road for you.

how many times have you called me a liar?

when i have yours or others agenda's ass, and you and others cannot fuckin wiggle out, you start with the insults. the same ole, predictable, .... try to get me locked or hidden to shut me up. insult me. ridicule me. tell me what i type does not matter, cause you 'know' better. and it is allowed.

it does not matter if it is sanders, clinton, politics or gender issues (and for most? it is the feminism that pisses them off. these are the people you align yourself with).

we have this message board, that i have contributed to, worked for, participated on, for over a decade.

i stand by what i post. and i stand by my integrity, too. prove me wrong. other than hyperbole, fabricated accusations, or you just know, or just slinging shit to see what sticks....

you have a thread to be as nasty as you all choose, here on du. and yet, ... i am the one that deserves it. i am the meanie. i am the one picking on you all.

this has happened for three years. it is pretty damn clear.

what part of this post are you not understanding, cali? cause all you have to do is ask, and i will clarify it for you. (see what a meanie i am?) seeing how you and most of these other people are reading my words well, ... knowing damn well what i am saying, then start your word salad shit to insult me, what do you not understand? where are you confused? you are predictable in that you often address me merely with insults. gasp, like this OP. it is a tool used, here on du, for the last couple years. same people. too many du members are able to understand what i say, especially if they are following the conversation. we talk about it often enough. generally when the guys start their attacks in this manner. different du'ers thru pms. people that are not participating may be clueless. those of us in the same threads, clearly know what each of us are saying.

like the poster above playing at the feigned ignorance. playing a damn game. is this seabeyonds second language? she is coming from a second language! mental deficit.... oh that is it. well. she has learning disabilities. (see, now someone who does not understand the conversation will not get my comment. word salad to them. the poster that said i had learning disabilities totally gets what i am saying). no mystery. and we know it.

that poster saying i must have learning disabilities is toying with another poster that thinks he is speaking to someone who is sincere. just a nice guy that chats wit me often, who steps on no ones toes. saying, gosh, you guys are being mean. you know, a sincere poster.

ya, whoever you are above, it is the learning disabilities. along with being emotionally damaged (mens group insult) and so much more. telling me who i am. giggle giggle, right cali? cause i deserve it.

prove it. prove i deserve OPs dissing me. and posters allowed to diss me. and jurors able to diss me. host, actively working against, and ATA threads dissing me.

out of all the posters on du. i am the one. that is that mean.

i deserve it.

how seriously do you think i should really take this, cali?

May 3, 2015

social/economic justice

The current context of economic globalization, increasing militarization of the society and armed conflicts, the retrenchment of the social welfare system and growing social and economic inequality between, and within, countries underscores the importance of an approach to social work practice based on social justice and human rights. In this article, we examine the concepts of social and economic justice and address some of the dilemmas and challenges facing social workers in both Canada and the USA as they promote the fulfilment of human needs and address human rights in exploitative situations. The concepts of social and economic jus-tice and human rights are interconnected yet distinct.

Social justice is defined in this article according to
The Social Work Dictionary
(Barker, 2003: 404–5) as: ‘An ideal condition in which all members of a society have the same basic rights, protection, opportunities,obligations, and social benefits A key social work value, social justice entails advocacy to confront discrimination, oppression,and institutional inequities.

’Economic justice is a narrower concept, referring to the standard of living that ideally should be equitable. All persons ought to have opportunities for meaningful work and an income that provides them with adequate food, shelter and a level of living that contri-butes to good health. Whereas social and economic justice is a general term that relates to society in general, human rights is a term that, from the point of view of the people, refers to specific universal standards relevant to freedom and well-being, personal and collective right


maybe it is a misunderstanding in conversation and definition. when i talk about social justice, and when referencing it with sanders, this is what i am discussing. to see him fall short in this area, in the campaign, is not unfair, as far as i see.

just like when discussing clinton, i have no problems at all talking about how i feel she falls short with corporate and wallstreet.

i do not get nearly the flack from clinton supporters (nary a word) when discussing that, then when i discuss the social issue with sanders.

now. i am not doing the same ole battle. just put this OP out for clarity. if anyone chooses to be interested in why i say what i do.
April 17, 2015

Populist group/party

so, i did some listening, some learning, and spoke out a bit about the populace party. really. i had not been paying attention.

i was an obama supporter in '08. i do not know who i am going to support in '16. waiting waiting waiting to see who runs. but, i look forward to it. i enjoy when the dems do primary. they are so civil. they are smart. i like listening to them. i like hearing them put the democratic issue forefront, for all of us to be able to have an adult conversation about, out loud.

it just works for me.

and i hope our democratic politicians spend the time to touch with their base, after so long in washington. and maybe they are doing some listening, and learning.

as i have heard many on du state. the populace group/party is very much a part of the whole of our democratic party. the reason i went obama instead of clinton in '08 i thought going after bushco/nsa/ criminality, and wallstreet and corporate greed should be the first step in his presidency.

i knew we had little chance on some of that, listening to him campaign. but i thought i might get more from obama than clinton. otherwise i am fine with both of them.

we each have our roles we are strong in, with our democratic party.

i have other areas. now, a couple months or so ago, i was told the beginnings of my view of the populace. while involved in my issue, ... women/children issues, ... i was hearing social warrior. and i was being told that social warrior takes back seat to the populace. i was (women) being dismissed and told my issues are not the ones that matter.

regardless of what some think, i dont do the drama (politics) of it all. i had some catching up to do when clinton declared. i did that over the last couple days and i better understand the issue with populace, and how it effects us as a whole. cool enough. as my statement clearly says, my priority in all this was the crimes, bush war, wallstreet and corporations.

i wanted a strong anti monopoly.

CLEARLY i am on board with populace. i do worry my beautiful mind over it. i am not a sheep. a blind anything. i am well informed, and have come to my conclusions. you want to respectfully talk about it, i am on board, cause i bet we agree.

i also think the strong majority are right there with me whether they support clinton, obama or warren.

it is vital we deal with what the populace is focused on.

i am not getting into battle over this. i fight for this TOO. daily. in my every day, real life and everywhere else. we are business owner. we are sending two boys to college and beyond.

please, do not make me the enemy. it is insulting.

the past, for me, is information. it is done. it is the past. be informed and you can better walk forward. this is where we are now. look at the issues, come up with a plan. so much of this is pretty simple, our politicians just need to be brave enough, or willing enough to do the simple. same with the issue of populace here on du.

this woman jams for me.

i want to be her, when i grow up. these are our dems. i like them.

April 15, 2015

i really have been out of the political on DU since 2012. got obama, i could step away for a couple

years. and here we are again.

i have always been into the fair play. also, the pragmatic type position. calling out the lies, everywhere, while internally looking at our party and our supporters cause i want us strong, where ever we land.

i found out there is another du. the argument for a third liberal party.... or something.

that is going to be interesting. i just learned about htis yesterday and it is going to effect the way du progresses over the months and year and half. i have to keep this in mind.

but here is the thing. i am a democrat. i do not buy into .... both the parties the same. the democratic party heavily supports my positions. i want more from our democratic party in DC. i may not get it. i love to listen and be a part of actions to get more from our democratic leaders. but, i will wait and see what happens the next year and a half.

the democratic party heavily supports my position.

we make the statement, often scorn and mock... how can so many in the republican party vote against their interest. how stupid are they. pointing our finger and laughing and laughing. (women, we cannot be pres cause of our hormones but we can take care of babies and mold our young humans ... )

as i look at du, there are some people demanding i do just that. ignore my interests. dont vote cause we do not get a certain dem. because we can not get everything we want from a democratic leader, and as too many have been stating to me and others..... our issue are not the ones that matter.

well, yes. they do.

there are all kinds of names we are given. i understand justice warrior or whatever is one. i dunno all that garbage and stuff.

i do not know who i am going to support. we have a year and half. but wow, since clintons announcement what? three days ago?

we are to pointing and saying, .... fan, cheerleader and so many more descriptive, to dismiss anyone that favors clinton for various reasons. i read that clinton supporters were just 'fraid to see the misery, death, horror of war and reality of corporate. well, i challenge that statement. and i am not a supporter, but you can damn well bet, that is a false statement. i am gonna go out on a limb here and ask hillary supporters.... do you see get understand the deaths of war and the greed of corporate? can your little brains process this i say in sarcasm. cause really folks, i have more faith in my fellow dem and know they damn well have an understanding. how belittling. but, that is what the intent it. to belittle. lets not paint our fellow democrats in such a falsehood. it is not true.

we do not need to resort to reducing voters to empty minded/mindless zombies/cowards/fans/cheerleaders ect....

we are dems, all of us. unless we really arent? is this what the third party liberal is, a different party? educate me.

gonna be an interesting season.

June 1, 2014

our girls and women, even our sons are dying... cause of misogyny

and everywhere i turn and look, i am hearing whining about HOF. as we are looking at a world of mess.

and i say

really dudes and the few dudettes.

both sites. hof this and that. there is a fuggin list pinned on us. (this takes me to an interesting list thread yesterday. it totally confused me. but, i became the target, it seemed. not real clear on that.) sigh. we have a list on us, on another board. a list with our names. AA and women. now, will this post be hidden? because i am talking about us on a list, that is allowed. this is not making sense to me.

i just read a title. girls do not have the right to bare arms in utah. gigglin... ya. that. after i had just got done reading about texas men walking around with guns... intimidating an unarmed marine.... cause he dared to say something. and this groups of cowards with guns.... bullying on the street.

after a week of conversation about a 22? yr old vioce of hate, of women and mass murder.

and when in conversation. talking about all this hate toward women and girls. our death. i hear people talking about hof women being the very worst people ever.

and i say again.


anyone else?

May 5, 2014

those that took this a step further. to legal action. i have been thinking. thanks for the wake up

from that perspective. i was not seeing that at all. the thing. i am pretty literal in that area. and what i do. i can not see any laws broken. at all.

so i ask, what would be the point. what would be the action.

we see literal RAPE of an underage girl on internet, and harassed to her death. nothing. he did not threaten to rape me, he mouthed off a porn scene for himself to get off on.

now. isnt that what we fight for on du????? all these men to legally create women as their porn to get off on? didnt he just take this from the step of "actor", to a RL person being his actor... i feel so japan. and their (without a live person) sticky hands.

isnt that all that bottomfeeder did? what men continually and consistently, repeatedly do to women? that we try to give a teachable moment, and they all cry their right... to make some strange woman their porn?

i mean. literally, we have duers that say you are NOT a democrat if you do not support, encourage, applaud his RIGHT to do just this to women.

is this not where the "battle" is? them fighting for their right to do exactly what this bottomfeeder did. adn my right to not be made this bottomfeeders fuckin porn.

so.... do you see my conflict.

May 5, 2014

i was off du a lot yesterday. i was not really gasping your point. not really reading that exchange.

i listen to what you say here, and ya. duh. really? and ya... to all you say. the silence....

here the crickets in the wind.

very interesting. fug. i just came seeing more and more interesting. that is why i wanted to start the thread. not a fun thread for sure. but... "Teachable moments," i will take it. it has taught me a hell of a lot. as did another thread, that has crickets... my 200 girls. that has been a huge "Teachable moments," for me.

just makes me that much smarter. grounded. strong. articulate and precise.

kick ass ready

so, the guys..... may not want to embrace the teachable moment, but.... even in their silence, cause i love to learn to get that much better, i will take that "Teachable moments,"


just get louder, bolder, stronger.

it is all good.

May 4, 2014

supply. demand. 200 girls. demand. the disconnect.

i have been having an issue watching the plea for the 200 girls, and who is posting, and the cry out for the girls. girls. stolen. to be bought for a mans use. the demand. these men had a demand. and that demand is being met.

so often on du, such a contentious conversation with the demand. in the u.s.

the demand.

the demand to be able to pay for a body.

the demand to have women strip for a man.

the demand a woman is video'd, submitting, being humiliated, violently used, .... degraded.

the demand for rape porn. that is actually rape. of these 200 girls.

who is the greatest suppler? the third world. who is number one in demand? the u.s. and that comes in the form of prostitute, stripper and porn. men demanding. and pimps providing.

but... here in the u.s. if our demand results in paying a pimp? that is consent. ergo, her being used, against her will cause she was stolen, is ..... two consenting adults.

daily. our girls and woman, and ... boys are stolen. daily. and they are sold. held capitive. used and abused. daily.

when a few of us women discuss it on du, the very people starting these threads refuse, literally refuse that information. at all cost. wrapping slavery up in a pretty bow.

so.... watching these threads have been a challenge. cause ya. 200 girls in our fuckin face, stolen. clear.... what the demad is. and their right to it.

as i know.... that happens daily and we ignore.

so when people say. what would happen if that was the u.s. or white. i think.... what would happen? we would deny. pretend. tell ourselves a story. aggressively deny. verbally attack and accuse. threaten.

there has been such a huge in our face, disconnect here. anyone else?

May 3, 2014

i really cannot get my head around, a man. a man on du,... telling me he wanted me raped.

he wants me raped.
he wants me to choke on cum.
he wants me on all four.
big * cock shoved in mouth

*right here i ask, respectfully. this is what was told to me, on du. it still sits there in transparency for all to see and read. how a man. on du. says he wants me raped. (does he want to rape, i ask?). wants me to choke on cum. wants me on all four. wants a cock shoved in my mouth. now jury. it sits there, for all to read. surely, as the person that actually experienced this, surely as a feminist, in a feminist group, discussing the topic of a man on du wanting me raped, on all fours....

surely i can discuss this in History of Feminism in the crude, vulgar, offensive, filth. surely... i do not have to soften this filth. i do not have to soften the discussion. i do not have to soften.... my fuckin voice)

because i was told, by a man on du. he wants me raped.

i have thought about this the last couple days.

already. a woman has gotten a post hidden. for being disgusted there was a poster that said that shit to me.

that says something.

i am not looking at this from an emotional position. i know. that is the first, quickest, laziest go to for anti feminists. i am not looking at this from an emotional position. though.... i certainly feel a hell of a lot, a man on du telling me he wants me to be raped.

i am certainly not coming from the position of religion. prude. yada yada. not having vapors. or fainting on any damn couch. inevitably, my posts are hidden cause i say it the way it is. the reality of it. the actual words.

and THAT..... is offensive.

can you believe.

anyway. a feminist. a woman. older. wiser. ..... two teen boys dealing in this shit. two nieces dealing in this shit.

this shit.

right here.

i am addressing this in a more academic, intellectual manner. you know. using the brain. not the dick, not the gut, not the heart. or bible.

lets see what happens here. i have been on du over a decade. a lot of time. a lot of talking. a lot of listening. those that fight me most talk censorship. freedom of speech.

yet.... lets really see what their demands are. often, it is a ... shut the fuck up. women. we get it all the time. right?

i love it. got this song. "nelson in jail. simpson on the mountain???

didnt give a fuck." it is a song.

i tell you. i am ready to walk. i do not know what i want to do. but... listening to this song. i gotta get up and dance. lol. so leaving it here.

"mohummund ali has won

by a knock down. by a knock down"

i need to find out who wrote it. my son gave me my music. love the song.

point. then i am going for a walk.

i dunno. doesnt it just seem to matter. that we would have a man say this shit. ????

talking about male ego. and how it must be coddled.

lol lol. and on edit.... to clearly say. i need no sympathy or condolences or anything. pffft. some nobody is talking like he is doing a porn shit.

pffft. right? cause it is not like it is not continually in our lives anymore.

just all that this says. after a decade...

this is where we sit.

April 6, 2014

wrong numbers are wrong numbers. simply that. ncvs numbers are wrong. so we have NO numbers.

we do not use wrong numbers cause we do not have our right numbers. that is not logical. that does not make sense. and surely, that is the characteristic of man.... that women lack right? being logical. and not hysterical.

wrong numbers are simply that.... wrong.

i was right about fbi. cause they are obviously wrong. years of being attacked by men on du, holding up the fbi numbers and telling me to CELEBRATE the amazingly, totally awesome, significant reduction of rape. as i listen to my girls and womens rape stories.

it was bullshit. we women knew it was bullshit. and we were being snarked at, scorned, ridiculed to swallow MANS bullshit.


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