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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 06:53 PM
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Thanks for the hearts!!!!!!!!!!

Can I just melt down for a minute?

I, like many people in our state, was pushed into early retirement under Snyder's "break the union" stand. I got over it and took my pension, which I am grateful for, and then found 2 small substitute jobs. I am a sub librarian for my city, which I love and it's my profession. I was talked into trying being a sub for a local high school. I do love that too. It's different, but in a rewarding way. Both gig jobs laid me off and did all the paperwork. It's not a lot of money and I do not qualify for the bonus money. I am cool with that.

I was rolled over from the December cut off and was sent a letter telling me to log in and certify or I would lose my claim. I did. I was told I qualified for the extension. OK, great. Now I am being told I owe the extension money back and I need to resubmit my claim. Ok, .......you can't talk to anyone, anywhere. I just now, 2 minutes ago, lost my claim because I could not answer questions I had no answer to. I am literally sick to my stomach. Both places of employment are closed due to Covid spikes. I have been asked to sub in a closed building as patrons can pick up items curbside. I do claim my pay and I do enjoy getting to leave this house for a couple of hours a couple of times a month.

Here is my theory: People at the state level are all dead and computers have taken over.....Yes I do like sci fi.

Thanks for listening. So upsetting!

Was clicking through the TV and stopped dead in my tracks at 700 Club

Pat Robertson was explaining, in minute detail, how the Corona virus works, spreads and how to stay safe. He was right on the money and I almost fell off the couch. He was all, "Mask up, social distance, take this thing seriously, listen to the doctors..."

I never thought I'd see the day.......

Disclaimer: I am not religious and regularly scoff at this show as I cruise by the channel.

I was looking for a place to discuss the hell that is healthcaredotgov

Remember when we all did that "Sorry World" for Bush?

I wished we had a crystal ball to see we needed to save that tactic.

I could use advice from a CPA about a Roth IRA

I could use advice from a CPA about a Roth IRA


Anyone watching Celebrity Big Brother?

Ok, I love crap TV. Have been a fan of BB for years. Am now watching BBCeleb and am loving it. First off it is a reduced season of 2 - 3 weeks and no showmances have been made. HOORAY!

I very much dislike Omarosa in life in general. She is talking up a storm in the BB house and is tearing apart Trump and Pence. While I think she is an idiot for even joining the Trump team I am loving her dishes. The whole house listens to her doomsday speeches. She might want to watch her back when she gets out.

Thanks for the heart!

Anyone catch Blackish this week?

I found it very good.
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