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Its Time We Retire The Invented Distinction Between Political Belief And Personal Character

OMG who's singing at the Boston Pops? He's dreadful as is the band. n/t

In Afghanistan, U.S. senators call for coherent policy from Trump

White House says states are afraid voter fraud commission will show Trump won the popular vote

Confused Elderly Man Wanders Away From His Limousine, Remains In Control Of Nuclear Weapons

U.S. prosecutors ask judge to silence Shkreli during trial

Lawsuit: North Charleston man sat in jail for 2 years despite evidence that would set him free

Trumps road to energy dominance excludes clean energy

There is no good solution with North Korea but if Trump attacks...

SC Gov. Henry McMaster's veto blocks birth control coverage for the children of state employees

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Is On Hiatus This Week

So what is going to happen during the Trump-Putin meeting this week?

South Carolina lawmakers want background checks for psychologists, hairdressers, massage therapists

The art of the rebrand: Can South Carolina Democrats change their image?

Trump Just Got Lost Walking To His Limo

New South Carolina law puts liability on bars that over-serve

Canada will compensate and apologize to former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr

Who will tend the farm museums?

There's a new Confederate flag controversy in SC, and it involves ice cream

Rep. Maxine Waters again attacks Ben Carson, says im going to take your a** apart

Myrtle Beach hotel owner accused of withholding taxes from the state



Illinois Senate nixes vetoes of budget plan with tax hike

PA City Finally Removes Veterans Memorial Bench That Denigrated Atheists

PA City Finally Removes Veterans Memorial Bench That Denigrated Atheists

Watching DC 4th celebration

2017/2018/2019/2020 Governors Race-Likely Democratic Nominee.

Sometimes we need to hear about love and goodness prevailing.

1812 Overture

Bizarre. Absurd. Ridiculous. Embarrassing.

Justice Department anti-fraud expert resigns

Christians Who Fled Iraq Fall Into Dragnet

Math proof Hilary won popular vote

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro

THREE CHEERS for all our LIVING PRESIDENTS and their commitment to PHYSICAL FITNESS!!

2 republicans walk into a bar

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by New Jersey Gov. Chris "Quadriplegic Duck" Christie

They *HAVE* to keep rigging elections. That's why no hand ballots, and they won't get a hearing

*1776 coming up on TCM!

While Senators McCain, Warren & Graham visited US troops in Afghanistan, Drumpf played golf,,

Chris Christie sand sculpture

Happy 4th, from DC (metro area!)

Happy 4th of July Americans!

The rats are in the corn.

Trump fans vs. the Declaration of Independence

CNN Logo Used as Man's Head

Hard Rain

I live in Chickencatcher Holler in the most red county in Georgia. The fireworks tonight

Tooooooo Funny...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by New Jersey Gov. Chris "Quadriplegic Duck" Christie

The Short, Unhappy Life of a Libertarian Paradise

2018 US Senate Election-Likely Democratic Nominee

Is Trump/Pence like Bush43/Quayle?

What do you think that your last words will be?

Lawsuit seeks to void Georgia congressional election results

Words Matter and the Moral High Ground

In 18 years since Naders run, what has been accomplished by attacking the Dem party from the left?

2018 UT US Senate Race- UT Democrats need to run Hatch's 1976 campaign ad against

Having a great time....

Happy 4th of July!

I love OBAMACARE!!: Indiana GOPs call for Obamacare horror stories backfires spectacularly

Georgia congressional election challenged

Maryland deputy secretary of state abruptly resigns from Trump voter fraud panel

Calling for a revolution!: Trump fans triggered after NPR tweets out the Declaration of Independ

Buzz Aldrin's priceless facial reactions to Trump's mindless blather

Wisconsin Republican looks back with regret at partys voter suppression efforts

The Words That Built America - Alexandra Pelosi

I'm hanging out with the dogs tonight.

Why is #CNNBlackmail

Auschwitz Memorial condemns GOP rep who filmed video in gas chambers

Behind The Apology, CNN Identified The Man Behind The Trump/CNN Wrestling Redditor

Georgia's Brilliant Plan to Dump The Tax-Free Weekend

fun tweet...LOSER 45 - vs - Mueller

Defending your friends from cowards is important!

Foreigners own 1 million+ acres of Georgia ag land

Two Atlanta doctors joining colleagues in federal prison

The Reddit Coward is Representative of Many Trump Supporters

Florida couple stunned to learn $458,000 paid for gulf-front condo may be for nothing

New musician's t-shirt:

We have had three really wonderful people elected President the last two decades

Confederate flag left at NAACP leader's home

WikiLeaks Hits Miami Democratic Operative for Saying He'd Kill Snowden, Assange

Scott's net worth jumps $30 million as of December 2016

Dumpty couldn't find his way to the limo and #25thAmendmentNow went viral

Tony Abbott: The Opposition Prime Minister

Democratic Party Files Suit In District Court Seeking To Bar Board Of Elections From Seating Sarauw

Sickening displays of anti-Semitism after welfare fraud arrests in Lakewood

Longtime Tuscaloosa Mayor considers run for Governor

Alabama roofing company giving away AR-15 with every roof

Helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky lays off 160 in Alabama

Giant 'white wanderer' poised to break free

Civil penalties now in place for late or inaccurate campaign reports

Trump in Poland: Five reasons why he is going there

Cannabis could soon be attraction at California county fairs

Cannabis could soon be attraction at California county fairs

Alan Watts and aware haiku.

Republicans Asked For Obamacare Horror Stories. It Didnt Go Well.

State hate crime? Calif. transplants react to graffiti incident

Secretary of State Dunlap says Maine wont release voter data to Trumps voter-fraud panel

After Years of Growth, Automakers Are Cutting U.S. Jobs

North Korea state media celebrates 'gift' to 'American bastards'

UK withdrawal from EU fisheries agreement threatens marine environment

Asian stars of 'Hawaii Five-0' quit the show after CBS refused to pay them as much as...

Gay-organized Trump Rally Draws Just 18 Attendees (because Trump is Winning all the Time)

Mayors Begin New 4-Year Terms in Several Mississippi Cities

Medellin security secretary arrested on organized crime charges

Femme Fatale (comic)

Mississippi State University to Get Large Lincoln Collection

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Wrestling with his ego

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Major US boost for Colombias post-FARC anti-corruption offensive

Fireworks Accident Blows Off Tip Of Florida

Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins' Auschwitz video draws criticism

NY Times got fooled by a very obvious parody North Korea twitter account

Vandals hang anti-Jewish banner at Holocaust memorial in New Jersey

Best Thing Ever: People getting mad online because @NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence

Language books tend to gather dust in Mississippi

Peru reconstructs face of woman who ruled 1,700 years ago

Local Knowledge

Peru reconstructs face of woman who ruled 1,700 years ago

Trump going after China on Twitter

Dogs in Chile helping to replant burnt forests

NPR tweets Declaration of Independence trump supporters take offense

Dogs in Chile helping to replant burnt forests

Volvo to drop traditional engines (apart from in hybrids) by 2019

Year ends with tax revenue down

Civilians shouldnt have to de-escalate police

Citing Unpredictable Winds, State Drops Charges Against Two Juveniles In Gatlinburg Wildfire

26 Million Gallons Of Toxic Wastewater From Israeli Phosphate Site Escapes Failed Dam

Call for civility?

Increase PM 2.5 By 10 Microgams/M3 And Life Expectancy Drops By 11 Years

Why Trump Should Embrace America's Immigrant Soldiers

Last Climatologist Leaving Australia's Climate Change Authority - No Replacement Plans

TDOT chief: Investments funded by gas tax increase must not become obsolete in 10 years

Idiocracy vs Trump's America: Similarities and differences

Alleged rape victim who committed suicide felt betrayed by investigators, parents say

CNN video response to Trump

Allow people to buy in to Medicare at 55, and create a public option in all 50 states

GOP consultants linked to Trump and Pence exploiting DNC staffer's murder to sell wrinkle cream

S. Louisiana Sinking 9mm/Year; 120,000 Residents On Front Lines Of Global Warming

How 11 Brave Women Are Fighting For End Of Sexual Torture By Mexican Law Enforcement OpEd

How 11 Brave Women Are Fighting For End Of Sexual Torture By Mexican Law Enforcement OpEd

3rd-Largest GOM Dead Zone On Record Predicted For 2017 - Estimates From 7,700 To 10,000 Sq. Miles

GOP consultants linked to Trump and Pence exploiting DNC staffers murder to sell wrinkle cream

Claude Taylor CNN and treason tweet storms

ROFL! Shell CEO: Companies Must Be Open Re. Climate Risk, Won't Release Details On Climate Risk

The Person Behind Trump's CNN-Punching GIF Is Now Apologizing

A Brief Encounter with a Christian Under the Stars

56 Dead, 22 Missing As Rains Swamp S. China; Hydropower Cuts, +/- $4 Billion Damage

Dying In The Desert Is Easy These Activists Are Trying To Change That

Dying In The Desert Is Easy These Activists Are Trying To Change That

Investigators explore if Russia colluded with pro-Trump sites during US election

Heres How Trump Transferred Wealth to His Son While Avoiding the Usual Taxes

Atheist Pig: A Polite Conversation

Prep school teens were accused of massacring protected birds. Did they get off too easy?

Memory Lane: CBC's Lonely Objections to the Bush/Gore Vote Count

School districts gird for impact of Florida's new 'religious expression' law

the tweets of Thomas Jefferson

Majority of Canadians think religion does more harm than good

Daughter of murdered Honduran activist survives armed attack

Trump's long list of disagreements with G20 nations

Stopping the bleeding: police, EMS coordination at Power Ultra

I wish for a time when gay couples can guard their

Mr. Trump, please take care of us. Were looking to you.

With North Korea having the ability to nuke us aren't you happy we have a steady hand at the helm ?

Lashing out

Trump's big threat to NK, "Drills!"

Just how many people does Trump need to hold his hand at the G20?!


If Trump doesn't read Putin the Riot Act,,,,

Allegations of fake news stretch beyond politics

Kangaroo joey takes first hops

Happy 4th! Now, let's have another beer and blow some shit up!

Arizona to oppose handing over voter information to Trump commission

How To Vape Weed (2017)

Chris Christie's Tutorial in Hubris - Frank Bruni

The problem with healthcare in the US is that, on the macro scale, it's not used for medicine

Senate Republicans Lay Low on the Fourth, or Face Single-Minded Pressure

After Backing Trump, Christians Who Fled Iraq Fall Into His Dragnet

Want to Get Rid of Trump? Only Fox News Can Do It

Confidence Boomed After the Election. The Economy Hasn't.

"All Things Unconsidered." . . . Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!

The Daily 202: Missile test underscores the failure of Trump's naive approach to North Korea

Saudi Arabia has 'clear link' to UK extremism, report says

How to Build An Autocracy

You can now snort chocolate but should you?

I watched a Charlie Rose interview with 3 former White House Chiefs of Staff this morning.

Just how crass and corrupt are republicans?

DRAIN THE SWAMP? Rep. Chris Collins Broke Promise to Divest From Foreign Pharmaceutical Company

CNN's PSA on Cyber Bullying...."I was grabbed by the ..."

If this doesn't scare the hell out of you ... nothing does

Tour de France: Peter Sagan kicked out of race over Cavendish crash

I fear that we are about to experience the greatest divide we have ever had. The

Someone memorialized Christie's beach lol

How would the most senior members of the US Senate do in their upcoming re-election bids under

Does anyone remember the story about Obama sending personal checks to people in need?

Scary headline of the day: Self Restraint Is Only Thing Stopping War in Korea, U.S. General Says

Never gave it much thought-but makes sense

Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy Is Being Used to Sell Face Cream

What the Last of the 'Watergate Babies' Can Teach Democrats About Trump

This almost NEVER happens any more

A good synopsis of universal HC options

After N. Korean Missile Test, Trump Criticizes Months-Old Trade Data

Indiana GOP's Request For Obamacare 'Horror Stories' Flooded With ACA Praise

PIC: In war can be found terrible beauty.....

Volvo is first major carmaker to forgo traditional engines

Months of Russia controversy leaves Trump 'boxed in' ahead of Putin meeting

Man tries to kill wasps but sets off fireworks and destroys garage instead

Nobody Wants to Leave It to Beavers

Comb over blues

Prep school teens were accused of massacring protected birds. Did they get off too easy?

Here's How Trump Transferred Wealth to His Son While Avoiding the Usual Taxes

"Nobody Speak" a Netflix original

Trump uses personnel plea to Kim to stop testing missiles

President Hillary Clinton is to blame for North Korea's ICBM-test.

Insurers' requests for 2018 ACA premium hikes reflect DC turmoil

Former 'Amazing Race' contestant to run as Democrat for U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn's seat


Pope "infuriated" after cops raid drug-fueled "gay orgy" at Vatican priests apartment

Expedia, who knew?

Poland promises to create cheering crowds to appease Trump during visit: reports

Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy Is Being Used to Sell Face Cream

NBC News Reporting Trump has no agenda for meeting with Putin

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Friday's Trump/Putin Meeting

I'm sorry. It looks like we are going to War with N. Korea.

Former Kentucky Coal Business Owner Dies In Mountain Bike Accident

The only thing that the DNC respects is power.

Bevin To Skip Fancy Farm, Beshear Will Speak

DPRK_News Strikes Again

Trump voter fighting cerebral palsy fears life would be "destroyed" by massive Trumpcare cuts

Volvo goes electric across the board

Ted Cruz Gets An Earful In McAllen For July 4

30 years and $4.47 million: Berea pharmacist sentenced, court imposes civil penalty

Fake Donald Trump's Primary Problem Is That He Can't Remember

Obama Vs Trump: How A Real Leader Celebrates July 4th

Since WWII, there has not been one war that we've fought where diplomacy would have worked better.

Mark Martin will partially comply with Trump's voter data request

U.S. energy secretary Rick Perry to visit West Virginia coal plant Thursday

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) records video inside Auschwitz gas chamber

My best bet: Facing Impeachment or Resignation, Trump will declare a "medical condition" that will

# of female chief judges for district courts in Minnesota reaches historic levels--Congrats MN!

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Get Covered In Sweat

Fox's Gregg Jarrett (via Olbermann): Mental illness doesn't invoke the 25th Amendment

Why does stuff stick to Chris Christie like barnacles to a whale,

Why hydrogen powered cars really suck

Just one more Christie/beach meme...

How Long Would It Take to Count to a Billion and Whats the Highest Anyone Has Counted?

Anyone notice the "Reagan Bush '84" shirts making a comeback?

What happened to all the RT supporters here?

Kick this if Bernie brought you into the Democratic Party

Meet Trumps New BFF Jacob Wohl

NEA leader: We won't work with Trump and DeVos ...

Larsen C - 5 Km Left To Go Before Calving; 1155 Cubic Kilometers Of Ice In New Berg -

14-year-old boy takes family SUV, picks up buddies, buys fireworks, they have a Roman candle fight..

Trump's gift to Putin

E Plebnista--Kirk's preamble.

Parents of alleged rape victim who killed herself speak out

Aides Biggest Worry on Trumps Europe Trip: A Meeting With Putin

Holy shit! Trump can't find his limo that was parked at the bottom of the stair's form A.F. #1

As Mueller grows his Russia special counsel team, every hire is under scrutiny


Question - If you buy a vacuum cleaner, and it sucks, did you get a good deal?

GOP Rep. Deletes Posts Suggesting Hillary Clinton As Libyan Ambassador

Because I need & want this....

Notice How Quiet Rudy Guiliani (R-FuckedHisCousin) has been lately?

Poland will bus in "supporters" for Trump's visit. Too funny.

WA State SOS's voter request reply

Well we are past the second quarter and I just wonder if the guy in charge is going to donate again

Pressure on McConnell to deliver ObamaCare repeal

Spam Alert!

Trump ISIS plan delayed because it's the same as Obama's

Cruz plan could be key to unlocking healthcare votes

Who would think recording a pro-military video in a gas chamber at Auschwitz is a good idea?

My "WTF?" of the day, conspiracy theory division...

Meditations with Light

The "other" CCR...

White House election commission becomes a fiasco for Trump, Kobach

Glenn Greenwald is really in demand, isn't he?

Trump Taj Mahal Merchandise Up For Grabs At Liquidation Sale

Indiana GOPs Request For Obamacare Horror Stories Fails Spectacularly

China, Germany to take over global leadership role at G-20

RW phony a-hole 'doxing' CNN on-air employees

Thinking of getting a Geek Fuel monthly box subscription?

musical scenes from "1776"

A friend was afraid to travel outside the US to see his dying mother. Now she is gone.

'Pharma bro' Shkreli barred from discussing trial around courthouse

U.S. soldier dies in Afghanistan after attack: Pentagon

Re Trump's CNN-gif, Wikileaks declares publishing info to be a crime. (Absolutely not kidding.)

Suspect in Michigan airport stabbing indicted

Randy Rainbow is a national treasure

Did Hillary Clinton lose because she was forced too far to the Left?

At least 26 killed in shootout in northern Mexico: state prosecutor's office

Venezuelan copter attacker vows to fight on; lawmakers beaten

New Randy Rainbow Parody "Before He Tweets"

A MUST watch. Randy Rainbow---before he tweets. I GUAREnTEE you will LOVE IT

Chicago won't allow high school students to graduate without a plan for the future

Arab states rap 'negative' Qatari reply to demands but announce no new sanctions

Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing, Newly Discovered Photo Suggests

Vatican police raid drug-fueled gay orgy at top priest's apartment

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Ratings Soar Following Trump Attacks

The Russia probe can't be fired - By David E. Kendall (Hillary's & Bill's atty)

Shawn Vestal: Think right-to-carry laws have made you safer? Statistics show otherwise.

Hello are you registered to vote?

Charlie Gard not allowed to receive Vatican's care, hospital spokesman says

Venezuela National Assembly stormed by Maduro supporters

Venezuela National Assembly stormed by Maduro supporters

Violence sweeps Bengal's Basirhat district after Facebook post 'disrespects the Prophet Mohammad'

Venezuela: pro-government militiamen injure politicians in attack on Congress

Lying About Obamacares Death Spiral

Geico Running Of The Bulldogs:

Prepping for Meeting With Tweet-Length Briefings

What the Election Commission of Trump and Kobach tells us?

German firm Nordfrost wins name battle with Swedish neo-Nazis

Merkel criticizes Trump trade policy before G20

White House gender pay gap triples

Does anyone know how to write a book?

Voter-Suppression Plans Backfiring

This adminstration openly admits all it gives a shit about is "branding"

Please, tell me what this Trump wrestling the CNN logo is all about.

German investigators pay 5 million for Panama Papers to hunt global tax criminals

The greatest threat facing America

German investigators pay 5 million for Panama Papers to hunt global tax criminals

An inside look at One America News, the insurgent TV network taking pro-Trump to new heights

I don't get the man and woman in separate bathtubs commercial

Lawsuit Demands Overturning Results Of Georgia Congressional Election

The Reddit user behind Trump's CNN meme apologized. But #CNNBlackmail is the story taking hold.

Here we go again!

Venezuela "Supreme Tribunal" takes its newest form as a "Circus Maximus".

Jasmin Moghbeli, Badass Astronaut

44 States Say No to Trump's Election Commission. Lawsuit in the works. (Democracy Now!)

Heres How Trump Transferred Wealth to His Son While Avoiding the Usual Taxes

Louisiana congressman breaks rule No. 1: Don't make Holocaust comparisons

TPM - Marshall - "Trumps Korea Policy is a Fast-Forward, Stupider Version of Bushs"

Watch This Infowars Reporter spread his

President Trump may be about to face his first full-blown international crisis. Be very afraid.

The Republican party cannot govern the US

23% of Polish citizens confident in Trump, but they're going to fake cheering crowds anyway.

I am glad to see that a judge in Florida has common sense!

This argument that BCHA pits the elderly against the poor is to be

The Onion Reviews 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Fireworks, Bees, and Garage News

Capital Controls

David Corn has a question for Nikki "Shock & Awe Shucks" Haley

Bernie's Keynote speech at, People's Summit, in Chicago

West Hartford Man Told Police Anti-Trump Graffiti At School Was Out Of 'Anger Towards Liberals'

Bizarre. Absurd. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. Trump. - By Kathleen Parker

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold confirmation hearing next week for Trump's FBI pick

Preet takes on stinky Donnie Jr....and it's grand

Poll: Trump's 'face-lift' tweet crossed line

Candidate for Va. AG wants to take politics out of the office. Sound familiar?

Hillary pushes back on GOP on healthcare on Twitter...

Charles P. Pierce: The Great American Shadow

Our local library is giving away some older books...

'Europeans Can't Think of Building a Future Without the Americans'

U.S. general in South Korea: Only self-restraint is keeping us from war

Trump lands in Poland and makes it to limo.

Democrats: Did Americans help Russia hack the election?

Robert Mueller's Suicide Squad of Lawyers Has Donald Trump Sounding Extremely Shook

Neo-Nazi vows to hunt down children of CNN staffers over reporting on pro-Trump Reddit troll

Got fed up. Wrote to NBC's Phil Griffin and Andy Lack about MSNBC grotesqueries

It's time to prepare for Iran's political collapse

Reconciling predictions of climate change

GOP Senators Weigh Higher Health Premiums Possible Effect on Midterms

Will there be enough of a mid-term backlash?

I have a knot in my stomach due to concern over LOSER 45s meeting with Putin &

Trump has never had a plan for dealing with North Korea

New Jersey Says It Will Give 'Election Integrity' Commission Public Data

Kris Kobach doubles down...FAKE NEWS!

How Uber May Have Improperly Taxed Its Drivers

I was wondering why there was so little coverage of the police shooting in New York overnight

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 5, 2017

Okay, so I decide to use Paintshop Pro to organize my images.

Let's face it: voter suppression, gerrymandering and an unverifiable voting process

Investigators explore if Russia colluded with pro-Trump sites during US election

Cops get complaint about slip-and-slide, end up going on it

Trump Humiliated As All 50 States Refuse To Give Him All Or Part Of Their Voter Data

DAMN! @GOP just got owned by HRC. Again. 🔥🔥🔥

Nashville's Thistle Farms helps refugee women weave life vests into welcome mats

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP: If you have any kind of anxiety problem, please read this

Lindsay Lohan Urges Her Twitter Followers To Stop Bullying Donald Trump

Your nerd joy of the day: Yerkes Dodson law

Missing Venezuelan chopper pilot behind grenade attack reappears

Colombias Congress president tried for alleged land theft of war victims

Wife of Colombias jailed anti-corruption chief met wife while defending drug trafficking charges: r

Colorado ACLU on Trump voter suppression scheme:

Miami jail sued for flawed and illegal holding of US citizen for deportation to Honduras

Miami jail sued for flawed and illegal holding of US citizen for deportation to Honduras

GOP Rep. Retracts Video Promoting U.S. Military From Auschwitz Gas Chambers

New Mexico firm uses motion of the ocean to bring fresh water to coastal communities

An engineer in Chile created a device that can use earthquake vibrations to charge phones

...RNC buried in mockery after demanding health care plan from Clintons

Chile's penguin colonies disappear as global temperature rises

Chile's penguin colonies disappear as global temperature rises

US Files Civil Action To Forfeit Ancient Iraqi Artifacts Imported By Hobby Lobby

#TrumpRussia Political Crisis Timeline In Breaking News

Thousands embrace Mandarin in Chile schools

NRA Fails to Support Murdered Concealed Carrier, Runs Violent Ad Instead

Chuck Todd thinks Congresspeople woefully underpaid (VIDEO)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 July 2017

More Dangerous than Dynamite

The Rude Pundit: When It Comes to Medical Care, Republicans Have No Concept of "Horror"

Retired Gen. Clark: Military Action Against NKorea 'Off the Table'

Ex-papal spokesman and Catholic luminary Navarro-Valls dies, aged 80

Poland Is Busing Trump Supporters to Warsaw to Ensure Cheering Crowds

Trumps Voter Fraud Commission May Have Broken Law

Trump Against the World

U.S. prepared to use force on North Korea 'if we must': U.N. envoy

Rubio Cant Find Office Space Due to Protests

Thomas Jefferson's 1826 letter to Roger Weightman.

Investigators Focus on Collusion with Pro-Trump Sites

'Baffled' Chuck Schumer tries to help Trump cram for Putin meeting via Twitter

Guns, bomb-making material taken from 'AK-47' suspect's home

Trump supporter vandalized school with liberal hate speech to frame White House detractors

U.S. proposes cutting biofuels requirements due to 'market realities'

Prosecutors: Kidnapping suspect attended victim's vigil

Thanks Skinner for a better forum

Where did baby boomers go wrong? This generation isn't financially prepared for retirement

Billionaires dream of immortality. The rest of us worry about healthcare

US Confiscates Ancient Iraqi Artifacts Illegally Imported By Hobby Lobby

Trumps voter fraud commission crying fake news over reports that 44 states are resisting request

Man (Surprisingly Not Florida) Tries To Use Fire To Get Rid Of Bees, Burns Down Garage

Michael the savage Weiner completley loses it.

Voter fraud commission may have violated law

What's more pro life than


ADULT SUPERVISION. Trump Aides Want Kremlin Critic in Putin Meeting

Study: Seattles $15 Minimum Wage WORKED

A thief, a liar and a pervert walk into a bar.


Where is the first place Rachel is posted after airing if we miss it live?

Judge Orders Martin Shkreli to Shut Up

I can't believe cursed neighborhood has claimed another victim! (UPDATE!)

Snake oil did not vanish in the 19th or early 20th centuries: super expensive cables

What I ordered from yesterday

Landlords Won't Rent Office to Rubio Because of 'Disruptive' Protests

United accidentally gave a toddler's seat away - and made his mom hold him for a 3-hour flight

Rubio can't find office space due to protests. Staff at Starbucks, living on Unicorn Frappuccinos?

Jersey City, where the Kushners' worlds collide "Trump is toxic in Jersey City"

Hillary Clinton responds to GOP's request for her healthcare plan

Washington lawyers reluctant to join Trump's legal team: report

Sweden to hold 'man-free' music festival

Would passing the Republican Death Act of 2017 be such bad thing?

Dem challenging Cruz raises $1 million online in two months: report

GOP admits to being out of ideas: RNC buried in mockery after demanding health care plan from Cli

Has America Reached the Point of No Return?

Ashutosh Maharaj: Followers win fight to keep guru in freezer

Trump-Endorsed Media Outlet Accuses NASA of Operating Child Slave Colony on Mars (No, not satire)

🐦 Bernie Sanders hosting rally in Covington on Sunday

How to see results of jury I was on?

CBS nightly news is now off in my house. They removed Scott Pelley

In trumps America, nooses are making a comeback to intimidate and harm black people

Warsaw welcomes Trump, courtesy of Greenpeace

Taco Summer:The Story Behind Central Phoenix's Late-Night 'Gay Tacos'

Health Care Plan That Every American Can understand

Hobby Lobby to return smuggled Iraqi artifacts, pay $3 million fine

"Triage" may have a political application.

Dems new pitch to voters: A Better Deal

Righties on Discussionist were going cray cray last night about CNN. Is this why?

Bernie Sanders coming to Covington, Kentucky on Sunday to fight Republican health care bill

Has anyone else had this problem?

George Takei!

How Russia and China are bonding against the US

Chris Matthews just said he hears MANY Dems running 2020 for POTUS

Ha - I got that Final Jeopardy answer - spoiler