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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,049

Journal Archives

SNL Waffle House


True. But I still love me some Waffle House

If you have a car, how old is it?

A discussion about Christmas car commercials prompted a great discussion that got me thinking (and proud!) about my vehicles:

1997 Corolla (395,000 miles)
2000 Ford Ranger (90 k miles)

I generally do the oil changes and tune-up on the Corolla myself, since it's pretty open and easy to work on. Cheap parts, gets about 34 MPG on average. I change the oil on the Ranger (although the oil filter is insanely difficult to reach and makes me cuss in my driveway) but it's a V6 and is too hard to tune-up myself (so I have a kid I know who is into cars do it for me). It gets horrible mileage but is useful for home/yard projects (and moving stuff) and is a good back up. I bought the Corolla off Craigslist when it had about 150,000 miles on it (for $3000) and, unbeknownst to me, got myself one of the most reliable versions of the Corolla ever made....although it has succumbed to the piston ring issue that is common for that engine and now drinks some oil. The kid who works on cars says it will last another 400K miles if I let him put new rings on it. Not sure, though, since the car's worth about $500. But I am thinking about it

Arrived in Denver!

What a beautiful city! 50 today, feels like almost 60. Going to a Denver Nuggets game tonight after my training, looking to squeeze in a tour company trip to the Rockies/Red Rocks. Might be doable!

And huge bonus: there is a great Armenian restaurant here I am going to try to get to. Along with the Denver biscuit company. Love the mountains & bright blue skies! Delaware is all gray and blah during the winter.

Different is OK (tear-inducing alert)

I wasn't sure whether I should put this in music appreciation or not.....but I came across this video from a Coldplay concert in Mexico City. A young man with autism was very into their music and wrote a song "Different is OK" and performed it with them at their concert. It is absolutely amazing and heartwarming


Going to Denver soon

For a work training. I'll have half of one day on my own (with daylight) and want to see as much nature/cool stuff as possible. I'd kind of like to see the Red Rocks amphitheater (cuz I like U2 ) but any advice from anyone who lives near there/been there? I've never been there. It will be in February.

I won't have a car, but was thinking about renting one that day (the day I get in) to hit the road running.

I will have late afternoons/evenings to explore the city as well.

Any suggestions?

A-Hole from TX on Erin Burnett

Troy Nehls (I had never heard of him) was just on Erin Burnett's show on CNN and called her "young lady" before starting a rant about how McCarthy would start MAGA legislation once he's elected, etc. etc.

When she asked him about the "young lady" comment, he said that "of course" he meant it as a compliment and that he was happy to have his first interview on the "Clinton News Network."

These people are such complete a-holes and they can't miss an opportunity to prove it.

To her credit, after noting that she found him to be "rude," she would treat him with respect and thanked him for his time.
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