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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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Someone or something is posting a series of bizzare replies to Trump's twitter announcement.

Looks like Ethiopian language with disturbing images.

If Nancy becomes Acting President, can she stop the SCOTUS nominee?

If that's true, that's most calorie-free fun that you can have.

The work goes on. Turnout. Turnout. Vote!

This election is not over.

Anyone watching the Trevor Bowl?

Rooting for the Jets to lose.

The VP debate in Utah is one week from today

To quote Bart Scott formerly of the NY Jets:

Good thing that the debate was only shown in America.

Thank God no one in other countries could see it....whew!

--On Edit--

So, I've been informed that indeed the whole world was able to see that debacle. So, what we need now is a cover story. We tell our friends abroad that this was an SNL skit. Haha. Wasn't the true debate. We may get away with it if we all stick together.

Ezra Klein puts it best


It's not just that Trump is a bad president. It's that he's a bad person.

--On Edit--

He has an amazing podcast.

Trump is not addressing the American people.

He's either looking at Joe or getting angry at Chris Wallace. This won't play well with a general American audience.

People don't like angry.


This is long but it is hilarious:

Basset Hound giving howling lessons.

A very demanding teacher as well:

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