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The person in charge of the Corona Task Force walked into the Mayo Clinic without a mask!

He had told the country that they should wear a mask and keep their distance to six feet. He was chosen to inform the American people and to lead against the deadly corona virus.

Yet, there he was, walking into a patient's room, with everyone around him wearing a mask, and him without a mask. Why?

Is he so cowed by Donald Trump that he would threaten the lives of these people in the Mayo Clinic by such reckless behavior? Was it because Trump said he did not choose to wear one that he felt he had to follow suit? Or be the subject of ridicule and scorn once he returned to the White House?

It is scandalous. He has no credibility left to lead any task force on fighting this epidemic.

The cult made the worst vote in the history of this nation and they can't admit it.

They will argue to their dying day that compared to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump was the best choice. Of course, they are in denial. Because they cannot accept responsibility for the mess that we are now in.

They screwed up, big time! They did it with their eyes wide open and they still have closed their minds to the lies and the crimes committed by Donald J Trump. They will never admit it.

But the proof is there for all to see. He is not the "greatest" of anything, except bullshitting. To believe that he is anything else, is delusional to the point of illness.

They will remain in denial. They actually believe the lying incompetent narcissist is the greatest president of all time.

They deserve no slack. They are to blame, and to say that it is divisive or too partisan to talk about, is itself a denial of reality. They knew he was a lying, cheating, criminal who had assaulted several women before they voted for him. They knew. They voted for him anyway.

There is a need to put the blame where it belongs. To do otherwise is to deny the truth.

Tupelo Honey

All You Fascists

Allman Bros.

Why don't we just do away with a free press and get all our news from Donald Trump?



The White House abruptly canceled Monday's daily media briefing on the coronavirus pandemic after President Donald Trump railed against "enemy" journalists and officials signaled a new public relations strategy.

He has also been incensed the last few days by unflattering newspaper reports about his work habits and use of the sometimes two-hour briefings to praise himself, while battering rivals.

On Monday, he kept up an anti-media tweet storm begun over the weekend, writing: "FAKE NEWS, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!"

"There has never been, in the history of our Country, a more vicious or hostile Lamestream Media than there is right now, even in the midst of a National Emergency, the Invisible Enemy!" Trump also wrote.

more at link above

COVID-19 is a political bombshell?

Because there will be unforeseen consequences from eventual food shortages and job losses.

The protests in the streets will become larger and louder.

The political Parties will attempt to blame the other. Democrats will truthfully say that Trump was slow to react and made it exponentially worse. Republicans will say that the shutdown of the economy and the country was the fault of the Democrats. It is not true but it is enough for Trump to sell to his followers. There will be a lot of finger-pointing.

Donald Trump is nothing if not a political opportunist. He will sense that his fortunes rise or fall with the protestors in the street. It is just a matter of time before he joins them in their crusade to blame the Democrats. It could happen very soon.

If there are food shortages and peoples lives are threatened, it could be a very unpredictable political situation by this November.

The key word is "unpredictable".

You Are My Flower

Trump, Putin Statement Stirs Concern Among Some

From Microsoft News:
Michael R. Gordon, Gordon Lubold - The Wall Street Journal. - Sunday, April 26, 2020

President Trump issued a symbolic joint statement Saturday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a move that has stirred debate within the Trump administration and spawned concern among some lawmakers on Capitol Hill, according to people familiar with the document.

The unusual declaration is intended to commemorate the 75th anniversary of a meeting between American and Soviet troops at the Elbe River on April 25, 1945.

The broader intent is to underscore how the two nations can overcome their disagreements for a larger purpose, according to people familiar with its drafting.

“The ‘Spirit of the Elbe’ is an example of how our countries can put aside differences, build trust, and cooperate in pursuit of a greater cause,” it states.

more at link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/trump-putin-statement-stirs-concern-among-some/ar-BB13bTTV


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