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When we say that Afghans refused to "fight for their country"?

We mean "refused to fight for their country" as America sees it. Perhaps most Afghans believe that fighting with the Taliban is "fighting for their country"? Maybe they see Americans more as imperialists than as saviors of democracy?

Just because they work with Americans and for Americans does not necessarily mean they support the same thing that Americans support. Maybe that just work for the money? Maybe it is the best money they have made in their lives.

There are different perspectives on the situation.

Understanding the empathy many veterans of the Afghan War may have for their translators...

and friends...

And their desire to get all of them out of the country...

How did they expect the American military to do that with only 2500 troops in the country, and most of them in some sort of support position?

In a country as large as Afghanistan, how could the military retrieve all those people who assisted the Americans during the war, with such a small contingent?

I cannot understand how they were supposed to do that?

Of course, both Americans and Afghanis have known since February 2020 that the forces were being drawn down. They had a year and a half to organize some sort of extrication policy.

I cannot understand the criticism from some of these people?

Were all the people on the runway attempting to escape from the Taliban?

That is what we were told as the pictures flashed across our TV screens. After all, they already had about 800 people on board the transport plane.

Also, we can assume those climbing up the sides and on the wings were wanting out of the country. But we don't know for sure?

Many of those on the ground running in front of the plane appeared to be celebrating the event? They did not look frightened or looking to escape. Perhaps they were just trying to keep the plane from taking off?

When we are told that all those people around the plane were trying to escape the Taliban, I am not so sure?

Perhaps a trivial point?

"Politics stops at the water's edge."

That's the way it used to be.

After 9/11, the American people united to fight the terrorists that attacked the WTC, even though many American despised George W Bush. And make no mistake, George W Bush was despised by many on the left.

But today, politics stops nowhere. The GOP is already making ads to criticize Joe Biden for what has gone down in Afghanistan. (To be fair, Donald Trump was criticized when he deserted the Kurds in Syria. Although I'm not sure that is a comparable criticism?)

Joe Biden has made his decision. He has said that the buck stops with him. He is accepting responsibility for his decision. We have not seen that type of leadership for some time.

What will be the long-range consequences of his decision? Nobody knows. But recent polls have shown that the majority of America stands behind the President.

If past is prologue, we can predict what will happen in Afghanistan. We know the tactics of the Taliban. It is all about religion and Sharia law. Strict adherence and harsh punishment.

But, we do not know what will happen for sure? The Taliban is mostly made up of tribes. Can they come to a consensus for a national leader? It is doubtful. It is more likely that a civil war will break out amongst the different tribes than that they will unite behind one leader and one government.

No doubt, the criticism of Joe Biden will continue for the foreseeable future. Like turds in a punchbowl, the propagandists always float to the top. We can see the same thing happening now. They see a quick opportunity for political advantage and they jump at it.

However, it could be an entirely different story a year or two from now?

Next year, at this time, just before the election...

Donald Trump will be saying that Joe Biden should not be getting the credit for bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. What about what he did? If he had not cut the funding and the troop strength, it would not have been possible for Biden to get the credit. But that's the fake news. They never give him credit for anything...

The UN Security Council is to meet in a couple of hours.

I heard earlier on one of the cable networks.

What can they do?

It does seem like an urgent matter, especially to the neighbors of Afghanistan.

Will they try to send in a UN Peace Force?

This could turn into a real catastrophe in the next few weeks. Food, fuel, and electricity shortages, random violence, and unknowns.

Interesting to see what the UN will decide to do?

The military option:

It appears that the Kabul Airport has become almost inoperable. People are falling from planes as they take off from the airport.

The military is probably thinking of another option?

Bagram Air Field, (Which was over-ran and taken over by the Afghans (Taliban) a few weeks ago) may be an option?

A US military operation could re-secure Bagram and use it as a base of operation, instead of Kabul Airport.

They may have no other choice?

If the Air Field is presently occupied, people could be given three hours to leave. Then, if they stay, it would be attacked from the air. Our people must be protected.

I'm sure the military is looking at other options.

A word of advice to Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump...

Just shut the hell up!

If you are thinking about using this crisis in Afghanistan to incite another insurrection, don't.

The people do not need to hear any of your crap at this time.

Ballad of a Thin Man

Proof positive that Biden made the right decision?

Does the lightning quick takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban prove that Biden made the right decision? The American-made military and corrupt government was never going to work.

The people of Afghanistan have proven Biden right in his decision. There was never going to be a military victory and there was never going to be a functioning government?

They just made it more obvious to the American people.
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