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The continued complicity of the Republicans is stupid.

Since the time he was campaigning for the White House, Republicans have supported his "right" to withhold his tax returns and his financial records from the public.

Evidence is stacked upon evidence that indicates he is a tool of the Russian government. Everything he has done has helped Russia and Vladimir Putin. Yet, Republicans closed their eyes and ears and refused to say anything about it.

It is becoming more clear each and every day that Trump's business interests are directly tied to Russian money. The foundation of his business, his condos and his golf courses, is built on Russian loans. He had no choice but to keep it concealed. Republicans did everything in their power to help him.

He is being extorted by Vladimir Putin. Never has he said one unkind word about the Russian leader. Because his businesses would collapse without Russian loans. He is beholden to a foreign government and the Republicans know it. He is a threat to America's national security.

Some stories have come out in recent days about a whistleblower for Deutsch Bank that is reporting billions of dollars in loans to Mr Trump from Russia. He owes his soul to them.

Republicans can no longer pretend they do not know what is happening? They are complicit and they are stupid for continuing to absolve this betrayal of America.

Opinion: Maybe this is the time to withdraw troops from Iraq?

Whatever goodwill we may have nurtured is surely usurped by now?

What better time to leave a country, that votes tomorrow for us to leave?

We should not stay where we are not welcome.

If the country is not self-sufficient by now, there is no more we can do.

Also, Trump has said he wants to draw down the troops in that part of the world.

Iraq would be a good place to start, in my opinion.

The War Prayer


The Iranian leaders have declared a 3-day mourning for their military leader, Soleimani.

It appears that some people, we don't know how many, held him in high regard.

If the 2nd most powerful person in this country was assassinated, how would our country react? Are we really that different from Iran?

They are talking about "reprisal" and "revenge".

They are a very patient people.

Will we ever learn from history?

I do not believe McConnell has 51 votes against witnesses testifying.

It is just too much for a few Republicans to swallow. McConnell is asking too much. Donald Trump is asking too much. It is a bridge too far.

It may not be the Senators up in the next election, but those up for election 2022? Much more criminality will be known in a couple of years than we know now. They cannot feign ignorance.

McConnell knows he doesn't have the votes so he is content to keep up his argument of "no witnesses". Pelosi is also content to let McConnell continue his argument because she does not believe she has enough evidence to remove Trump. Both sides are happy with the stalemate at this time.

Most of the strategy of McConnell and the Republicans is going on behind closed doors and it appears they are sworn to secrecy?

What we are likely to see for the next few weeks will be political maneuvering. Meanwhile, more and more information and evidence will be made public with each passing day.

Because of these recent military developments, should Speaker Pelosi announce a hold on Articles?

The longer the Articles of Impeachment are held, the more likely there will be new evidence coming out, just as it has in the last week or so.

So it would be good for the impeachment trial and it would be good for our country if the Senate is given more time to contemplate their positions in history?

It is unlikely that Republicans will be screaming too loudly for the "trial" to begin, so long as we are under a terrorist threat.

Perhaps Nancy should take this opportunity to make the announcement?

Will Trump finally go above 50% in the polls with the assassination of Iranian General?

He has never made it to 50% in his three years in the White House.

Will it help with his re-election campaign?

Democrats that agree with the assassination will only help the Trump campaign? Probably so.

Just something to keep your eye on.

Also, this finally gives the Republicans something they can credit Trump with. They can wave the flag, shoot their guns, and chant "America!" to prove they are right.

There was a huge car bomb exploded a few days ago in Baghdad that killed dozens.

No doubt, Hezbollah will be looking for American targets for revenge.

Many think it may be in the form of cyber attacks?

But, Iran's terrorists arms reach all over that part of the world.

American Embassies in North Africa and other more isolated places could be at risk?

Also, as we learned in 1979, Iranians like to take hostages.

The most visible targets might be the oil tankers that go thru the Straight of Hormuz. They could severely affect the price of oil in the world market?

Or they may not be happy unless American lives are exchanged for Soleimani?

Trump warns Americans in Iraq: "Get out!"

He seems to be saying, "If you get killed, you were warned... I will not be responsible for your deaths."

I suppose it was just a matter of time until something like this happened?

It might be a good idea to bring all Americans home? They are not safe.

The most effective message for the voters in this country?

Republicans want a sham trial. They do not want to hear any witnesses or any evidence.

They do not want the people to hear the truth. Just what are they trying to hide?

They do not respect the voters and they do not respect the law.

The Republicans are attempting to cover up the truth.

The entire Party is involved in a cover-up.
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