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The Two Wolves - A Cherokee Story


Jim Jordan and Republican conspirators are creating an excuse for not jumping....

...directly into hearings about January 6th Committee transcripts, etc. The majority of them have dirt on their hands and they are in no hurry to have it pointed out to them.

So, they blame Biden.

Biden is somehow preventing them from jumping right in because he is requiring them to follow the rules and start over as a new Congress, if they wish to have hearings and witnesses, etc.

Of course, they are making excuses to their followers, the insurrectionists that follow Trump, that they just can't wait to make those evil Democrats pay for their sins.

When the truth of the matter is that they are waiting to see where the DOJ is headed and to see if their names might be on a witness list, or even worse, a target list.

Does the media hold any responsibility...?

If Republicans fail to hold Clarence Thomas or Donald Trump accountable for their actions?

There is no doubt that if a Democrat was in either situation, that of Clarence Thomas or Donald Trump, the media would be singing a different song.

Am I wrong in thinking this?

History doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes...


Powell’s outspoken opposition to racism and his flamboyant lifestyle made him enemies, however, and in the early 1960s he became involved in a lawsuit with a woman who claimed he had wrongly accused her of collecting police graft. He was cited for contempt of court in 1966 for refusing to pay damages, and in 1967 the House voted to deprive him of his seat. He was nevertheless reelected in his district in 1968 but was then deprived by his colleagues in the House of his committee chairmanship and his seniority. In 1969 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the action of the House in depriving him of his seat had been unconstitutional, but by that time Powell’s health was failing. After his defeat in the Democratic primary election of 1970, he resigned as pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in 1971 and retired to the island of Bimini in The Bahamas.

"Only the best people..."

The most loyal, the most devious, the most dishonest, the most deceitful, the most incompetent. This is what the most recent transcripts released by the January 6 Committee show about the Trump White House.

It's a shame and a stain on every American. Because they used all these "best people" to achieve criminal ends. Now we are left to clean up a mess that has seeped into every crevice and pore of American life. No institution was left untarnished.

From the very beginning, it was a predictable destination. No good fruit could come from such a bad tree. We have endured but we have yet to prove that we can survive.

The friggin' traitor wants everyone to believe he "didn't do anything wrong"...

Usually, political events, of whatever kind, will lose their lustre after a couple of years. But the case against Donald Trump is even stronger than it was two years ago.

Of course he would believe that he didn't do "anything wrong" because he does not know what is "wrong" and what is not? If it is to his advantage, politically or monetarily, then it must be right.

He is beginning to act erratically, like a guilty man. He is finding it difficult to lie his way out of it, and even more difficult, to get people to believe him. He acts like a cornered rat.

Because most people know his sick game. He betrayed his country. He tried to over-throw our government, always at the beckon call of Vladimir Putin, always putting the dollar above country and everything.

Those poor suckers that followed him to Washington, DC on January 6th probably deserve better than they have gotten. They bought into his bullshit. They were not there to protest against our government, they were there to protest for Donald Trump.

Sad, but true.

Trump wanted a procession of National Guard troops...

It is being reported that indeed Trump did want 10,000 NG troops to enter the Capitol.

He wanted them to lead him in a procession into the Capitol, where he would announce and declare himself the emperor and dictator of America.

Ben Meiselas, of the Meidas Network, read pages 533-534 of the Committee Report, about his intentions to send 10,000 NG troops into the Capitol. But they were not to be there to protect the Capitol or the Congress, they would be there to protect Trump and his supporters.

Meiselas read a memo from the acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher MIller, from a couple of days previous to the insurrection. In it, he out-lined what the NG troops were not to have, such as bullet-proof vests or bayonets. There was some opposition to the idea, but it does seem that Christopher Miller knew more about the plan than previously realized.

At the same time, the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan was attempting to get in touch with Miller but was unable to do so. Hogan was being asked by Steny Hoyer and Charles Shumer to send NG troops and were told by Hogan that he did not have the authority.

From the testimony and the documents, it does appear that Trump wanted 10,000 NG troops to enter the Capitol in a procession, to protect himself and his supporters.

Why it failed to materialize is still an open question?

Should the Trump trial be televised, a la OJ ?

I suppose it would have more viewers than the OJ trial if it were to happen.

But after the trial, no one could argue that they did not know what happened during the January 6th insurrection. Ignorance would no longer be an excuse.

Why should it not be televised? Is it not in the national interest?

In my opinion, he should be exposed to all of America.

An indictment and a jury trial but no conviction?

How would you feel if Donald Trump was tried by a jury but they refused to convict?

However, all the facts would come out and he would be totally exposed for the fraud and traitor that he is?

Would it serve any useful purpose to go thru a jury trial and not have a conviction?

Even if 90% of the people believed him guilty, but the jury found him "not guilty", would it be better than no trial at all?
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