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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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The biggest losers in yesterday's elections were Donald Trump and the Big Lie?

Trump was slammed in GA. His "Big Lie" did not persuade the voters to follow his advice and vote for his picks for Governor or SoS.

What does it mean for the mid-term elections in November? Will Republicans have to think twice before they hitch their wagon to Trump's star?

Or is GA an anomaly? Are they the only Republican voters that see the "Big Lie" as a sham by the former president? Are they the only ones ready to move on from the 2020 election?

How can Trump spin this as a victory for him and his supporters? Can they blame the Democrats for crossing over and voting for his opponents?

What is the "upside" and "downside" of crossover voting?

I have read that there was crossover voting in the GA races yesterday, especially in the Secretary of State race between Raffensberger and Hice. How much did it affect that race?

What impact could it have on the general election? Do those folks that changed their registration to Republican have to vote Republican in the General Election? If not, I could see it as an "upside" in defeating the extremists that have looked to fix the elections.

Unless there is a close race on the Democratic side of the ticket, I see no "downside" to changing registration to defeat these fascists? In fact, it seems like a good strategy to me.

Any other "downsides" to this strategy?

A Red Flag for America

Guns don't kill people, politicians kill people.

Politicians that refuse to keep guns out of the hands of the most troubled, demented, psychotic, sick, redneck assholes.

It is true that a gun does not kill anyone unless a person pulls the trigger.

The simple solution is to rid the nation of guns. Since that does not seem to be in the realm of possibilities, the rational solution is to rid the nation of politicians that refuse to do anything about our children being massacred.

It should be a red flag when any 18-year old wants an AR-15 for his birthday. There are records and data to keep these weapons out of the hands of the most disturbed people in our society.

The American people have a choice.

Was the simple creation of "alternate electors" an illegal act?

Whether or not they planned on using them?

Although it does appear that it was their intent to put in the "alternate electors" as soon as Pence declared Biden's electors illegitimate, or when they were sent back to the state legislatures? They were ready to act immediately.

Were "alternate electors" the idea of just one person or was it a collaborative effort?

In some hindsight, it does appear that the "fake electors" was the primary strategy to overturn the election and put Trump back into the White House. One of Trump's advisers, Peter Navarro, called it the "Green Bay sweep".

When Trump sent out his tweet to come to the "wild" party in Washington on January 6th, that was his final back-up plan, just in case Pence could not be persuaded to go along with their scheme.

He would not go down without a fight.

He recruited a large army of conspirators to assist in his strategy to stay in power. The pawns were all in place. Very few of them questioned his motives.

It was almost a successful cover-up.

The Buddha

"Why are you ringing my doorbell?"

Some guy rang my doorbell at 3:00 am this morning.

When I asked him what he wanted he said "I need help man. I’m turning into a moth!”

I told him he needed a psychiatrist, and asked why he was bothering me.

He said “Your porch light was on!”

The lies and the cover-up

Which is worse?

Republicans, in their desire to cover-up the truth about what actually happened, tell one lie after another.

Why, if you didn't know better, you would have thought it was just a bunch of tourists going thru the Capitol.

Oh, we were only going to use those fake ballots if Joe Biden was not certified as President.

It was only our families we were showing thru the Capitol the day before the attack.

Just about everyone was a peaceful protester.

No one called from the White House for seven hours.

Look at all those dead people that voted.

Why, Donald Trump won by a landslide!

And on and on, the cover-up continues.

The truth is their enemy.

Mike Pence is like a rooster.

The rooster gets up early in the morning and starts crowing and then the sun comes up. The rooster thinks he is the reason that the sun comes up.

Mike Pence goes down to Georgia, crows about supporting Kemp for Governor, and if Kemp wins by a large margin, Pence will think he is the reason.

Has Russia declared war on the world by blocking the world's food supplies?

There are reports that we only have nine days of wheat left in the world's market? Yesterday, it was ten days.

The reason is because Russia is blocking millions of tons of products from shipment.

It is not enough that babies do not have enough formula to drink or that gas prices are going thru the roof, now their plan is to starve their way to victory.

I'm sure others may look at it differently.

I used to think Republicans were just naive...

That they did crazy sh*t that threatened our democracy because they thought our democracy was strong enough to withstand anything they did to it. Their more important task was to keep Democrats from spending money on social programs and to keep their taxes low.

But now, I see that they were never concerned whether our democracy survived or not. They see an opportunity to stick the knife in democracy's heart, and by God, they are going to do it. They see no real opposition from their supporters and very little from the Democratic Party, so they choose to strike while the iron is hot.

I was the naive one.
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