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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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The reason TFG is campaigning so strongly for Republicans?

He doesn't really care any more about the Republicans than he does the Democrats. They are only a means to an end.

He only cares about himself and what the Republicans can do for him.

He wants a Congress that will end the investigations about his criminal activities. He wants to be president in 2024 OR he wants a Republican president that will give him a pardon. That is the extent of his political strategy at this time.

He understands that Desantis is his primary opposition to winning in 2024. But he will be careful not to attack him too viciously because he will need a pardon when the next Republican is sworn into office, if it is not himself.

He believes he can delay and obstruct any indictments until the 2024 election. In my opinion, this is TFG's sole purpose in his rallies and endorsements.

Where does the Big Lie end?

Germany, in the 1930's, had their own "Big Lie". They had their own cult Leader. Many Germans worshiped him like a god. He told them they were "special". They were superior to all other races on Earth. That "Big Lie" gave them license to kill all the inferior people under them. And history has recorded the results of that "Big Lie".

The "Big Lie" of today is that the last election was rigged. It was stolen from their Leader. They too, believe they are superior to the "Libs" and those weak and morally depraved Americans that conflict with their religion.

We can see the direction it is going.

Where does it end?

When The Roses Bloom Again

I'm pulling for the Phillies.

In the World Series.

And I don't know why?

Question: Is there some way to get Supreme Court to rule on whether it is constitutional...?

...to prosecute a former president?

If so, how would one go about it?

Could a former president appeal to the Supreme Court any conviction by a jury?

Why would the DOJ want to know where the Supreme Court stands on the conviction of a former president?

What purpose would it serve, if the Supreme Court were to rule that no one is above the law, and that former presidents can be tried, just as a common citizen would be tried?

I would admit that it would be nice to have that question off the table, but so far, no one has put it on the table.

Is there no need?

Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus - "Let justice be done, though the world perish"


Republicans had their chance to fix "immigration issue" and they did nothing...

...except steal money from their supporters to build a wall and criticize their political opponents.

They talked a lot and did very little.

Even when they were in charge of both branches of Congress and the White House, they could not fix the immigration problem.

It becomes a much better "issue" for them when they are not in charge.

A huge majority of Americans are unable to forget...

It was a traumatic event in their lives.

They are still angry, but saddened, by the disgraceful, unpatriotic, anti-American, treasonous actions of some of their fellow Americans. The passing time has done nothing to ameliorate their disgust.

There is a good chance that Republicans will win the upcoming election and control of the Congress. They will do their best to cover it up and make people forget it ever happened. But it will not work.

The American people desire justice.

They cannot forget what happened.

Is the former president fueling up Trump Force One at taxpayer expense?

If there is a way, I would not be surprised. He only does whatever he can get away with. We know the taxpayers are funding his Secret Service protection but there has been no word that taxpayers are also funding his fanciful excursions to his rallies?

Knowing his past, we can predict his future.

Hopefully, it is not possible for him to do, but does anyone know for sure?
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