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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
March 31, 2022

Do Trump's loyalties lie more with Russia or with America?

From everything we have seen in the last five or six years, we would have to say his loyalties lie with Russia. At least, with the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Is there really any doubt anymore?

He has stood with Putin every step of the way in Ukraine. He has done nothing to help Ukraine that was not forced by the Congress. He did nothing on his own.

It is fairly obvious that he has felt little affinity for America for a long time.

Perhaps he looks at himself more as an international businessman? Perhaps he looks at himself at another one of Putin's oligarchs? Perhaps he looks at himself as a businessman without national boundaries? Perhaps the only thing that is important to him is money?

He has shown very clearly that he does not consider himself an American.

March 31, 2022

First question to Jared:

"How much money did you make while adviser in the White House in the last 4 years?" That would include his spouse, Ivanka.

My bet it would be much more than the $3.5 million that Trump accuses Hunter Biden of making while Joe Biden was VP.

However, I do not think he will answer those types of questions.

March 31, 2022

Patriotism in the defense of freedom and democracy.

Democrats have always been hesitant to wave the flag or to cheer for any type of nationalism.

But, they may want to re-think that strategy?

It is almost impossible to persuade an opponent to your way of thinking by calling them "stupid", "naive", or a "member of a cult". We have all done it but it does not win many arguments.

We are not going to convince Trump "followers" that he is an agent of Putin or that he lies with every breath. We are not going to convince them that Biden is doing a good job or that he is not a senile old man. Some things are just a given.

That is why Democrats should look at a different way to communicate with people. First of all, we should remove all partisanship from our comments, to the extent possible.

Instead, we should promote democracy and freedom. We should be grateful that we are able to criticize the "free press".

We should defend our Constitution and the rule of law. People around the world are looking to America for leadership. The people in Europe and Ukraine are looking for us to lead them at this violent and threatening time.

The attack upon our Capitol on January 6th cannot be an attack upon Democrats only. It was an attack upon our Constitution and the rule of law. Although the crimes may have been perpetrated primarily by Republicans, we cannot make it a Democrat vs Republican battle. It was an attack upon we, the People. It was a lawless act, committed by lawless people, with no respect for the law or our Constitution. That is how it must be defined.

They do not love this country. They do not love democracy. That is what we must defend. It doesn't matter if they are Republican, Democrat, or Mugwump.

We should attempt to change the way we talk about these treasonous acts against our nation. Do not be afraid to wave the flag. Do not be suckered into the Democrat vs Republican debate.

We must make the debate about something bigger than personal attacks.

March 31, 2022

Putin was "misinformed" of the military operations in Ukraine?

Of course not!

It is not good news. He does not want to be associated with it. He does not want the domestic backlash that might come from the mothers of dead soldiers.

His advisers and generals are too afraid to tell him what's happening? Sound familiar?

Of course, he knew what was happening and what is happening. It's a mess and he doesn't want to get his hands dirty with the bad news.

His people are beginning to feel the pinch of the sanctions and his military has been embarrassed in Ukraine.

Now, he pretends he knew nothing about it?

March 30, 2022

"Dirty Don" looking for "dirt" again...

But he doesn't look for dirt just anywhere or from anybody.

When he was looking for "dirt" on Hillary, he looked to Russia and Putin. "Russia, if you're listening...", he said.

Before his first impeachment, he was looking for "dirt" on Biden and his son, Hunter. He tried to extort the president of Ukraine to say that he was starting an investigation. Just say you're looking for "dirt". You don't have to find it.

Now, as our country is on the edge of war with Russia, what does "Dirty Don" do? He asks Putin for "dirt" again. It's almost as if Putin is the only person in the world that has dirt on his political opponents.

He shows his true sympathies. They are not with this country and they are not with our allies.

It seems he is always looking for "dirt".

March 30, 2022

Kremlin TV Hopes Russia's Unhinged Ukraine War Claim Will Help Re-Elect Trump

Does anyone doubt that there is not coordination between Trump and Russia State TV?


Putin’s invasion of Ukraine pitted Russia against most of the world, leaving Kremlin propagandists yearning for any tidbits of pro-Russian sentiment in the United States. These days, state television draws on a bounty of translated quotes almost exclusively from two Western voices: Tucker Carlson of Fox News and former U.S. President Donald J. Trump. They have a plan to reward them both: Carlson with a highly coveted interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Trump with a freebie PR campaign designed to light his path back to the White House.

Last Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry released a colorful diagram, purporting to demonstrate that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, is secretly bankrolling the Pentagon’s biolabs in Ukraine, allegedly developing biological weapons to target Russia. The allegation was preposterous and was squeamishly avoided by the responsible mainstream media, but Tucker Carlson immediately latched on to it. Talking about the accusation later the same day, Carlson did his best to pre-empt any doubts about his motivation. He said: “What are the outlines of that story? We’re not sure. We know it’s legitimate to ask what it means, why wouldn’t it be? You’re not a Russian agent repeating discredited Putin talking points if you ask. You’re a good citizen.”

Back in 2021, during his TV show The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev, the host pined for the return of his favorite American president: “Things were so good under Trump... Listen to Trumpushka.” After playing a clip of Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity, wherein the former president dismissed the idea of helping Ukraine fight off Russian aggression, Soloviev sighed: “[He is] so sorely missed.” Between the war in Ukraine, which is likely to become a prolonged struggle, and the crushing U.S. sanctions, only one candidate shows the promise of potentially erasing the consequences of Russian aggression and dramatically limiting America’s support for Ukraine. Clutching to these prospects, the Kremlin’s mouthpieces are openly signaling Russia’s intent to involve themselves in yet another U.S. election.

March 30, 2022

Zoe Lofgren (D- CA) warns that our democracy is still under threat.

Zoe Lofgren is on the J6 Committee investigating the insurrection of January 6th. She was a guest on the Nicolle Wallace show yesterday. She made a passing comment that our democracy was still under threat.

Even though Joe Biden was elected president, and the Covid virus seems to be in decline, and the economy has mostly recovered, we cannot let down our guard and pretend that we have moved beyond the threat that we witnessed on January 6th of last year.

She seemed to be saying that we cannot relax. We must be more vigilant than ever before.

Until we remove this cancer, we cannot be assured that our democracy will survive.

March 29, 2022

Has the DOJ been put into an impossible situation?

How do you prosecute a former President if he has enough violent followers to wreak havoc on our country and our institutions? And he would not hesitate to use them in just such a manner.

How do you prosecute leaders of an opposing political Party, even though there is evidence that they colluded with an attempted coup against our nation?

How do you prosecute politicians who hide behind their political Party label and attempt to manipulate the Supreme Court of this land, by utilizing the wife of a Supreme Court Justice?

Even though you have all the evidence in the world, how do you charge and prosecute those that betrayed our Constitution and threaten the democracy we have had for 245 years, when they have the power of half of the country's population behind them?

How can the nation survive such a dire threat?

March 29, 2022

Does the Attorney General serve at the pleasure of the President?

Can a president fire his Attorney-General at any time and replace him?

For example, if the present AG did nothing to pursue an investigation against Trump and his criminal cabal before the next election, could Biden replace him? If he wanted to?

Or does there have to be "cause" to relieve an Attorney General?

March 29, 2022

Sometimes the truth is so embarrassing and so damaging that it must be hidden...

That is what the Republican Party is doing today. There is no way for them to explain a 7 1/2 hour gap in Trump's call logs on January 6th. There is no way for many of them to explain their actions leading up to the attack upon our Capitol. It is extremely embarrassing for them. And for some of them, it could be extremely politically damaging for them.

The truth is so awful that the Republican Party has no choice but to cover it up. Otherwise, it would be like cutting off their noses to spite their face.

That is why there can be no full "bi-partisan" investigation. There are simply not enough Republicans, that are not damaged or embarrassed, to get the job done. They would prefer to sweep it under the rug, cover it up, and forget it ever happened.

That is the reality we must deal with.

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