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Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,756

Journal Archives

Interstate billboard near Columbia, SC

Billboard in heavily travelled area near the Capital city has just four words:


Sorry no pic, my daughter just called me laughing when she saw it.

Going to get a new iPhone

My office will pay for it, so not overly concerned about cost.
I am still using my old iPhone5.

Suggestions on the best one to get? I would like to keep it at least 5 years.

Observation on TV ads in SC

The majority of ads we are seeing are for either Lindsey Graham or his challenger Jaime Harrison. The race is a statistical tie.
The Dem ads drive home Graham’s hyper-support of Trump, someone he called a “xenophobic, race-baiting bigot” and a clown in the 2016 primaries. Every ad includes Trump and Graham, asking “What happened to Senator Graham?”

The Graham ads, on the other hand, never mention Trump, and try to tie Harrison to AOC and Pelosi (even though a Senator would have no real involvement with any of them.)

What does it say about Trump’s popularity and campaign when a Republican doesn’t want to be tied to him in deep red South Carolina?

My 12 year old grandson wrote a song

He sent me this last night.
(If you don't know the tune, then you have never been around kids )

If you're racist and you know it, vote for Trump (clap, clap),
If you're racist and you know it, vote for Trump (clap, clap),
If you're racist and you know it, and you have the hat to show it,
If you're racist and you know it, vote for Trump.

A small victory in SC

A ritual for the past two decades has been for my next door neighbor and me to put up our yard signs about the same time during elections every two years. My neighbor, who is a devout Catholic and old-time Republican, told me that Trump had lost his vote with his shameful performance during the Puerto Rican hurricane in 2017.
During a discussion yesterday about our tomato plants, he informed me that he will also not support the re-election of Gov Henry McMaster because of his insistence to re-open the schools and refusal to issue a statewide mask requirement (his wife has several high risk factors and would be unlikely to survive the virus). He said he hopes that his party can come to their senses so our political alliance will last only as long as it takes to rid the GOP of Trumpism.

What surprised me was the statement he made explaining his conversion. He said the most important thing any government can do is demonstrate competence and honesty, and both of these qualities are lacking in our Statehouse and the White House.
So he will not have a sign in his yard this year, but we will have his vote.

Where can I buy Dem face masks

We have the regular surgical type masks, which I buy by the box for about 40cents each at COSTCO.
I'd like to get a cloth mask to go over that, with either Dem Party or Biden on it. Any idea of a good place to buy them online, where the money will go to a Dem operation?

We shouldn't compare Trump to Nixon

Trump's recycling of several of Nixon's famous dog whistle slogans - such as Silent Majority, Law and Order, and Outside Agitators - draws obvious comparisons between the two.
But a post on Presidential historian Michael Beschloss' twitter feed today shows a much closer comparison to another candidate from 1968. In a letter to a constituent concerning the issue of segregation, George Wallace wrote the following in 1968:

"We have never had a problem here in the South except a few isolated instances and these have been the result of outside
agitators....I personally have done more for the Negroes of Alabama than any other individual."

Don't forget that Wallace won several Democratic primaries in 68, including Michigan. Those voters were the ancestors of Trump's 38% of supporters today, who are still agreeing with the kind of crap Wallace was peddling 50 years ago.

SC Treasurer wants to go viral

The SC State Treasurer is usually a rather obscure position, and most people hold the job until they die or retire. The current Treasurer is noted mainly for using taxpayer money to keep his face before the public with frequent TV ads promoting the state's tax free college investment plan, which is run by his office.
His twitter feed usually consists of little more than the picture of a small pretty rural church each Saturday evening with the tag line "Have a blessed Sunday..."

For some reason, he decided to go full Qanon/Trump on his private account. This is getting a lot of coverage here, and is showing up around the country, but it won't hurt if anyone wants to help this go viral. The screen shot below was put up yesterday and just taken down about an hour ago. I am eagerly awaiting his "in the unlikely event I offended anyone I guess I am a sorry" apology.


MAGAts are really owning us libs these days

They’ve convinced a majority of Americans that we are concerned about the health and well-being of others, believe in science, oppose racism, and would like to see competence in government.

Trump obituary

Donald Trump.
Devoted husband to three.
Loving father to two out of five.
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