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Member since: 2002
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To paraphrase Mash's Col. Potter: "Just a hunch---I'll bet Will Roger's never met Trump". nt

If this was a movie, Harrison Ford would have thrown Trump out the back of

the plane days ago.

Donald Trump gained the White House with the help of Putin, white nationalist thugs and

widespread voter suppression. He could never be HIRED for ANY significant federal position because he would never qualify for any level of security clearance. If he was to even request one, the response would be "This is a joke, right?"

Despite his constant claim that he is a "great" businessman, this is also a bad joke. The truth is that he survived in business only because he never ever ventured outside the safe confines of a family-owned business. By design, Donnie was always the ultimate authority, answering to no one. He never had to actually BE smart or right or wealthy: he only had to INSIST---LOUDLY---that he was. His arrogance, ignorance and obvious mental instability would never have been tolerated in any bona fide business environment.

And, do we even need to list the ways in which this self-described "wartime president" is not qualified for a military career? I think not.

So, where could Donald Trump at least "get by" in a world in which he was not born a multi-millionaire? What could he actually do that would earn him his daily bread? I think that maybe, just maybe, he could operate a small town bar with no more than 12 stools and a few tables. Not one of the nice ones: one of the disreputable dives where nearly all the patrons are not welcome elsewhere.

Such establishments are usually---in my limited experience, you understand---operated by the owner and he is "the law" within its confines. He controls who drinks, what they pay and when they've "had enough", which is usually when they run out of money. With such authority, he is always right, knows everything and is seldom contradicted. They are also invariably belligerent Republicans.

But, no, after further thought, I do not think Donnie would last very long in such a position. Even small town drunks would eventually turn on him.

I'm drawing this line now:

WHEN Trump is evicted, I do not want to hear, will not listen to and guarantee I will get in anyone's face who DARES utter "we must look forward, not backward" to justify giving him a pass for his criminal malfeasance.

Donald Trump must die penniless in prison.

This seems to be the perfect motto for the Trump administration:

"What the fuck you gonna do about it?"

It is their unspoken (usually) response to anyone who dares criticize them.

So far, no one has had an answer.

My better judgment compels me to sign off for this evening. I am to the point where I simply

cannot move past the VERY strong desire to slap the livin' shit out of a LONG list of people, beginning, of course, with that putrescent maggot in the White House.

My blue collar south-of-the-tracks roots keep causing my fists to clench, eyes to narrow and lip to curl. Where I grew up, the next phase involves hair, teeth and eyeballs and I KNOW I cannot and should not go there.

Maybe some merlot will help. Tomorrow will be another day.

20% of the ventilators in OUR national stockpile are inoperable because Trump let the

maintenance contracts lapse to save money. But, no worries: it freed up funds for "the wall".

Trump's people just delivered 5,000 masks to Montgomery, Alabama which were totally unusable as they had dry-rotted. But, hey---why replace rotten masks when billionaires need more tax relief?

Carry on---and, please remember to "respect the office".

Let's review:

-Trump became POTUS after an election in which he not only lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million but also had about 12 million more vote for "someone else".

-Trump's "administration" began with lies about his inaugural crowd size and his family and friends skimming millions from his $114 million inaugural slush fund.

-At last count, the tally of Trump's verified lies while in office was north of 17,000.

-Trump was named an "unindicted co-conspirator" in a federal felony prosecution that sent one of his loyalists to prison.

-Despite Barr's whorish spin, the Mueller investigation revealed conduct that would have been the basis to impeach AND CONVICT any previous POTUS.

-Trump WAS impeached and anyone not living in a cave heard a massive amount of UNREBUTTED testimony which was ignored by every Senate Republican save one.

-Under Trump's "leadership", the stock market has cratered, our record 113 consecutive months of job growth has ended, and the "Obama recovery" has ended as unemployment soars.

-In the eyes of the world---allies and adversaries alike---we are a dysfunctional nation led by a lying bully.

-Trump has put children in cages, fascist idiots on our courts and his entire family on his "dark" payroll.

-Trump has mocked and ridiculed war heroes, Gold Star families and the disabled on national TV.

And, as I type this, supposed "authorities" are debating whether or not he can be defeated in November's election.

Hunker down, people. My personal goal is to be alive in a democracy a year from now.


Dear Mr. Trump: Sir, in this time of pandemic, (which no one could have possibly predicted!) I

am concerned for your health and safety. You were, after all, as My Pillow Man said, "chosen by God" to lead us at this time. So, sir, with all due respect, I have an idea that will guarantee that you will not be infected by the Corona virus.

You see, all you need to do is place any good size heavy gauge plastic bag completely over your head and then fasten it securely around your neck with several windings of duct tape. (Ok, sir---"duck" tape!) This may prove a little uncomfortable at first but, in just a little while, you won't be worried about a thing! And, you will be 100% protected from that Corona virus!

No need to thank me, sir. I'm just trying to do the patriotic thing.
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