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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,361

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Tonight will be interesting because we will hear and see an unfiltered Bloomberg.

I think he will be dwarfed by the moment. I dont think he has the stuff to be presidential.

Our primary candidates who are Senators will be pulled off the campaign trail while

they do their constitutional duty being jurors in the trial of trumplethinskin.

If you are in the camp of any of them, please consider donating to help their staffs working on the ground campaigning.

Even if 5 bucks.

Ninga thanks you for listening.

Liz Warren is the candidate that can chop the demented one off at the knees in a debate.

Shes unflappable and unshakable. She is articulate and can pivot in a nano second.

Shes 70 and looks 60 and has the energy of a 40 yr old.
She has great appeal to young voters.

The benefit of her 70 years has allowed her to grow deep.
Shes whip smart, has a very creative mind, and a global thinker.

While I like listening to Klobuchar and Buttigieg, and am impressed by many of their answers,
their answers are not enough for me.

Biden is wonderful but the debate stage puts everyone under the microscope and I fear he will have enough small moments of unavoidable shakiness that will detract from his views and remind voters of his age.

We have to bypass the MSM and not let them lead us around by the nose, tell us that every small story or latest poll has major implications and have us take our eye off the prize.

Thank you for listening...

So in December 2018 Elizabeth Warren invites

Bernie Sanders over to her house, to tell him she is running for President. I imagine snacks coffee and lots of chatting.

So I imagine he respects her and knew right from the get go she would be formidable.

So I imagine that he contemplated how to dissuade her from running and maybe talked about the horrible 2016 campaign. So I imagine he says to her Liz youd be a great candidate but I just dont think a woman can be elected in 2020.

I believe Liz.

Not one word. I do not believe anything he is saying.

This blabbering speech from the Sharpie toting weather map altering koo koo nut case is one huge lie.

Here is what I know, what I believe and what I am not afraid of...

Lyndon Bains Johnson was the last liberal to occupy the White House.
Some 45 years ago. A majority of middle class families could sustain their households with one income.
Since that time, only the very rich have had growth and prospered, and middle class households struggle even with two incomes.
Nixon/Ford 2 terms, Reagan 2 terms, Bush I one term, Bush II 2 terms, trumplethinskin 3 years.

31 of the last 45 years dominated by ultra conservative policies.

Johnson designed the Great Society Programs
-The Voting Rights Act
-public broadcasting
-aid to education
-the arts
-War on Proverty (helped millions of Americans rise above poverty.
-banned racial discrimination in public facilities
-interstate commerce
-Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

The middle class and working poor have been kicked to the curb and voters have been worked over by messages of caution and warning that only middle of the road candidates (only said about Democrats by the way) can win.
Its not voters we need to reach out to, its non voters. We need to work hard in that effort.

When someone asks me who I like for President I repeat the words of Sen John Glenn when he was asked the same question.
Examine your values and align your self with the candidate that reflects those values and then work hard for their victory.

For goodnesses sake DO NOT STICK YOUR FINGER IN THE WIND to try and guess which candidate might appeal to
others. That is just playing into the hands of the genius conservatives that have made sure that message is repeated every election cycle. Our win loss record proves their propaganda has worked.

I am not afraid of progressive candidates. Its long past time.

How do we react when Moscow Mitch throws his monkey wrench into the Senate Trial?

You know, when he hijacks the process and goes directly to a vote to acquit?

Meanwhile, the cats resist herding. Why oh why!


Impeachment already feels like yesterday. Barr sucked all the air out yesterday. I feel

like we we are climbing a slick oily wall. Slipping and sliding not making progress.

There is nothing to foreshadow the GOP tactic of digging in and standing with Biff will not work.

There is too much everywhere. What about the Durham report yet to be disclosed? Yes we know it will be crap but they dont care do they. We are dealing with a level of chaos never before heard of.
It continues, and its getting bigger. Its going to take some huge balls by some big names to get this thing, this monster, under control.

Ratfuck Rob Portman trumple spineless sycophant voted YEA......

All Portman knows how to do is toe the line and bow to Moscow Mitch.

Yesterday he voted Yea for the nomination of yet another unqualified person to sit as a judge.

When the Democrats become the majority, they MUST impeach wholesale numbers of the criminally unqualified judges installed by Moscow Mitch.

Ms. Pitlyk has never tried a case as lead or co-counsel, whether civil or criminal, Hubbard wrote. She has never examined a witness. Though Ms. Pitlyk has argued one case in a court of appeals, she has not taken a deposition. She has not argued any motion in a state or federal trial court. She has never picked a jury. She has never participated at any stage of a criminal matter.

I will fight like hell to rid Ohio of scum Portman. Too bad hes not up until 2021.
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