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mmonk's Journal
mmonk's Journal
January 2, 2013

The Memory Test

In all this talk about fiscal cliffs, "out of control government spending", sequesters, and threats of government shutdowns over the debt ceiling, there is a self-test you can do using your memory to determine if you are being politically manipulated. Those of us who aren't and voice our frustration are usually told our thinking is confused and all wrong. But let's use our memories for a moment. How many times was the debt ceiling raised under George W. Bush? The answer is seven. Why wasn't there any consternation and calls for government shutdowns or needed deals during any of those unceremoniously raisings of the ceiling then? After Clinton ran balanced budgets, George W. Bush ran deficits throughout his eight years as President but do you remember any talk about how government spending was out of control? Under George W. Bush, the national debt was doubled but were there any commissions created to take care of deficits or any created deals to sequester government spending and raise taxes by a date certain if no "deal" was reached and call it "a fiscal cliff"? And if the media is "liberal" as many claim, why are they playing along? The national debt under Reagan was tripled and after his initial tax cuts that created running deficits, he spent his later years pushing tax increases to try and lessen the deficit gap. Was he then called a "tax and spend liberal"? Why not? It should start to be obvious at some point the general theme of our politics changes depending on who is in the White House rather than facts, figures, or your memory if you check it.

Traditionally, national governments have increased spending in severe economic downturns to put demand back into the economy and people back to work (which is really how you take care of deficits because when people are working, that’s more tax revenue). You can check history, data, and your memory if you are my age. So why are we going against history, data, and memories? Politics and ideology. If we have to fear tax increases on the wealthy because it will “hurt” the economy, then explain why the economy took off under the Clinton administration when it was done. And if government spending hurts the economy, then explain history, data, and the memories of those of us who haven’t forgotten why if you can. And also, explain the changes in narrative depending who is in the White House without it appearing as a political double standard. You can also explain why you think government spending has exploded under Obama since under his administration, federal government spending has increased the least as a percentage since President Eisenhower who was president when I was born. Have a great day and a wonderful New Year and occasionally try the memory test. Maybe one day, we can fix things again.

May 18, 2012

After the election season.

After the smoke clears in November, America is going to need people willing to spend any free time they may have in joining groups of activists fighting for social justice, amending the constitution to nullify Citizens United, push for proportional representation in voting, and many other things such as Occupy sponsored activities. America has a very long way to go, even to get back home again. If you sit on your asses, you won't make it. The right wing's infrastructure has been built many years going now and is funded for total control of everyday life. You need to work to repair the world.

April 21, 2012

You Tube.

How many of you post You Tube videos on Facebook and websites trying to present an cogent argument about economics and politics only to have an ad appear at the beginning that is against what you are trying to present paid for by big money PACs? Isn't it time to fioght back by not using You Tube until after the elections? We don't have the money to match their well financed lies. But one way to fight back is to quit using You Tube. Drive down their advertsing numbers. I may create a petition of sorts to have people who care about facts pledge not to use them and spread their misinformation.

April 14, 2012

Follow up to Southeast Raleigh foreclosure resistance by Occupy

From this thread:http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002540736

Why Choose to Get Arrested for Trespassing? Find out here.

On Monday, April 9, a coalition of local grassroots groups sought to bring attention to the rampant predatory loans and woefully inadequate loan modification efforts that have wrought havoc on our economy and housing market and resulted in millions of foreclosures (look below for a first-hand account of this act of civil disobedience).


For those who are not fully aware of the extent of the foreclosure crisis, let’s crunch some numbers. A recent International Monetary Fund report called nationwide foreclosure numbers “staggering,” with 2.5 million properties in foreclosure and another 1.5 million households delinquent. In total, nearly 8 million Americans have faced foreclosure since the housing bubble burst in late 2006, the IMF reported. To make matters worse, fewer than 1 million mortgages have been modified under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), far fewer than the goal of helping 3 to 4 million struggling families.


North Carolina currently has nearly 3,700 properties at some stage in the foreclosure process, a jump from 2,992 in February and 2,541 in January. Foreclosures lower the value of surrounding homes, reducing homeowners’ equity, meaning that your assets have diminished due to the foreclosure crisis even if you’ve never missed a payment.


April 10, 2012

Occupiers arrested during protest at Southeast Raleigh foreclosure

Members of Occupy Raleigh, Occupy Greensboro, and local organizations Save Our Homes and MortgageFraud staked out the lawn and peered out the bedroom windows of a home in the 2600 block of Pebble Meadow Lane as police stood by.


Raleigh police monitored the protest Monday morning, as most protesters chatted with each other. In the afternoon, dozens of additional police arrived, along with the Selective Enforcement Team. By day’s end, nine protesters were charged with second-degree trespassing.

Todd Warren, an Occupy organizer from Greensboro, said the group thinks Nikki Shelton is one of more than 10 families in the neighborhood who face illegal foreclosure. The protesters say they’ve uncovered “evidence of robo-signing,” the practice where mortgage servicers sign documents without reading them.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/04/10/1990787/occupiers-arrested-during-protest.html?tab=gallery&gallery=/2012/04/09/1991048/occupy-protesters-arrested-040912.html&gid_index=1#storylink=cpy

photos courtesy of The News & Observer

Just another day.

April 5, 2012

The Culture Wars

Culture wars are pushed by the 1% to divide the 99% so they can't ban together in their own interests. It's kind of like a real life version of "The Hunger Games".

January 1, 2012

Obama should never have signed the NDAA into law, signing statements or not.

The GOP candidates (except Ron Paul) strongly believe in expansion of executive branch powers including the right of assassination of US citizens without extablishment of guilt or innocence of unlawful activity through legal processes as well as using the military for things not designed for it by our constitution. Any future abuse of power in this regard this president owns some blame. All one has to see about their views can be seen in the article, "GOP hopefuls have broad views on executive power" by Charlie Savage. The Democrats and Republicans that created this bastardization of law of course also own any negative repercussions.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/01/01/1745347/use-lethal-force-on-citizens-ok.html#storylink=cpy

December 19, 2011

We're not oddballs or unrealistic nutjobs.

I'm speaking of those of us that want a fully funded public sector and are against austerity. Those of us who want a strong regulatory regimen. Those of us who do not want the safety net monkeyed around with. Those of us who want living wages and balanced trade policies. Those of us who demand corporations and the well to do to pay more as they have in the past. Those of us who want those in government and all its functionaries to be bound to Constitutional compliance and restraints. Those of us against privatization of government functions. We're not pie in the sky unreasonable wide eyed crazy liberals. If we complain about course of events and "compromise" at this point, please think of other ways to describe us rather than "purists", Nader supporters, people that don't understand "process", Obama haters or whatever. Just argue your position straight up and if we are wrong, show us where we are wrong.


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