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Gender: Female
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2003, 12:24 PM
Number of posts: 29,656

Journal Archives

Barry Goldwater

If I had been old enough to vote then, I would never have voted for him to be President.

Looking back at his career, he was in favor of an all-volunteer army at a time when that was considered crazy. He told Nixon that it was time for him to resign.

Recently, I discovered that he said the abortion debate might threaten "the perpetuation of our form of government."

My cat has been stalking a mouse all morning.

It just climbed the Christmas tree. I think we could be in real trouble here.

I just finished my radiation therapy.

It is stereotactic radiation treatment, used for people with certain stage one and stage two cancers. I had five treatments.

After four months of delays and lack of communication, my primary care provider connected me with the Ferguson Cancer Center in Freeport IL. I don't know why she did not do this sooner. I don't know why I did not know the place existed.

They had all the test results from the hospital next door. They got me scheduled in three days. They provide university level care in a smaller setting than UW Madison or the affiliated cancer center in Rockford. They do not treat me like a name on a file folder.

In three months, I will have my first scans. They claim a 90% success rate. That means that 90% of the people do not have a recurrence within five years.

Has anyone else here had this treatment? I am not asking for medical advice, just similar experiences. I don't need medical advice. Finally, I am in good hands!
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