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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,358

Journal Archives

Right under our very noses all along...

When the Soviet Union, for a multitude of reasons, decided not to pursue the Space Race with the US following an acceleration of our NASA program; when Glasnost and treaties between the two superpowers became the norm; when Yeltsin and Gorbachev approached the West with smiles and friendly handshakes and waves, a bolstered it with compliments directed towards our country and our leaders at the time, little did it dawn on Americans that the ultimate takeover of the United States had begun.

Surreptitiously, Russia became our friend; yes, a friend of whom we were wary, but a powerful entrancing friend at that. We lowered our defenses, both real and intellectual, and allowed them to penetrate our society down to our very beings, and that included, but was not limited to by any means, our media, our social media, and alas! our voting machines.

They installed a stooge, a deep-cover agent whom they had been preparing for years - and do not think for a minute that he's the only one they engaged - and they have been systematically disassembling our country brick by brick in all terms: economic, social, racial, religious, and attitudinal. We have fallen a great deal since 1980, and we generally hadn't considered that the so-called hawks: Reagan, Bush. Sr., and their ilk would have been the patsies who opened the door for the insidious attack. It was a form of political jiu-jitsu: they didn't enlist the liberals, they enlisted the conservatives: the joke is on the Right Wing of course. And thus on us as well...

Like a movie version, Putin is the ultimate villain: we all knew his origins, he made no attempt to politically alter his stance of hatred of the West, he is brilliant and charming in his own right, and everyone played along, either because they were paid off, politically and/or socially blackmailed, or just went along with the "inevitable". The perpetrator of the crime of all crimes was hiding in plain sight: the 21st Century version of Poe's The Purloined Letter.

And so you see: the terrorists won after 9/11 inasmuch as we instilled in the population the notion that they required dictatorial-style vigilance by the State, and the Russians won the Cold War by going underground and removing the foundations of our nation.

The question is: is it too late?

Trump is a Moronial: When I was a kid in the Fifties,

There was the Weekly Reader Childrenís Book Club. In one of the science books it said that there was a superstition that if you fired a shotgun at a waterspout or hurricane, it would disrupt it so that it ceased to exist.

As a five year old I knew that was ridiculous. This guy is an utter moron. Thus the term...

Were you aware that Trump

is the secret winner of this weekends PGA Tour Championship? He shot his final round of 18 before he left. I donít mean 18 holes, I mean he shot an 18 for the round. Thatís right, 18 holes-in-one. A remarkable feat equalled a few years ago by Kim Jong Un, as he testified to. And whoís to argue?

This Maria Butina lady reminds me of the old joke about a lady

Named Virginia Pipeline....


There must be something very hot going about this woman which still photographs do not convey. People sell out their country for her - I donít see it. But what do I know?

So on 9-11 a buddy called me and

We were talking. He told me that his sisters best friend Barbara Olson was on one of the flights. Yes, the one who pressed nightly for Clintonís impeachment and removal for lying about a blowjob.

My reply was,ĒSo the day wasnít a total loss.Ē

He hung up on me and we didnít talk for a year. It was worth it however.

Same with this guy. Buh-bye....

Chuck Todd is apoplectic that his President

said and did all these awful things today.

Good morning Chuckie
Wake up. Youíre missing quite a situation...

General Strike.

Yep. Thatíll do it. That would motivate the legislators and others in power.

But it probably wonít happen.

MY official DSM-IV diagnosis is:

3465.8: Out of his fucking mind

I would like to make an announcement today:

After forty years as a practicing dentist and erstwhile ďbusinessmanĒ here in Philadelphia, I have sold my practice to a local dental conglomerate. To answer three obvious questions before I begin: yes I have a contract for up to eight years to practice in my former office, yes I got my price which was substantial, and yes Iím very happy and by any measure, an excellent, devoted employee.

All that being said, I want to express the reasons I sold my lifeís work. First, Iím 66 years old and you can make a case that the practice is at its peak value. Second, the technology of modern dentistry requires a huge investment which in no way could I afford and it is unfair for my loyal patient population to not have access to the best care possible. We are talking perhaps $300,000 in investment which for me would have been catastrophic economically because the combination of diminished returns due to insurance reimbursement and rapid depreciation of such assets would essentially bankrupt my retirement. Third, as a dentist you never know when youíll have a career-ending injury or condition/disease. Back issues, neurological issues, cardiac issues, and of course cancer (which is very prevalent in the dental population educated in my era - due in no small part to massive exposure to horrifyingly dangerous chemicals utilized in those days, not a danger to patients but definitely to practitioners/students).

Fourthly, and possibly most importantly, we are headed to a recession through which I would not survive economically. Many years ago in Aphilly there was a bookstore chain called Encore Books. The owner is and was a very shrewd and sharp guy. The day Amazon announced that it would be selling books online, he put his business up for sale and I believe that Rite Aid purchased it for millions. It failed in the short run. The point is you have to know when to get out. If this bastard in the White House does what I think heís going to do , we are in for a rough ride. Iíve managed through several recessions, the last one nearly (literally) killed me. I wasnít going to go through it again. No way no how

Iíve been here at DU for over fifteen years and consider it like my family but better. I look forward to many more years communing with all of you and fighting the good fight. I would suggest that we temper our angers manifest during the primaries and focus upon the singular goal of defeating the malignantly narcissistic sociopath and his minions. Good luck to us all and good luck to The United States of America.

Omg. I awakened this morning thinking of

an old MAD magazine parody from my youth:

Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
The wretched refuse from your teeming shore

And Iíll send Ďem right back
Send Ďem right back to you!
Your huddled masses
Your wretched refuse!
Iíll send them right back to you!

I think it was a Goldwater parody or maybe Agnew. Hair Furor or his deputy dog Miller must have internalized it a long time ago.

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