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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
December 31, 2022

Off to Off-Broadway!!!!

December 31, 2022

Pope Benedict has died

Hmmm. How them Eagles looking this weekend?

December 30, 2022

Somebody needs to explain this to me, because I'm not too bright...

If this guy got a 5 1/2 million dollar refund, it implies that he paid the government 5 1/2 million dollars in advance. Does that mean that he paid estimated taxes totaling at least 5 1/2 million dollars? You don’t get a tax refund if you haven’t paid the internal revenue service. At least in my experience… When I ran my business, I paid quarterly estimates and then if things worked out in my favor, I might receive a check, after I filed my return as a refund. Not often… Unfortunately, however.

If I missing something, please explain it to me. I thank you in advance.

December 26, 2022

What the actual fuck?

Multiple power stations were attacked in Tacoma and the networks are stating that they don’t know if these were coordinated attacks.

Hey…when the second plane rammed into the second WTC tower, there was no proof that that was a coordinated attack either at the time. Just a random series of occurrences. Right?

I’m gonna go out on a big limb here and say that these power grid attacks are run-through/rehearsals for the big one.

December 26, 2022

Mourning Joe with Lemire and Deer-in-the-headlights cohost is

Making a very big deal out of Liz, Cheney‘s “unprecedented“ role as vice chairman of the committee.

I’m sorry, but what is the blazes is the matter with these people? The point of the thrust of the committee was, and these people stated and admit this, that it was nearly all Republicans who were used as witnesses for the prosecution. And so thus, in keeping with this strategy, it was vitally imperative that a Republican be utilized as the chief prosecutor from a logistical standpoint.

There is no question that Adam Schiff or Jamie Raskin could’ve done an excellent job presenting the case, but the fact that it was a conservative Republican with familial political Pedigree made the case more effective in presenting it to that huge nether world of “middle of the road” group. I hold no briefs for this woman or her father, but the one thing that we know about them is they ain’t Russian sympathizers and they aren’t PETTY thieves. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking….)

But back to the program: the last person I’m going to listen to in terms of political predictions, is Jonathan Lemire. He redundantly persistently repeats, and repeats, and repeats, political clichés, and thus his self-aggrandizing political prophecies, which were utterly wrong,( in fact, you could make a lot of money betting against him), are incredibly annoying. I have posted in the past that he prefaced every sentence beginning with the day of inauguration of President Biden, with the phrase “historically, the party in power loses a great number of seats at the midterm elections , and so with that is a given…” and then some bullshit prediction of what was going to happen involving Biden’s likely failures, which was proven entirely wrong time and again. You would think he would learn. But he wrote a book which he and the entirety of the MSNBC crowd promoted like it was a lost volume of Marcel Proust.

I have been watching political programs nonstop since the 1980s, and as primitive and as badly produced as they were in those days, we have to ad not that it was a much higher level of broadcasting. Whereas now the panelist has become the celebrity and the guest is an afterthought and in many cases interchangeable . If you ever watch old TV interviews, the journalist, who really were journalists, in those days, would ask succinct questions with a finite number of words in the sentence ending with a question mark. Now, we get to listen to a dissertation and rehash by the questioner, who apparently feels it is necessary to rehash the entire history of the subject upon which he or she is going to ask the question. It is beyond annoying and I think that if you distill all the verbiage from say a half hour down to substantive Wording you would have maybe 2 1/2 minutes of action. There were some statistic years ago about how much time in a 60 minute football game the action is actually taking place and I don’t recall the number but it was laughable. (That of course is not to minimize the trauma that these players endure for that relatively short period of action, it’s just that if you watch basketball and hockey, the play is virtually continuous while the clock is ticking).

But back to my subject: the story about Liz Cheney is specious: it was a given in the beginning and probably a part of the deal she made to serve on the committee and thus relinquish her House seat. She has other irons in the very hot fire and we should be concerned about her rise as an effective very conservative candidate for high office but for now, we should take a victory and appreciate the result despite the obvious flaws of the Sheriff who brought the bad guy in.

Now we have to win the trials….we can look forward to the Lemire-types stating over and over and over that the defendants are presumed innocent and even if found guilty that the case will be under appeal.

It’s never ending. The motto of the networks should be: today, as every day, we’re running a special on bullshit.

December 23, 2022

Let's pretend that it's story time, and I'll tell a tale to you...

I’ll tell you a story of make believe
And all your dreams will come true
And when the story’s over, and when we reach the end,
You’ll live happily ever after, in the land of Let’s Pretend.
(Gene London, ca.1962, WCAU-TV children’s show, Philadelphia)

So your neighbor gets on your nerves, and one night you go over and burn his house to the ground. Of course, there are cameras everywhere on the block, and the police come to your house. And you say to them, “I’m not cooperating with your law-enforcement.“

They issue a warrant for your arrest, but you file a petition that they have no right to arrest you with the courts, and it drags on for years and years and years, until it finally reaches the state Supreme Court. After they rule against you, you say that they have no constitutional right to have you arrested. Law-enforcement just sits around and weighs the matter and thinks hard about what to do. Time goes by, all this becomes a distant past, everybody forgets about it, except of course, the aggrieved party, but… Hey, shit happens.

Well, as you know, that is not how it works. You would’ve been taken into custody that night, arraigned the next morning, most likely a high bail would be set, and people would have to raise money, or you would have to mortgage your house to be able to walk free until your imminent trial at which time you would be convicted of multiple counts including quite possibly attempted murder, and sent to jail for who knows how long. Because that’s how it works for ordinary citizens.

But if you’re someone like, say, Gym Jerkoff, rather than arresting and prosecuting you for not heeding a subpoena concerning an investigation into the violent overthrow of the United States government, they make you a committee chairman in the United States Congress.

The last words of the Pledge of Allegiance are “…and justice for all.” Not hardly.

As a coda to this post, I will add that during the whole post 9/11 insanity, when everyone was running around scared to death of the shadows, I would ask rhetorically: “Whatever happened to the ‘home of the brave’?“ People would look at me as though I were insane. I would reply to them that they were now afraid of the clerk at the 7-Eleven, who was ringing up their coffee in the morning, sounds like real macho stuff to me. And yeah, no one ever asked me to write a sequel to “how to Win friends and influence people”.

December 22, 2022

Fuck these fucking RWers and their fucking dress codes.

Their legal hero, Giuliani, dressed routinely in fucking drag and their genius-in-disguise Bannon dresses like an individual who has been living on the streets like the protagonist in Ironweed.

Tan suit! Horrors!

This discount-Naziesque approach to party politics is wearing real thin. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, right?

Worst people who ever lived in my lifetime. Without a single doubt in my mind.

December 18, 2022

You know, Musk made a severe error of judgement IMO

We are judged by what we leave to ensuing generations. For the money he spent insanely on this Internet-based social media website, which consists of electrons which disappear, so to speak, essentially instantly, he could have built the tallest building in the world in any city in which she had chosen to build it. he could have created a structure which, like Rockefeller Center, would withstand ages of depreciation by erecting, say, a 3500 foot tower, and a huge complex underneath it with whatever he wanted.

For that kind of money, there is no limit to possibilities, and , it would have been something which would’ve been talked about for hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years. Instead, he’s got a failing website which is easily replaced by any one of 10 or 15 others at a fraction of the cost. All people have to do is agree to use a different place, and it will become the sanctum sanctorum of political and social thought.

What a waste of 44 billion dollars.

December 17, 2022

Poor Alex Witt is going to be having a problem after work...

She referred to Katy Tur as “Katy Turd” and then corrected herself. I actually have the video but cannot upload it anywhere with the audio.

I think Keith Olbermann is going to have a snicker. I for one have been awaiting this moment for six years or so. But then again, I’m an immature asshole, so don’t mind me.

December 16, 2022

Am I wrong in distinctly recalling that

when Twitter began, it was almost exclusively the province of conservatives? I recall I believe, a State of the Union wherein the cameras showed all these Congresspeople on their phones and the announcer/commentator said that the Republicans were using this new communication application called Twitter, and that there were limited characters allowed and thus it was perfect for the catch-phrases and short statements that Republicans are famous for.

I recall distinctly being angry that there was this gimmick that the opposition was taking advantage of and the we were once again behind the eight-ball.

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