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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 06:21 AM
Number of posts: 7,921

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Desperation or delusion? New road sign in Central Virginia.

In the next county over from ours (Red Franklin County, VA) I saw a new sign on the side of the road: “Country Over Party: Democrats for Trump.” Other Republican candidates’ names also added to the sign.


As if.

**** unOfficial Debate Thread #4 *****

**** unOfficial Debate Thread #3 *****

Please tag your thread titles with party and state! Like: "Mark Warner (D-VA), ahead in polls"

We aren't all knowledgeable about each candidate in each race, and it gives the rest of us an idea what you're posting about.

I just counted 10 threads without identifying information.

Please? Thanks

FBI: Whitmer plotters also discussed kidnapping Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Accused conspirators charged in a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also discussed "taking" Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, an FBI agent testified at a court hearing Tuesday.

During the hearing here in Grand Rapids to discuss the charges filed last week against members of a self-proclaimed militia accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic governor, FBI Special Agent Richard Trask revealed that months ago, some of the suspects met in Dublin, Ohio, where Northam, also a Democrat, was discussed as a potential target.

“At this meeting, they discussed possible targets, taking a sitting governor, specifically issues with the governors of Michigan and Virginia, based upon the lockdown orders,” Trask told the court, referring to state-mandated restrictions implemented to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

No one has been charged with plotting to kidnap Northam, but, like Whitmer, Virginia’s governor was the target of intense criticism from some conservatives over the summer. President Trump has sharply criticized both governors, tweeting all-caps demands that their states be “liberated.”

Wouldn't it be nice if, after a Biden/Harris win, we could have one whole day without Trump's name

appearing on any thread in General Discussion?

Trump's weight?

I read today that he's well over 300 pounds. Was this verified someplace on his medical records, and how was that leaked or viewed?


Nicolle Wallace: Chris Wallace wasn't a moderator.

Donald Trump was the abuser, Chris Wallace was one of the people being abused.

He abused the process, the moderator, sought to abuse his opponent.

Biden's Lead Grows in Virginia, According to Christopher Newport Poll

Latest university poll offered surprising data, as some older voters step away from Trump.

NEWPORT NEWS-Joe Biden’s lead keeps growing in Virginia. Thursday’s poll from Christopher Newport University put the Democratic nominee ahead of President Trump 48% to 43% among likely voters. When the discussion shifts to enthusiastic voters, Biden’s lead stretches farther, 51% to 43%.

“Little chance Trump wins Virginia in 2020, as voters seem locked in,” Quentin Kidd said in a statement. Kidd, who serves as academic director for the Wason Center for Public Policy at CNU, pointed out Hillary Clinton won Virginia by 5 points in 2016. Biden’s campaign appears to be following similar trends in the commonwealth.

The numbers show Biden’s campaign gaining ground across the board. Among women he holds a 27% advantage, beating Trump 61% to 34%. The point that surprised university pollsters was the fact Biden and Trump are at a draw when it comes to voters 45 and older. In the poll analysis, Wason Center officials pointed out that group has been Trump’s base in the past. Now, they don’t seem as interested. When it comes to the younger demographic, Biden wins there too. He currently holds a 56% to 38% lead over Trump and 66% to 30% when talking with college-educated voters. The Black community also show strong support for Biden in this poll. Black voters chose Biden by a 75% to 14% margin over Trump.

More at link, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) holds large lead over opponent.


How would Gade's campaign know that I requested an absentee ballot?

Thanks if you know
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