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NC governor vetoes death-row racial bias bill

NC governor vetoes death-row racial bias bill
By The Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue has vetoed a bill that would have essentially repealed a 2009 law designed to address alleged racial bias in death penalty cases.
Perdue announced her veto Wednesday of the measure that would eliminate key provisions of the Racial Justice Act.
Perdue also signed the 2009 bill into law. It says a judge must reduce a death sentence to life in prison without parole if he determines racial bias was a significant factor to impose the death sentence.
Prosecutors who pushed the repeal said the act would clog up the court system with new appeals, creating a permanent moratorium on capital punishment.
Perdue's decision means she must call the Legislature back to Raleigh by Jan. 8 to consider an override.
source: AP and

Can Financial Markets Avoid Collapse? by Danny Schechter

The world's financial system continues to teeter near a very nasty brink, with the United States and Europe disagreeing about how to pull back from the edge.

By Danny Schechter

Earlier this week, comedian Stephen Colbert announced dramatically that there were important developments underway in Europe that we should know about. True to form, Colbert didn't talk about the big problem. His story, ha ha ha, was about a butter shortage in Norway.
We all know that European countries have been wrestling with what to do about saving the Euro. There have been warnings of an economic catastrophe if the Euro falls, and it's plain that the already shaky American economy will take a big hit if it happens.
The drama in Europe seems to be beyond the ability of both comedy and "serious" financial programs to explain. Perhaps it's more of a divine comedy in the Danteian sense, because we are all perched on the edge of a circle of hell that many of us don't want to wrap our minds around.
While many news outlets prefer to recycle endless sound-bites of Newt Gingrich bashing Mitt Romney and vice versa, and as American diplomats seem to be cranking up a war against Iran as if that can save the economy the way World War II pulled us out of the Great Depression, the world economy is tottering thanks to all the debt American firms sold Europeans who then managed it so stupidly and corruptly.

for the rest:

Polling ability is needed by the Photographers

I know you have your hands full with the new site and all the requests and bug fixes.
I have my hands full with 30 gloriously beautiful entries for the December contest, and I cannot make the polls to run it.

Is there any time table I can pass on to the group?
The photo contests are a visual treat, and people like them, and they would help make the new place feel a lot like home, so please remember that when you schedule priorities.


Unhinged Chris Matthews Shrieks on show: 'Deadly,' Satanic Newt Gingrich Is a 'Political Killer'

Hardball's Chris Matthews on Monday spewed hatred for Newt Gingrich, excoriating him as voicing "deadly" contempt for Barack Obama. Matthews trashed, "He's a political killer, a gun for hire."

The unhinged Matthews compared Republicans who support the former Speaker to those who would make a deal with the devil. Using violent rhetoric, the MSNBC anchor constructed reasons why conservatives embrace Gingrich: "Because he voices in cold, nasty, deadly tones the words of their contempt, because he's an opportunist ready to seek any route to his opponent's heart and thereby kill it."

little video here:

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/scott-whitlock/2011/12/12/unhinged-chris-matthews-shrieks-deadly-satanic-newt-gingrich-politic#ixzz1gNFWw7k5

Bernie Sanders on the floor: Proposing to amend the Supremes Citizens United decision

December 12, 2011

Saving Our Democracy

By Senator Bernie Sanders

Op-ed from Sen. Bernie Sanders announcing his proposed constitutional amendment to overthrow the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.


The Constitution of this country has served us well, but when the Supreme Court says that attempts by the federal government and states to impose reasonable restrictions on campaign ads are unconstitutional, our democracy is in grave danger. That is why I have introduced a resolution in the Senate calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I did not do this lightly. In fact, I had never done it before. The U.S. constitution is an extraordinary document. In my view, it should not be amended often. In light of the Supreme Court's infamous 5-to-4 decision in the Citizens United case, however, I saw no alternative.

I strongly disagree with the ruling. In my view, a corporation is not a person. A corporation does not have First Amendment rights to spend as much money as it wants, without disclosure, on a political campaign.
Corporations should not be able to go into their treasuries and spend millions and millions of dollars on a campaign in order to buy elections.

The ruling has radically changed the nature of our democracy. It has further tilted the balance of the power toward the rich and the powerful at a time when the wealthiest people in this country already never had it so good. History will record that the Citizens United decision is one of the worst in the history of our country.



rest of the text


I got up, I opened DU (3) as I must every morning,

I felt at home again.

Hello everyone, DU family, I think we are settling into our new digs.

Simple Alert to the submitting photographers: "December Contest" is nearly filled

We have 2 more spots open.
I'm a little nervous that considering the change over and the fact that things are not yet "normal" may produce extra submissions, and I would so dislike having to disallow anyone's entry.

So please pay close attention, two more after Alfredo's entry "Being Green", and then we're filled up.
Thanks. I love the entries. Some time in the hopefully near future, when you least expect it, we'll run the contest.

A relative is a doctors assistant in a clinic.

They are seeing your reaction with people who they suspect had a earlier SARS-CoV-2 infection. Itís getting to the point where when they see your type of reaction on the first shot, they assume they had the virus.

Comment thread *** December Contest*** "Animals - no Pets"

This is the place where you can comment on the December contest and the entries.

Submission thread *** December Contest*** "Animals - No Pets"

I'm copying this from the old, and bringing it into the new. I have 20 submissions already and saved them, and am looking for 10 more.
The schedule (below) can't be kept because we have no ability to poll yet. As soon as we have it I will run the contest.
Please enter your photo and bear with me as the transition happens and everything becomes functional.
Enter your comments here:


The schedule:
Submissions will run until 30 entries have been submitted or until Wednesday evening December 14.

Preliminaries will run from Thursday the 15th, am, to Saturday the 17th pm.

Finals will run from Sunday the 18th am to Tuesday the 20th pm.


Only one entry per person. You need to post your entry in the submission thread started by the host of a contest/challenge. Please be sure to include a "Title" for your photograph in the Subject line of your post. The submission thread is for photo entries only, no comments. The Host will usually start a separate thread just for comments.

Please keep your photograph entry no larger than 800 pixels in its longest dimension and under 200K in file size, unless otherwise designated by contest host. If you need help posting a photograph or with image sizing just ask.

Please do not use frames, except for a 1 or 2 pixel black frame to define white backgrounds.

Post-processing is permitted in the same tradition as processing techniques of print photography.

The contest host may alter the written rules at the beginning of their contest, and is the final arbiter of the rules and any issues that may arise.

The contest host may not enter their own photo contest, but may choose the theme in any manner they decide. (The quarterly seasonal contests are an exception to that rule, and the host may enter those contests.)

The winner of the contest agrees to host the next month's contest (or recruit someone else to host the contest). For seasonal contests, winner agrees to be host the next seasonal contest (or recruit someone else to host the contest).

Be sure to read the following before you enter a photograph:


An entrant to this contest, by submitting a photograph, is giving permission for that photograph to be copied to Demopedia and/or to a linked Gallery that will display the photographs entered for this contest for the purpose of publicizing future contests and/or commemorating current and past contests. The entrant retains all other rights to the photograph being submitted. Neither Demopedia and/or a linked Gallery may use any photograph submitted for any purpose other than to display the photograph being submitted by the entrant, and neither gains any real or implied ownership rights to the photograph.

An entrant can disclaim this Contest License and retain all rights to the photograph. If an entrant wishes to disclaim the Contest License they must include the following statement in the post containing their photograph; "I disclaim the Contest License, and reserve all rights to my photograph" Any photograph submitted by an entrant with this disclaimer statement will not be copied and displayed in Demopedia and/or any linked Gallery.

Alone with my Thoughts

Time to eat!

"I'm late! I'm late!"

The Puffin poses

Willow ptarmigan wear white after Labor Day

Shooting the breeze

Encounter in the Park

Guard Duty

a stately bunting

What's for Supper?


Bovine, Point Reyes "F" Ranch


Who is watching who?

Da Bears

Skating on Ice



Birds of a Feather

A Balanced Breakfast


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