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Wearing my Jackson Pollock outfit, I had a moment of fun yesterday

I'm in the process of painting the inside of a large house, by myself, and when I get there to work I lock myself in and put on my totally spattered painting clothes and pretend I'm Jackson Pollock. Yesterday I got hungry, and went around the corner to a neighborhood store without changing my clothes, hoping I wouldn't run into anyone I know. As I stood in line some dark-skinned Mexican young ones were running around playing tag and laughing loud.

The man behind me waiting his turn was rough looking. So rough in fact I cut him a wide berth - smell - tobacco chew and all were not of interest. Neither really was his commentary on the children but it was directed at me:
"When we was young we was taught better. We weren't allowed to run around and we was disciplined. I guess that woman is their mother" - he pointed to a young Mexican woman who was paying her bill - "but she probably don't speak English so there is nothing we can do. Ain't I right? We would have been whupped!?"

I looked him over, stepped a bit closer, smiled, and said: "Yes. Prob'ly so. And just look at how we turned out."

Then I went into my truck that says: "DEMOCRATS - We aren't perfect - but they are nuts" and drove off looking back at him and waved.

If it's about Trump - it might be folk art. Discovery in downtown NC nightwalk

Went to a block party last night, and someone was carrying this under their arm. I borrowed it and set it on the nearest trashcan to take it's picture.
Local artist is selling these for $ 29 / framed.

Looking for entries seasonal photo contest: "Summer" scenes


I'm posting this for a la isquierda, the hostess, who is traveling during the submission period and does not have the ability to do it herself.
Summer is still all around you, find your best shot, or take the opportunity to go shooting.
and then please enter it for us to see

Party That Mocked President’s Lack of Experience Favors One with No Experience Whatsoever/ Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Republicans, who mercilessly mocked Barack Obama’s lack of government experience before he became President, now favor Presidential candidates with no experience whatsoever, the head of the Republican National Committee has confirmed.

The R.N.C. chief, Reince Priebus, said that he sees “no contradiction at all” between Republicans’ contempt for Obama’s pre-White House résumé, which included eleven years spent in public office, and their rabid enthusiasm for G.O.P. rising stars Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina, whose combined years in public office total zero.

"I think what bothered us Republicans the most about Obama was that he was a community organizer,” Priebus explained. “What does organizing people have to do with running a government?”

In contrast with that dubious credential, he said, Carson is “eminently qualified” to be President because of his experience as a neurosurgeon. “I think if Ben had negotiated with the Iranians we would have gotten a better deal, because he would have known how their brains worked, medically and all,” Priebus argued.

Additionally, the R.N.C. boss said that the billionaire Donald Trump’s experience puts him “leagues ahead” of President Obama. “One of President Obama’s problems is that he is out of touch with reality,” Priebus said. “Donald Trump spent fourteen seasons hosting a reality show.”

As for the former Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. Carly Fiorina, Priebus said that the excitement her résumé is generating among the Republican faithful is totally understandable. “Like a lot of Republicans, I’d love to see Carly take on ISIS,” he said. “She’s shown she can destroy a large organization.”


Kan ye think of a caption for this? I could't - I was laughing too much

Found this in my inbox this morning. It came from a friend in Germany.
America's antics are circling the globe.

Ignore the profanity and just enjoy - a bit of POTUS levity

Cutting Losses, Kochs to Sell Scott Walker - savvy move described by Andy Borowitz

WICHITA (The Borowitz Report)—Saying that “things just didn’t work out,” the billionaire Koch brothers have decided to put Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker up for sale.

The Kochs, who earlier had purchased Gov. Walker with great fanfare, announced their plan to sell the politician in a terse statement from Koch Industries headquarters in Wichita.

“Scott Walker is a fine individual, and we wish him well,” the Kochs’ statement read. “We are confident that he will be a good fit for some other billionaire industrialists.”
Republican insiders, however, called the Kochs’ plan to sell Walker highly optimistic, and noted that the market for the Wisconsin Governor was, at this point, virtually nonexistent.

The Kochs, who reportedly had been frustrated by Walker’s poor performance in the polls, finally decided to sell the Wisconsinite after last weekend’s odd pronouncement, in which he seemed to support a border wall with Canada.

According to a Koch associate, “Ignorance has always been a part of Scott’s appeal, but that Canada thing was just too much.”

After their plan to sell him was announced, the Kochs immediately pulled Walker off the campaign trail for fear that he might say something that would further reduce his dwindling market value.

In Iowa, an aide to Walker said that the Governor was “still processing” the news that he had been put up for sale. “It takes a while for Scott to understand things,” the aide said.


Pie chart of Conservative Christian Facebook posts

or:An illustration of our need to pass the 28th amendment and remove all influence of church on the state

Nation Needs Cheaper Way to Find Worst People recounted by Andy Borowitz

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—With U.S. Presidential elections now costing more than five billion dollars, there must be a cheaper way to find the worst people in the country, experts believe.

According to Davis Logsdon, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota, the United States could use current technology to find the nation’s most reprehensible people at a fraction of the five-billion-dollar price tag.

“Any search for the worst people in the country should logically begin one place: on Twitter,” said Logsdon, who recommends scouring the social network for users who consistently show signs of narcissistic-personality disorder, poor impulse control, and other traits common to odious people.
Once a comprehensive list of those Twitter users is compiled, Logsdon said, it could be cross-referenced with a database containing the names of people who have presided over spectacular business failures, have been the target of multiple ethics probes, or are currently under indictment for a broad array of criminal offenses.

“After we crunch the numbers and find the twelve or so worst people in our database, we could then put them on television to demonstrate just how awful they are as people,” said Logsdon, who noted that that part of the current system “works very well.”

All in all, Logsdon believes that his method for finding the nation’s worst people would cost practically nothing, leaving five billion dollars left over to help rebuild the nation’s schools, roads, and other crumbling infrastructure.

The political scientist expects to encounter significant resistance to his proposal, however. “It’s hard to imagine a new system finding worse people than our current one does,” he admitted.


Trump Fails to Back Up Misogynist Slurs with Anti-woman Proposals, Rivals Say - and Borowitz reports

CLEVELAND (The Borowitz Report)—Tempers flared in the aftermath of Thursday night’s Republican debate, as rival candidates accused the billionaire Donald Trump of failing to back up his misogynist slurs with concrete and workable anti-woman proposals.

Florida governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker led the charge, as both of them asserted that Trump’s sexist rhetoric paled in comparison with their own strong records of opposition to women’s rights.

“As governor of Florida, I defunded Planned Parenthood,” Bush said. “Donald Trump is good at creating misogynist sound bites, but I’ve actually rolled up my sleeves and gotten things done.”
Governor Walker piled on, touting his own anti-woman achievements during his time in office. “In Wisconsin, I used my power as governor to repeal a law supporting equal pay for women,” he said. “No offense to Mr. Trump, but nothing on his résumé compares with that.”

The attacks by Trump’s rivals seemed to sting the hotheaded billionaire, who hit back hard on Friday. “When it comes to coming up with solid anti-woman solutions, I do not intend to be lectured by Jeb Bush and Scott Walker,” he said, noting that the wall he intends to build on the border with Mexico would keep out many women.

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